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Taste and See
SATB, congregation
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-3775 Celebration $2.00
Taste and See
SATB, cantor
Michael Connolly G-3459 Celebration $2.00
Taste and See
Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord
Includes alternate refrain, "The Lord hears the cry of the poor."
Marty Haugen G-3555 Celebration $1.10
Taste and See
Psalm 34
SATB; Cantor
James Chepponis G-5232 Celebration $1.30
Taste and See | Printed Edition
SATB; Cantor
James E. Moore G-5338 Celebration $2.00
Taste and See | Download Edition James E. Moore D-5338 Celebration $2.00
Te Deum - You are God:We praise You
Marty Haugen G-4277 Celebration $1.40
Tell All the Nations
SATB, cantor
Michael Connolly G-4029 Celebration $1.10
Tender Hearted
SSA; SAT; Solo; Assembly
Jeanne Cotter G-9346 Celebration $2.35
Thanks Be To God | Printed Edition
SATB, children's choir
Marty Haugen G-3994 Celebration $2.15
Thanks Be To God | Download Edition Marty Haugen D-3994 Celebration $2.15
Thanks Be to You
from Now the Feast and Celebration
Marty Haugen G-3602 Celebration $1.00
That All May Be One
SATB; Assembly
Paul A. Tate / Deanna Light G-8382 Celebration $2.15
That Holy Night
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Chris de Silva G-8310 Celebration $2.25
That You Might Have Life
2 equal or mixed voices
David Haas G-3449 Celebration $1.50
The Age of Expectation
Hymn for Christmas Day
Bobby Fisher / Todd Flowerday G-3735 Celebration $0.90
The Beloved of God
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
David Haas G-9036 Celebration $2.00
The Blue Green Hills of Earth
SATB; Assembly
Kim Oler
Arr. David Haas
G-6164 Celebration $2.00
The Carpenter
SA(B), Cantors
John Foley G-3931 Celebration $1.75
The Church of Christ Cannot Be Bound
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
G-8600 Celebration $2.15
The Cross of Jesus | Printed Edition
Appropriate gathering song for the Sundays of Lent.
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-4517 Celebration $2.15
The Cross of Jesus | Download Edition Francis Patrick O'Brien D-4517 Celebration $2.15
The Fountain of Life
SATB; Cantor; Schola; Assembly
Liam Lawton
Arr. Chris de Silva
G-8669 Celebration $2.00
The Gift of Heaven
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
David Haas G-9428 Celebration $2.00
The God of Second Chances | Printed Edition
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
David Haas G-6688 Celebration $2.15
The God of Second Chances | Download Edition David Haas D-6688 Celebration $2.15
The God Who Sends Us Forth
John Foley G-3933 Celebration $1.10
The Goodness of God
David Haas G-3456 Celebration $1.50
The Greater Glory of God
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Tony Alonso
Arr. Chris de Silva
G-8280 Celebration $2.25
The Hand of God
SATB; Solo
David Haas G-5663 Celebration $1.80