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Mass in Honor of Pope John Paul II
Joseph Roff G-2520 Mass $2.00
Christ Uplifted
G-2544 Mass $2.00
Festival Liturgy
Richard Hillert G-2649 Mass $4.00
Mass of Creation - Music Collection
2 equal or mixed voices
This edition has only 2 equal or mixed voices
Marty Haugen G-2768 Mass $10.00
Agnus Dei - German Mass Richard Proulx G-2849 Mass $0.80
Mass for the People
Hal H. Hopson G-2870 Mass $2.50
Mass of the Holy Spirit
G-2911 Mass $2.50
Eucharistic Acclamations from Mass of Creation
Marty Haugen G-3018 Mass $2.00
Assembly Mass
SATB, Cantor, Assembly
Thomas J. Porter G-3025 Mass $3.00
Mass of Remembrance
Pre-Revised Order of Mass 2010
Marty Haugen G-3091 Mass $3.25
Mass of Remembrance—Presider Edition
Pre-Revised Order of Mass 2010
Marty Haugen G-3091P Mass $13.00
Mass of Remembrance—Full Score
Pre-Revised Order of Mass 2010
Marty Haugen G-3091FS Mass $14.50
Missa Primitiva
G-3130 Mass $2.00
Give Thanks and Praise
A Setting for Eucharist
G-3134 Mass $3.50
Eucharist Prayer for Masses of Reconciliation II - Presider
from No Greater Love
G-3137P Mass $7.00
Eucharistic Acclamations from "German Mass"
Franz Schubert G-3185 Mass $0.70
Mass for the King of Glory
G-3273 Mass $6.50
Psallite Mass
SA(T)B, presider, cantor
G-3476 Mass $6.00
Psallite Mass Eucharistic Prayer - Full Score
Presider; SATB
G-3476EP Mass $7.95
Psallite Mass Eucharistic Prayer - Presider Edition
from Psallite Mass Eucharistic Prayer
G-3476P Mass $6.00
Mass of Life, A
SATB, cantor, presider
Paul Gibson G-3535 Mass $3.00
Mass of Hope
Unison, 2 equal or mixed voices
G-3625 Mass $2.00
Missa de Angelis/Mass of the Angels - Choral Edition
Mass of the Angels, Mass VIII [8]
Unison, cantor
Richard Proulx G-4256 Mass $3.25
Mass of Light-Choral Edition David Haas G-3341 Mass $4.50
Four Masses for Cantor, Assembly, and Organ
melodies and accompaniments all in one collection; no choral parts. Based on popular chant hymns.
Richard Proulx G-5537 Mass $12.50
Corpus Christi Mass, Assembly Edition Richard Proulx G-3693A Mass $1.00
Mass for the Life of the World: Pew Edition David Haas G-3889A Mass $0.90
Psallite Mass: Pew Edition G-3476A Mass $0.60
Mass of the Angels and Saints - Full Score Steven Janco G-4442FS Mass $12.00
A Community Mass - Choral / Accompaniment edition
SATB; Cantor; Assembly
Expanded edition; includes all of 1971 and 1977 editions.
Richard Proulx G-6740 Mass $4.25