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I Am the Living Bread
Hal H. Hopson G-4432 Cantor/Cong $4.00
Easter Sequence, The
Wonderful refrain based on the traditional chant; optional transition to gospel acclamation.

Arr. J. William Greene
G-5053 Cantor/Cong $4.50
Psalm 95(96)
Christmas Mass at Midnight
Cantor, assembly
This psalm setting "says" Christmas.
Br. Howard L. Hughes SM G-2026 Cantor/Cong $4.00
Just As in Adam All Die
Cantor, assembly
A resurrection song for funerals.
C. Alexander Peloquin G-2120 Cantor/Cong $2.50
Third Song of Isaiah, The
2 equal or mixed voices
Roger Sherman G-2197 Cantor/Cong $2.50
The Earth Is Full—Psalm 32(33)
Cantor, assembly
Robert E. Kreutz G-2490 Cantor/Cong $4.75
Twelve Simple Kyries
Cantor, assembly
Carroll Thomas Andrews G-2500 Cantor/Cong $2.50
Alleluia in C with Lenten Acclamations Br. Howard L. Hughes SM G-2517 Cantor/Cong $3.50
Taste and See—Psalm 33(34)
Cantor, assembly
Thomas Savoy G-2548 Cantor/Cong $2.50
Canticle - Daniel 3:57-87
Cantor, assembly
Robert Hutmacher OFM G-2763 Cantor/Cong $2.00
Dialogue Hymn for Advent
Cantor, assembly
Thomas Savoy G-2846 Cantor/Cong $5.00
My Soul Is Still - Psalm 131
Cantor, assembly
David Haas G-2924 Cantor/Cong $3.50
The Lord Is My Shepherd—Psalm (22)23
Cantor, assembly
James Testa G-2931 Cantor/Cong $3.00
Litany at the Breaking of Bread
Cantor; Assembly
Richard Proulx G-3129 Cantor/Cong $4.75
Gospel Acclamation for Funerals
Cantor, assembly
Robert J. Batastini G-3550 Cantor/Cong $3.00
I Heard a Voice from Heaven
Cantor, assembly
Steven Janco G-3608 Cantor/Cong $3.50
Feast of the Assumption
Psalm 45
Cantor, assembly
Leonard Bobrowski G-4141 Cantor/Cong $3.50
Hosanna to the Son of David
Cantor, assembly
Richard Proulx G-4386 Cantor/Cong $4.00
Psalm for Christmas Day
Accompaniment is independent from the cantor line.
Sue Furlong G-4776 Cantor/Cong $4.00
Psalm 95(96): Proclaim His Marvelous Deeds
Cantor, assembly
Robert Twynham G-2023 Cantor/Cong $3.00
Alleluia and Verses - Sundays of Advent
Cantor, assembly
John Schiavone G-2110 Cantor/Cong $3.00
Alleluia and Verses—Christmas Season
Cantor, assembly
John Schiavone G-2111 Cantor/Cong $2.00
Mission Hymn
Great Is the Lord
Cantor, assembly
Suzanne Toolan G-2133 Cantor/Cong $2.00
Gospel Acclamation Verses—Holy Week
Cantor, assembly
Lectionary Nos. 38-42
John Schiavone G-2161 Cantor/Cong $2.50
Alleluia and Verses—Sundays of Easter
Cantor, assembly
John Schiavone G-2162 Cantor/Cong $2.50
You Are My Inheritance, O Lord—Psalm 15(16)
Cantor, assembly
Richard Proulx G-2405 Cantor/Cong $3.50
You Will Draw Water—Isaiah 12
Cantor, assembly,
Robert J. Batastini G-2443 Cantor/Cong $3.50
Go Out to the World—Psalm 95(96) Ronald Krisman G-2515 Cantor/Cong $3.50
For Weddings—Psalm 102(103)
Cantor, assembly
Charles E. Conley G-2527 Cantor/Cong $3.00
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit
Cantor; Assembly
Lectionary Nos. 64, 175
Paul Lisicky G-2744 Cantor/Cong $3.00

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