The Same Stream © was born out of a closely knit family of singers who share a common experience and are dedicated to what it truly means to sing together. Drawn from a Grammy © nominated choir, we are deeply dedicated to continuing to do what we discovered together through our shared Westminster experiences. The singers and conductor are bonded to a deep passion to continue and grow those experiences beyond our shared Westminster journey. We are performers, professional singers, teachers, composers, vocal coaches, conductors and music practitioners all with a shared common vision and belief of the power of singing practiced within a connected community with shared experiences bonded into a deeply spiritual core. The ensemble champions the music of composers who have come from within this shared experience and also reach out into choral literature covering a broad spectrum of musical styles and choral colors.

Evoking Sound : Lux aeterna
Lux aeterna

Thomas LaVoy
Evoking Sound : The Same Stream
The Same Stream

Thomas LaVoy
Evoking Sound : Sine paenitentia
Sine paenitentia

Cortlandt Matthews



The Same Stream: The Inaugural Recordings Promo

Thomas LaVoy
A Child's Requiem
GIA Publications G-8797

Piano: Corey Everly Soprano: Emily Johnston

Movement VI: Lux Aeterna GIA Publications (G-8797)

Lux aeterna is the sixth movement of a larger work, A Child's Requiem, which was commissioned by the Marquette Symphony Orchestra to mark the 100th anniversary of the Italian Hall disaster. On Christmas Eve of 1913 in Calumet, Michigan, a man shouted "Fire!" in the crowded Italian Hall, causing a stampede that would leave 73 innocent people, the vast majority of them young children, dead on the stairs leading down to the street below. This terrible event was a catalyst for great change in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and in the broader context of the American labor movements of the early 20th century.

Photographs from the day of the funeral procession show thousands of people in mourning, lining the snowy streets of a bustling metropolis that in recent years has become a shadow of its former self. Lux aeterna most closely resembles this moment; when a community came together to mourn and utter their collective supplication to God to grant eternal rest and light to the deceased.