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James Jordan serves as Executive Editor of the Evoking Sound Choral Series. One of the most comprehensive choral series in the world, this series emphasizes not only the new music of composers, but also new editions of the choral literature from established canons of standard literature (Brahms, Victoria, Byrd, etc.), as well as educationally innovative solfége editions. With over 150 editions contained in the Evoking Sound Choral Series, this series forms an expansive choral literature library for conductors. All music is selected not only for its pedagogical value but also for its human message, and reflects a blended philosophy of music quality and inherent teaching value.

Watch the video below for an in-depth interview with James Jordan as he explores the Evoking Sound series

Evoking Sound Choral Series

Evoking Sound—Music for Young Voices Choral Series

Music from Westminster Choral Series