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As Dew in Aprille
SATB divisi
Roxbury, Ronald G-W3503 Walton $1.15
Fools Rush In (Instrumental Parts) Rube Bloom
Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W9062A Walton-NL Pop $3.00
Fools Rush In (Vocal Score)
SATB divisi
Rube Bloom
Arr. Norman Luboff
G-W9062 Walton $2.40
Gloria (Vocal Score)
SATB Double Choir with solos
Ruggieri, Giovanni Maria G-WM133 Walton $8.95
A Lullaby (Vocal Score)
SATB divisi
Ryan Murphy G-WW1555 Andrew Crane $2.65
A Lullaby (Full Score and String Parts)
Full Score and String Parts
Ryan Murphy G-WW1555A Andrew Crane $40.00
Let All the World in Every Corner Sing
Ryan Murphy G-WW1635 Andrew Crane $2.85
Two Latin Fragments: Ave Maris Stella and Deo Dicamus Gratias
Salas, Esteban / Homilius, G.A. G-W2974 Walton-Pooler Choral $1.90
God's World
Santore, Jonathan G-WW1353 Walton $1.70
Meditations on the Seven Last Words
SATB with solo
Sateren, Leland B. G-W2944 Walton-Pooler Choral $1.25
Come Travel with Me - SATB
Scott Farthing G-WLG107 $2.75
The Wayfarer
Love entered in my heart one day
SATB divisi
Seth Houston G-WJMS1136 $2.35
Paul's Fugue
(Påls Fuge)
Sigvald Tveit G-WH183 $1.95
My Heart Is Always Wandering
Sigvald Tveit G-WH207 Hansen $2.40
Antiphona De Morte
Slögedal, Barne G-W2903 Walton $2.00
Hosanna (from Sacred Songs)
Söderman, August G-W2104 Walton $1.50
Kyrie Eleison (from Sacred Songs)
SATB with solo
Söderman, August G-W2105 Walton $2.05
Benedictus (from Sacred Songs)
SATB divisi
Söderman, August G-W2303 Walton $1.85
Glimmering Moonlight
Söderman, August
Arr. Hugo Alfvén
G-WWA101 Walton-Gehrmans $1.95
Hidden in Light
SATB divisi
Stanford Scriven G-WJMS1124 $2.10
Kyrie Eleison
Steffy, Thurlow T. G-W5033 Walton $1.70
Berusa Er
Drink Your Fill
Sten Källman G-WW1528 Walton $2.35
Three Portraits by Stephen Foster (I. Laura Lee, II. Oh! Susanna, III. Gentle Annie
Stephen C. Foster
Arr. Edwin R. Fissinger
G-WW1165 Walton $2.25
Images of the Past (Some Folks, Go 'Way from My Window, Nelly Bly, Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair, Skip to My Lou)
Stephen C. Foster
Arr. Edwin R. Fissinger
G-WW1236 Walton $4.95
A Stephen Foster Medley
Stephen C. Foster
Arr. Jon Washburn
G-WW1372 $2.95
Blessed Be that Maid Mary
SATB divisi
Stephen Main G-WW1531 Walton $2.35
The Darkest Midnight in December - SATB divisi | Printed Edition
SATB divisi
Stephen Main G-WW1416 $2.05
Rejoice, Ye Heavenly Powers (Instrumental Parts) | Printed Edition
Instrumental Parts
Stephen Main G-WW1433A Walton $27.00
Rejoice, Ye Heavenly Powers (Vocal Score)
SATB divisi
Stephen Main G-WW1433 Walton $2.45
The Holly and the Ivy (Harp Part) | Printed Edition
SATB with piano or harp
Stephen Main G-WW1532A Walton $4.50