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An interesting feature of this setting is the 16-bar instrumental coda that ends the setting.

Arr. Doug Denisen
G-5389 Christmas $1.50
Peace Child
Three-part equal; Three-part mixed
Rob Glover G-4339 Christmas $2.00
Peace Is Only a Starry Night
Unison or 2 equal or mixed voices
Marty Haugen G-2656 Christmas $2.00
People of the Night
David Haas G-2738 Christmas $1.40
Poor Little Jesus

Arr. Anne Heider
G-5064 Christmas $1.50
Power in the Children
A Christmas Song
Children, solo
Dana Blanck / Bill Peterson G-3812 Christmas $2.15
Praise of Christmas, The
Robert Edward Smith G-2093 Christmas $0.35
Prepare for Emmanuel
Patrick Liebergen G-4456 Christmas $2.15
Prepare to Receive Him
Alto Aria from Bach's Christmas Oratorio
Unison, 2 equal or mixed voices
G-3348 Christmas $2.00
Procession for a Christmas Celebration
G-3041 Christmas $1.20
Processional for Christmas
Two-part equal; Two-part mixed; Soprano Solo
John Karl Hirten G-3711 Christmas $1.50
Psalm 96: Christmas Midnight
SAB; Cantor; Assembly
Rory Cooney G-6171 Christmas $1.90
Psalm 98: All the Ends of the Earth
Lynn M. Trapp G-5623 Christmas $2.00
Psalm for Christmas—All the Ends of the Earth
SATB, Cantor
Ralph C. Verdi G-2489 Christmas $0.70
Puer natus in Bethlehem
A nineteenth-century Italian carol with Latin text.
Pietro Adolpho Bossi G-6465 Christmas $2.15
Rejoice and Be Merry | Printed Edition

Arr. Burton Bumgarner
G-6998 Christmas $1.75
Rejoice and Be Merry | Download Edition D-6998 Christmas $1.75
Rejoice! Emmanuel!
A highly satisfying piece.
William M. Schoenfeld G-6862 Christmas $2.00
Rejoice, Rejoice | Printed Edition
Awake Awake and Greet
A strong driving hymn for Advent or Christmas.
Marty Haugen G-2654 Christmas $2.15
Rejoice, Rejoice | Download Edition Marty Haugen D-2654 Christmas $2.15
Remember Christmas
Russell Schulz-Widmar G-4914 Christmas $1.30
Ring a Bell
Jeremy Young G-9115 Christmas $2.35
Ring Out, Wild Bells
Ryan Homsey G-8425 Christmas $2.15
Rise Up and Shine!
Austin C. Lovelace G-4431 Christmas $1.30
Rise Up, Shepherd
Communion Processional
SATB; Cantor; Assembly

Arr. Rob Glover
G-6088 Christmas $1.40
Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow
SATB; Solo

Arr. Rory Cooney
G-5199 Christmas $2.00
Rod of Jesse G-1761 Christmas $3.00
Rose in December
A Paul Tate arrangement of this Lawton text and music.
Liam Lawton
Arr. Paul A. Tate
G-6805 Christmas $2.15
Run, Shepherds, Run
William M. Schoenfeld G-8953 Christmas $2.25
Saw You Never, in the Twilight

Arr. Robert J. Powell
G-6872 Christmas $2.00