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The Holy Son of God
Austin C. Lovelace G-2895 Christmas $0.60
The Hush of Midnight
Timothy Dudley-Smith text.
David W. Music G-5674 Christmas $1.40
The Light of Faith
Christmas and Epiphany Anthem
Joseph Roff G-3763 Christmas $0.80
The Lord Said to Me
William Ferris G-1389 Christmas $1.40
The Maiden and Her Child
Liam Lawton / John McCann G-5293 Christmas $2.00
The Shadows Are Falling
SATB; 2 mixed voices solo
G-4095 Christmas $1.20
The Silent Stars Shine Down on Us
Two-part mixed
Text by Herman Stuempfle.
Randall K. Sensmeier G-6174 Christmas $1.50
The Snow Lay on the Ground
Aiden Wilson Tozer G-2010 Christmas $0.70
The Table of Emmanuel
A Christmas Communion Processional
SAB; Cantor; Assembly

Arr. Tony Alonso
G-8906 Christmas $2.20
The Tiny Child to Bethlehem Came
2 or 4 equal or mixed voices
Marty Haugen G-3815 Christmas $1.30
The Word
John L. Bell G-5426 Christmas $1.00
The Word Became Flesh
Text by Fred Pratt Green.
David W. Music G-4488 Christmas $1.30
The Word of God Became Flesh
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Normand J. Gouin G-7991 Christmas $2.15
There Is No Rose
Stephen J. Rohde G-6030 Christmas $1.80
There Is No Rose
Shirley W. McRae G-3127 Christmas $0.80
There Is No Rose of Such Virtue
Michael Bedford G-6141 Christmas $1.60
They Followed the Star
Gerhard Track G-2157 Christmas $0.80
Think about This
SATB, Soprano/tenor solo
Looking for something unique? Try this.
Jean Warren Nichols G-4798 Christmas $1.40
This Day Is Born in Bethlehem
Puer natus
2 equal or mixed voices
Douglas E. Wagner G-2526 Christmas $2.00
This Day We Welcome a Little Child
Walter Ehret G-1851 Christmas $0.80
This Is the Truth Sent from Above

Arr. Karl E. Moyer
G-6140 Christmas $1.50
Three Gifts, The
Mary Pat Heckel G-1961 Christmas $0.30
Three Kings, The
SATB, alto/baritone solo
Peter Cornelius G-3124 Christmas $1.80
Three Venezuelan Christmas Carols
These take a little work, but are well worth the effort.
Bruce Trinkley G-4316 Christmas $2.45
Through the Watches of the Night
SAB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-9054 Christmas $2.15
Thy Little Ones, Dear Lord, Are We
A Christmas Carol
Schulz, J. A. P. G-1876 Christmas $0.50
Today Is Born Our Savior
C. Alexander Peloquin G-2199 Christmas $2.45
Today Is Born Our Savior
Marty Haugen G-2948 Christmas $1.85
Today Is Born Our Savior
Psalm for Christmas Midnight Mass
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
John F. Wade
Arr. Tony Alonso
G-8903 Christmas $2.35
Today Is Born Our Savior
Psalm for Mass during the Night
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Marc Cerisier G-8411 Christmas $2.00