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These resources focus on developing the inner life of musicians and artists, and encourage musicians to go beyond the mechanics and techniques of making music to a place of self-exploration to more fully engage, connect, and create a truer sense of ensemble.

The Musician's Soul
The Musician's Soul

James Jordan,

A must-read for all music educators!

James Jordan's The Musician's Soul starts all musicians on a journey to that higher plane. Jordan offers words of wisdom and encouragement based on his own journey as a conductor, yet these writings are pertinent to all musicians, perhaps to any creative being. Filled with inspiring, thought-provoking quotations, life experiences, and ideas, this book will encourage you to explore your inner self by creating openness and vulnerability, finding your center, and discovering the importance of solitude as well as community.

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Title Composer Edition # Price Qty  
The Musician's Breath
The Role of Breathing in Human Expression
James Jordan / Mark Moliterno / Nova Thomas G-7955 $22.95
Sound as Teacher
Growing the Conductor's Perceptual Mind
James Jordan G-8991 $24.95
Discovering Chant
Teaching Musicianship and Human Sensibilites through Chant
James Jordan / James Whitbourn / Dominic Gregorio / Steve Pilkington / Isabella Burns G-8812 $32.95
The Musician's Soul - Meditations Recording - CD
by Fr. Bede Camera, OSB
CD-905 $12.95
Musician's Spirit, The
Connecting to Others through Story
James Jordan G-5866 $32.95
The Musician's Walk
An Ethical Labyrinth
James Jordan G-6734 $38.95
The Musician's Trust
James Jordan / James Whitbourn G-8388 $24.95
Toward Center
The Art of Being for Musicians, Actors, Dancers, and Teachers
James Jordan / Nova Thomas G-7661 $24.95
Lighting a Candle
The Writings and Wisdom of Elaine Brown
G-8606 $24.95