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Out of Darkness into Light
James Biery G-8880 Calvin Inst $2.45
Ososo: Come Now, O Prince of Peace
SATB; Solo; Adults with children
Geonyong Lee
Arr. Joel Navarro
G-7907 Calvin Inst $2.35
God, You Spin the Whirling Planets
SATB; Assembly
Joel Navarro G-6361 Calvin Inst $1.50
Jesus, Lord of Life and Glory
Greg Scheer G-8892 Calvin Inst $2.35
Great Is Thy Faithfulness
SSATB; Adults with children
Based on “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” and “My Faith Looks Up to Thee.”
William Runyan
Arr. Paul Caldwell
G-6097 Calvin Inst $2.35
Agnus Dei
from Mass for the World Church (China)
from Mass for the World Church. Traditional Chinese melody.
John W. Worst G-5478 Calvin Inst $1.10
Kyrie eleison
from Mass for the World Church (Native North America)
Unison; SATB
Native North American melody.
John W. Worst G-5473 Calvin Inst $1.30
from Mass for the World Church (India)
from Mass for the World Church. Traditional Indian melody.
John W. Worst G-5474 Calvin Inst $1.40
from Mass for the World Church (Zimbabwe)
from Mass for the World Church. Traditional Zimbabwean melody.
John W. Worst G-5475 Calvin Inst $1.30
from Mass for the World Church (Nigeria)
Traditional Nigerian melody.
John W. Worst G-5477 Calvin Inst $1.30
Introit from Mass for the World Church
from Mass for the World Church. Traditional South American melody.
John W. Worst G-5472 Calvin Inst $1.10
Five Calls to Worship and Five Amens
Amens may be used separately from the corresponding Call to Worship: taken from Psalms 33, 84, 100, and 116.
John W. Worst G-5470 Calvin Inst $1.30
Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer
Margaret Becker / Keith Getty
Arr. Sue Ellen Page
G-9136 Calvin Inst $2.40
Uses NRSV text.
John Ferguson G-6667 Calvin Inst $2.35
Like the Murmur of the Dove’s Song
Two-part mixed
Text is appropriate for many occasions.
Peter Cutts
Arr. John Ferguson
G-4948 Calvin Inst $2.35
The Rice of Life
Endeavors to captivate the indigenous singing style of the Bunun tribe.
I-to Loh
Arr. Swee Hong Lim
G-7329 Calvin Inst $1.70
I Praise You, God
SATB; Adults with children
John Ferguson G-6360 Calvin Inst $2.35
Let Us Offer to the Father / Te Ofrecemos Padre Nuestro
Misa Poplar Nicaraguense
form Misa Popular Nicaraguense.
Alice Parker / Jorge Lockward G-5939 Calvin Inst $1.70
How Lovely Is Your Dwelling
A tranquil setting of Psalm 84 in a relaxed 3/4.
Allen Pote G-5945 Calvin Inst $1.85
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
Jean Baptiste Calkin
Arr. Raymond H. Haan
G-6358 Calvin Inst $1.60
While Shepherds Watched
Buoyant and joyful.
John Foster
Arr. Randall D. Engle
G-5468 Calvin Inst $1.50
My Heart I Offer to You, Lord
SATB divisi; Assembly
Folk song-like refrain is most attractive for assembly singing.
Gerald Custer G-7090 Calvin Inst $1.70
Early on That Easter Morn
From Marienlieder, Op. 22, No. 6.
Johannes Brahms G-6666 Calvin Inst $1.70
Mass for the World Church
Ecumenical texts set to world music. Contains one each of the following octavos: Introit: Psalm 24 (South America) - Kyrie eleison (Native North America) - Gloria (India) - Credo (Zimbabwe) - Confession: Psalm 51 (Argentina) - Sanctus (Nigeria) - Agnus De
John W. Worst G-5471 Calvin Inst $6.95
Takwaba Uwabanga Yesu
There's No One Like Jesus / No Hay Nadie Como Cristo
Rhythmic Zambian song for SATB voices and drum.

Arr. Ben Allaway
G-6098 Calvin Inst $2.35
We Will Rejoice!
SATB; Adults with children
Text by Sylvia Dunstan
Roy Hopp G-6356 Calvin Inst $2.55
Psalms of Praise
Four Service Music Settings
Richard Robert Rossi G-8471 Calvin Inst $2.65
Here from All Nations
Concertato on O QUANTA QUALIA
SATB; Assembly
A hymn concertato on the sturdy 17th-century French tune o quanta qualia.

Arr. Roy Hopp
G-7092 Calvin Inst $2.35
Psalm 65: Praise Is Your Right, O God
SB or unison; descant
A Genevan Psalter tune
Louis Bourgeois
Arr. John E. Hamersma
G-6101 Calvin Inst $1.50
The Lord Be Gracious unto Us
A substantial choral interpretation of Psalm 67.
Joel VanderZee G-7259 Calvin Inst $2.35

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