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The First Steps in Music series is an attempt to preserve the rich repertoire of traditional and folk literature, and to enable today's families to recall and learn songs and rhymes that have nurtured wonder and joy in young people for generations. The authentic affection, innocence, and wonder of these songs and rhymes have the potential to plant the seeds of lifelong sensitivity and imagination.

The songs and rhymes contained in our classes have been gathered over the past twenty years. Many of the most interesting examples were collected from the elderly, who often recalled songs and/or rhymes with great affection, reminding them of loving moments the had shared with young people in the past.

The First Steps in Music curriculum is based on an extensive survey of research related to the development of singing and movement skills in young children, as well as many years of practical experience sharing musical activities with this younger age. It is this combination of a research-based curriculum, quality literature, and practical experience that makes the First Steps in Music curriculum unique.