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Bear with One Another - Guitar edition | Printed Edition
SAB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Marty Haugen G-9008G $5.50
Cantor, assembly
Suzanne Toolan G-2132 Cantor/Cong $2.50
Behold, Thus Is the Man Blessed | Printed Edition
Psalm 127:4–6; Wedding Song
High solo
William Ferris G-1475 Vocal Solo $1.75
Beloved, God's Chosen
SAB; Assembly
Marty Haugen G-7878 Celebration $2.00
Beloved, God's Chosen - Full Score and Parts
SAB; Assembly
Marty Haugen G-7878INST $25.00
Beloved, God's Chosen - Guitar edition
SAB; Assembly
Marty Haugen G-7878G $5.50
Benediction: Let the Mind of Christ
Carol Browning G-4809 Celebration $2.00
Bless the Lord, O My Soul | Printed Edition
Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov
Arr. Arthur Becker
G-6125 Choral Classics $1.80
Bless the Lord, O My Soul
G. F. Handel G-3796 Choral $1.00
Bless, O Lord, These Rings | Printed Edition
Solo, 2 equal or mixed voices
Joseph Roff G-1609 Vocal Solo $3.00
Blessed Are They
SAB; Assembly
Marty Haugen G-7887 Wedding $2.20
Blessed Are They - Guitar edition
SAB; Assembly
Marty Haugen G-7887G $3.50
Blessed Are They - Instrument edition Marty Haugen G-7887INST $7.50
Blessing Prayer
David Haas G-3699 Celebration $2.00
Blest Are They | Printed Edition
One of the very biggest hits in the GIA catalog!
David Haas G-2958 Celebration $2.15
Blest Are They - Handbells David Haas
Arr. Michael Helman
G-7043 Resounding Faith $4.95
Blest Are Those Who Love You / Dichosos Los Que Te Aman
SAB; Assembly
Marty Haugen G-7439 Oramos cantando $2.00
Blest Are You
Liam Lawton / John Drummond G-5984 Celebration $1.40
Blest Be the Tie That Binds
Kevin Norris G-2621 Choral $0.60
Blest Be the Tie That Binds | Printed Edition
Lowell Mason / Lynn L. Petersen G-5368 Wedding $4.00
Build We a House | Printed Edition
Raymond H. Haan G-4102 Vocal Solo $3.50
By My Side | Printed Edition
A Wedding Song
Thomas J. Porter G-3357 Wedding $4.75
Christ Is Alive
SAB; Assembly
Text by Brian Wren; alternate text in refrain for use at Communion.
Lori True G-6065 Celebration $2.00
Come and Eat This Living Bread
SATB, cantor
Fresh, vibrant setting of an old favorite.
Rob Glover G-4586 Celebration $2.15
Come and Journey with Me | Printed Edition
Unison or solo
David Haas G-4082 Celebration $2.00
Come and Journey with Me | Download Edition
Unison or solo
David Haas D-4082 Celebration $2.00
Come Down, O Love Divine
Elena Santangelo G-3202 Choral $0.90
Come to the Table
Verses for Advent, Lent, weddings, and general use.
Tony Alonso G-5606 Celebration $2.00
Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life
Don Muro G-3277 Choral $1.40
Covenant Hymn
Gary Daigle G-3977 Celebration $2.15