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Psalm 31: Father, into Your Hands
SATB; Cantor; Assembly
Ephrem Feeley G-7589 Celebration $1.80
Psalm 31: I Place My Life
Into Your Hands
SATB; Cantor
Rory Cooney G-3613 Celebration $2.15
Psalm 50: The Saving Power of God
SAB; Cantor; Assembly
Paul A. Tate G-6299 Celebration $1.80
Psalm 51: Create Me Again
2 equal or mixed voices cantors
Rory Cooney G-3975 Celebration $2.25
Psalm 63: My Soul Is Longing
Psalm 63
Rory Cooney G-3414 Celebration $1.20
Psalm 65: You
SAT, cantor
Rory Cooney G-4111 Celebration $1.10
Psalm 85: Your Mercy Like Rain
Rory Cooney G-3971 Celebration $1.75
Psalm 8: How Glorious Is Your Name
O Lord, our God, how glorious is your name
SATB, 2 Cantors
Rory Cooney G-3412 Celebration $1.60
Psalm of Hope
Felix Goebel-Komala G-4403 Celebration $2.15
Pues si vivimos
If We Are Living
Two-part equal; Two-part mixed; Three-part equal; Three-part mixed
Marty Haugen G-4280 Celebration $2.15
Put on Love
SAB, cantor
Kathy Powell G-4078 Celebration $1.30
Quietly, Peacefully | Printed Edition
SATB; Assembly
Antonin Dvorak G-6718 Celebration $2.00
Quietly, Peacefully | Download Edition
SATB Choir, Assembly
Antonin Dvorak
Arr. Lori True
D-6718 Celebration $2.00
Radiant Mary
SATB; Assembly
Daniel Kantor G-8524 Celebration $1.80
Rain, O Waters
Two-part mixed; SAB; Cantor
Donna Peña / Paul Gerike G-5531 Celebration $1.40
Raining Down Manna
Unison with descant; Two-part equal; Cantor; Assembly
David Haas G-6457 Celebration $1.50
Reach toward Heaven
Unison with descant; SATB; Assembly
David Haas G-6161 Celebration $1.40
Rejoice and Be Glad
SATB; Cantor; Assembly
Kevin Keil G-9391 Celebration $2.00
Rejoice Forever
Unison with descant; Assembly
Martin Barry G-7330 Celebration $1.60
Rejoice, Chosen People / Peace I Leave with You
David Haas G-4869 Celebration $2.00
Remember You Are Dust | Printed Edition
Two-part mixed; Cantor; Assembly
Paul A. Tate G-6289 Celebration $2.00
Remember You Are Dust | Download Edition Paul A. Tate D-6289 Celebration $2.00
Remember Your Mercies
from Remember Your Mercies
David Haas G-2927 Celebration $1.30
Renew Your People
2 equal or mixed voices; Two-part mixed
Randolph N. Currie G-2645 Celebration $1.40
Rest in God Alone, My Soul
SATB; Assembly; Cantor
Felix Goebel-Komala G-9175 Celebration $2.15
Rest Now in Me
Two-part mixed; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Paul A. Tate G-6293 Celebration $2.00
Return to God | Printed Edition
SATB, assembly
Captures the essence of Lent.
Marty Haugen G-3537 Celebration $2.00
Return to God | Download Edition
SATB, assembly
Captures the essence of Lent.
Marty Haugen D-3537 Celebration $2.00
Return to the Lord
Unison; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
David Haas G-6160 Celebration $1.40
Return to the Lord
Cantors; Solos; Assembly
Paul A. Tate G-6295 Celebration $2.00