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These materials developed by James Jordan shape a comprehensive pedagogy for the teaching of conducting skill. Dr. Jordan is a leading practitioner and is credited with the pioneering applications of Laban Effort Shape and Laban's teaching, and knitting those materials into a comprehensive conducting pedagogy. Thousands of conductors have attended workshops by Dr. Jordan to study these materials.

A Practical Application of Rudolf von Laban's Movement Language

The culmination of almost thirty years of research, writing, and teaching, this important book by James Jordan presents a vision of conducting gesture and technique as a movement language. In this comprehensive resource, Jordan applies the theories of movement education icon Rudolf Laban, as inspired by the pedagogical insights of Jordan's mentor and teacher Gail B. Poch. Each section is detailed through research, extensive discussion, and suggestions for study.

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Title Composer Edition # Price Qty  
Choral Conductor's Aural Tutor
Training the Ear to Diagnose Vocal Problems
James Jordan G-6905 $41.95
Sound as Teacher
Growing the Conductor's Perceptual Mind
James Jordan G-8991 $24.95
The Anatomy of Conducting - DVD
Architecture & Essentials (3 hours)
James Jordan / Eugene M. Corporon DVD-745 $34.95
Discovering Chant
Teaching Musicianship and Human Sensibilites through Chant
James Jordan / James Whitbourn / Dominic Gregorio / Steve Pilkington / Isabella Burns G-8812 $32.95
Evoking Sound: Fundamentals of Choral Conducting, Second edition - Book and DVD
James Jordan G-7359 $49.95
Music for Conducting Study
A Companion to "Evoking Sound: Fundamentals of Choral Conducting"
James Jordan G-7359A $30.95
Conducting Technique Etudes Backordered
Laban-Based Etudes for Class or Individual Practice
James Jordan G-8419 $35.95
The Musician's Breath
The Role of Breathing in Human Expression
James Jordan / Mark Moliterno / Nova Thomas G-7955 $22.95
The Musician's Breath DVD - DVD
James Jordan / Mark Moliterno DVD-844 $24.95
The Conductor's Gesture
A Practical Application of Rudolf von Laban's Movement Language
James Jordan / Giselle E. Wyers / Meade Andrews G-8096 $45.00
Learn Conducting Technique with the Swiss Exercise Ball
Developing Kinclusive Conducting Awareness
James Jordan G-6478 $15.95
Swiss Exercise Ball - 45 cm
For use by those under 5’ tall
G-6575 $26.95
Swiss Exercise Ball - 55 cm
For use by those 5’ to 5’8" tall
G-6576 $26.95
Swiss Exercise Ball - 65 cm
For use by those 5’ 9" to 6’3" tall
G-6577 $26.95
Swiss Exercise Ball - 75 cm
For use by those 6’3" and taller
G-6578 $26.95
Inside the Westminster Conducting Institute - DVD
Masterclasses with Charles Bruffy, Bruce Chamberlain, Vance George, James Jordan, Weston Noble
DVD-972 $24.95
Evoking Sound: Body Mapping Principles and Basic Conducting Technique - DVD
James Jordan / Heather Buchanan DVD-530 $29.95
Evoking Sound: Body Mapping Principles and Basic Conducting Technique - VHS
James Jordan / Heather Buchanan VHS-530 $24.95