Music Learning Theory


Jump Right In

This revised version of the beginning band series makes Jump Right In easier to use and more musical than ever before.

Here are some of the highlights:
Student books have high-quality CDs of folk songs and melodies available that:
  • Comprise many styles, tonalities, and meters
  • Span many cultures and many centuries
  • Are ideal for for listening and playing along

Features performances by some of the world's greatest performers:
  • Artist faculty members from Eastman School of Music
  • Members of Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Rhythm and Brass
Helps develop musicianship beyond instrumental classroom with:
  • Progress from sound to sight in logical, commonsense sequence
  • Opportunities for improvisation from early stages of instruction
  • Tools to help students learn to read and write with better comprehension
  • Arrangements of familiar songs in each book
Sequential and proven materials are:
  • Designed specifically to attend to individual differences
  • Based on current experimental and practical research
  • Based on the music learning theories of Edwin E. Gordon
  • Relevant to National Standards and include suggestions for measurement and evaluation

Extensive Teacher's Guide:
  • Contains lesson plans
  • Includes teaching procedures
  • May be used independently or in conjunction with Jump Right In: The Music Curriculum and Developing Musicianship through Improvisation


  Book 1 CD 1 Book1 & CD Book 2 CD 2 Book 2 & CD Solo Book 1A & CD Solo Book 1B & CD Solo Book 2 Solo Book 3
Flute J250 J251 J252 J289 J316 J290 J339 J353 J150 J204
Clarinet J253 J254 J255 J291 J316 J292 J340 J354 J151 J205
Oboe J256 J257 J258 J293 J316 J294 J341 J355 J152 J206
Bassoon J259 J260 J261 J295 J316 J296 J342 J356 J153 J207
Alto sax J262 J263 J264 J297 J316 J298 J343 J357 J154 J208
Tenor sax J265 J266 J267 J299 J316 J300 J344 J358 J155 J209
Trumpet J268 J269 J270 J301 J316 J302 J345 J359 J156 J210
Horn in F J271 J272 J273 J303 J316 J304 J346 J360 J157 J211
Trombone J274 J275 J276 J305 J316 J306 J347 J361 J158 J212
Baritone BC J277 J278 J279 J307 J316 J308 J348 J362 J160 J213
Baritone TC J280 J281 J282 J309 J316 J310 J349 J363 J159 J214
Tuba J283 J284 J285 J311 J316 J312 J350 J364 J161 J215
Percussion J286 J287 J288 J313 J316 J314 J351 J365 J162 J216
Recorder J231 J232 J233 J247 J316 J245   J94 (no CD: 5.50) J149 J217


  Book 1 CD 1 Book1 & CD Book 2 CD 2 Book 2 & CD Solo Book 1A & CD Solo Book 1B & CD Solo Book 2 Solo Book 3
Violin J318 J319 J320 J330 J331 J332 J366 J370 J163 J218
Viola J321 J322 J323 J333 J331 J334 J367 J371 J164 J219
Cello J324 J325 J326 J335 J331 J336 J368 J372 J165 J220
Bass J327 J328 J329 J337 J331 J338 J369 J373 J166 J221


Revised Parents' Guide J177                  
Revised Teacher's Guide for Band Books 1 and 2 J315                  
Revised Teacher's Guide for Strings Books 1 and 2 J317                  
Composition Book 1 (all instruments) J249                  
Solo Book 1–Writing (all instruments) J167                  
Solo Book 2–Writing (all instruments) J168                  
Revised Teacher's Guide for Recorder J235                  
GIA Heavy-Duty Soprano Recorder M447