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Westminster's Choral Institute at Oxford


An Interview with James Jordan

The Human Connection


The Grammar of Conducting

The Musician's Soul

"I would tear a hole in the sky so I could pull out the heart of the moon for thee."

From "As I Walk the Silent Earth" by Thomas LaVoy

A stunning new recording from James Jordan and the Westminster Williamson voices. Music opens us to a more radiant and brilliant life through sounds and words. There is music that, by its very nature, "tears a hole in the sky"-the "sky" of our spirits and souls. Certain music, certain composers, and certain performances have a way of "tearing a hole" into us perhaps even bringing new meaning to what we do and how we live.

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the same stream, a community of singers

James Jordan & Westminster Williamson Voices! Performing at the Met's Temple of Dendur

the same stream, a community of singers