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Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven
Concertato on LAUDA ANIMA
SATB; Congregation
John Goss
Arr. Larry Visser
G-8695 Calvin Inst $2.35
Jesus, Lover of My Soul
Greg Scheer G-8891 Calvin Inst $2.45
I Will Be with You
A choral anthem with an attractive and compelling refrain.
Leah Ivory
Arr. Sean Ivory
G-7091 Calvin Inst $1.95
Advent Benediction
SATB; Congregation
Valerie Shields G-7428 Calvin Inst $2.20
Give Us Light / Jyothi Dho Prabhu
A hauntingly simple tune of from India in the form of a bhajan.
Charles Vas
Arr. Valerie Shields
G-7328 Calvin Inst $2.00
Comfort, Comfort Now My People

Arr. Valerie Shields
G-7429 Calvin Inst $2.35
Sing, Sing a New Song to the Lord
Louis Bourgeois
Arr. David Cherwien
G-7977 Calvin Inst $2.35
Easter Proclamation
Text by John A. Dalles
John Ferguson G-6172 Calvin Inst $2.45
Confession: Psalm 51
Psalm 51 from Mass for the World Church (Argentina)
from Mass for the World Church, Traditional Argentine melody
John W. Worst G-5476 Calvin Inst $1.30
View the Present through the Promise
Thomas Troeger text.
Roy Hopp G-5943 Calvin Inst $2.35
Let All Who Pray
This text is based on the Lord’s Prayer and is especially appropriate for any Sunday on which the readings speak about the importance of prayer.
John Ferguson G-5362 Calvin Inst $1.40
Kwake Yesu Nasimama / Here on Jesus Christ I Will Stand

Arr. Greg Scheer
G-8489 Calvin Inst $2.35
Praise the God of All Beginnings
Concertato on NEW BEGINNINGS
Concertato Tune received Special Mention in the St. Paul’s Cathedral Millennium Hymn competition in 1999.
Roy Hopp G-5334 Calvin Inst $1.40
Arabic Lord's Prayer
Laila Constantine
Arr. Greg Scheer
G-8488 Calvin Inst $2.20
O God, We Kneel before Your Throne
Rarely does a new hymn text and tune have this much instant appeal.
Roy Hopp G-5944 Calvin Inst $2.35
Christus Paradox | Printed Edition
Choral Variations on PICARDY
Choral variations.
Alfred V. Fedak G-5463 Calvin Inst $2.35

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