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Tryin' to Get Ready
Thirty African American Spirituals Arranged for SATB Voices
SATB, some with solos

Arr. Clayton White
G-6808 AACMS $11.00
Two Choral Introits
Spirit, Fall Fresh on Me / Lord, Have Your Way
Zachary W. Lavender G-7799 AACMS $2.20
Under His Wings
SATB; Solo
Stephen Manders / Ira David Sankey G-8886 AACMS $2.35
Use Me
SATB; Solo
M. Roger Holland, II G-6900 AACMS $2.35
Wade in de Water

Arr. H. T. Burleigh
G-8001 AACMS $2.20
Wait on The Lord
SATB; Solo
A lyrical setting based on Lamentations 3:25.
Willis Barnett G-5808 AACMS $1.50
Wait, Pray! | Printed Edition
SATB; Solo
Thomas W. Jefferson G-8689 AACMS $2.20
Wait, Pray! | Download Edition
SATB, Solo
Thomas W. Jefferson D-8689 AACMS $2.20
Walk in the Light
George D Elderkin
Arr. Brandon Waddles
G-9349 AACMS $2.20
Walk through the Valley
SSAATTBB; Baritone Solo
A comforting text that promises that, with Jesus as our leader, we shall walk through the valley of life in peace.

Arr. Nathan Carter
G-7389 AACMS $1.70
Walk Together, Children
Three-part equal

Arr. H. T. Burleigh
G-7999 AACMS $2.20
We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder
The style is slow, smooth, traditional gospel. Sweet!

Arr. Horace Clarence Boyer
G-5826 AACMS $2.20
We Are His People
SATB; opt. Assembly
Wendell C Woods G-6321 AACMS $1.40
We Shall Overcome
A stunning choral arrangement (SATB divisi).

Arr. Uzee Brown, Jr.
G-7197 AACMS $2.35
We Shall Walk through the Valley

Arr. Undine Smith Moore
G-6434 AACMS $2.20
We Shall Walk through the Valley

Arr. Horace Clarence Boyer
G-7323 AACMS $2.00
We Worship You
Zachary W. Lavender G-6780 AACMS $1.85
Were You There

Arr. Marques L. A. Garrett
G-8911 AACMS $2.35
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Ludwig van Beethoven
Arr. Glenn E. Burleigh
G-7751 AACMS $2.45
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Jerrell R. Gray G-9255 AACMS $2.20
What Month Was Jesus Born In?

Arr. David Morrow
G-8267 AACMS $2.45
What ’Cha Gonna Call the Pretty Little Baby
SATB; Solo

Arr. Ronald L Stevens
G-6058 AACMS $2.00
When the Holy Ghost Fell on Me

Arr. J. Weldon Norris
G-6626 AACMS $2.20
Where Shall I Go?
Salone T. Clary G-6243 AACMS $1.60
While I'm Here
Patrick Lundy G-7828 AACMS $2.20
Who'll Join?

Arr. David Morrow
G-8177 AACMS $2.45
Why Do We Sing? | Printed Edition
Gale Jones Murphy G-7385 AACMS $1.85
Why Do We Sing? | Download Edition Gale Jones Murphy D-7385 AACMS $1.85
With My Whole Heart
Thomas Whitfield
Arr. Brandon Waddles
G-9177 AACMS $2.20
Worship the Newborn King
SATB; Solo
M. Roger Holland, II G-8636 AACMS $2.35