Instrumental Music

Making Musical Meaning
by Elizabeth Sokolowski

This remarkable and compelling book by Elizabeth Sokolowski can serve as a foundation for developing any comprehensive K-12 music education program and serves as an important bridge between passion and practical implementation of music learning in the classroom.

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Habits of a Successful Musician
by Scott Rush / Rich Moon

Perfect for use by an entire band or solo player at virtually any skill level, this series contains carefully sequenced warm-ups, sight-reading etudes, rhythm vocabulary builders, and much more.

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Curriculum Guide for Starting Early
by Paul Kimpton / Ann Kimpton

This Curriculum Guide is designed to help teachers get the most out of the book Starting Early: A Boy and His Bugle in America During WWII, the first in the Adventures with Music series...a series where the heroes are young musicians!

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Starting Early
by Paul Kimpton / Ann Kimpton

A new adventure series where the heroes are young musicians!

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The Evolution of a Successful Band Director: Workbook and Study Guide
Scott Rush

This user-friendly volume is chock-full of ideas for solving common technical problems and, more importantly, creates a framework for band directors to re- evaluate and improve every aspect of the job.

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NEW! Master Conductors DVD: H. Robert Reynolds: "Some Things I Believe"
with Tim Lautzenheiser

In this one-on-one conversation with Tim Lautzenheiser, Prof. Reynolds provides practical insights that will help any band conductor. In addition, the conversation reveals Prof. Reynolds' personal quest for knowledge, his drive to engage the legends of the music world, and how his teachers and mentors have helped him to pursue excellence. Learn More

Master Conductors: History of the School Band Movement DVD

Dennis Fisher

This is the third DVD in the series featuring master conductors and teachers Frederick Fennell, Mark Hindsley, and William Revelli. This DVD is a must for anyone who cherishes what these three unique and inspirational individuals gave to our profession.

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Band Instruments "Quick Fix"
Repair Solutions

Gregory Biba

In an easy-to-follow and intuitively organized format, this manual provides essential repair techniques and instrument maintenance suggestions. Learn More

Composers on Composing for Band, Vol 3

by Mark Camphouse

Never before has the opportunity existed to pick the minds of some of the best composers for band in such an intimate way as is done in the first two volumes (and now in Volume Three of this extraordinary series).

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The American Wind Band
Richard Hansen

The American Wind Band: A Cultural History is the most thorough work of its kind ever published. This breakthrough book confirms the important role the wind band has played–and continues to play–in American culture and history. Learn More


Teaching Techniques and Insights

Joseph Casey

The perfect companion to Teaching Music through Performance in Band ... 135 instrumental music educators tell their secrets!

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At the Heart of Chamber Music

Gillian Rogell

Winner of 2 Telly Awards, this DVD offers coaches and players techniques that will help musicians play better—and help music lovers understand the language of chamber music. Gillian Rogell hosts the video as she and the Jupiter Quartet coach student and amateur groups, with commentary by Paul Katz, founding cellist of the Cleveland Quartet.

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Program Notes for Band

Norman Smith

Norman E. Smith's Program Notes for Band is the ideal reference for anyone involved in band music: directors, players, program note writers and announcers, record collectors, and concertgoers.

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Habits of a Successful Band Director
Scott Rush

Some of the topics covered in the ten chapters include: classroom organization and management, working with parents and colleagues, the importance of the warm-up, rehearsal strategies, selecting high-quality literature, and student leadership. Learn More

Curriculum Guide for Dog Tags
Paul Kimpton & Ann Kaczkowski Kimpton

This Curriculum Guide is designed to help teachers get the most out of the book Dog Tags: A Young Musician's Ultimate Sacrifice During WWII, the second in the Adventures with Music series Learn More


Dog Tags
Paul Kimpton & Ann Kaczkowski Kimpton

A young boy and his faithful dog face a big decision. The second adventure in the series where the heroes are young musicians! Learn More




Master Conductors DVD: Dr. Harry Begian
Harry Begian / Tim Lautzenheiser

This one-on-one conversation between legendary conductor Harry Begian and Tim Lautzenheiser is an insightful portrait into the experiences and life of one of the most important wind band conductors of the 20th century.

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Master Conductors DVD: A Legacy of Wisdom

Featuring Fennell, Hindsley, and Revelli

This DVD is the perfect window to the minds of three of the greatest wind conductors of all time: Frederick Fennell, Mark Hindsley, and William Revelli, compiled from archive footage from the University of North Texas.

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Composers on Composing for Band, Vol 1

by Mark Camphouse

Composers on Composing for Band gives fresh insight and perspective into the world of music from the ultimate source of its creativity—the composer. This book contributes to a strengthening of the band profession through more thoughtful interpretations and more musically sensitive performances. Learn More


Composers on Composing for Band, Vol 4

by Mark Camphouse

This book is about connection: the connection between composer and conductor, performers and audience, and all of these and music itself. Connection defines what the new generation of composers of wind ensemble music are all about.

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Mr. Holland on the Edge: Even More Tales of Musical Mayhem

Trey Reely

Join band humorist Trey Reely for a fresh and sometimes poignant look at the life of a band director.

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Percussive Palooza DVD

Eugene Corporon

This DVD features works by world-renowned composers and virtuoso soloists, including very rare footage of Keiko Abe, Japanese marimba soloist.

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Gran Partita, K. 361

W.A. Mozart

The Gran Partita, K. 361 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is widely acknowledged to be one the great treasures of the wind band medium.

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American Band

Kirsten Laine

American Band is an unusually intimate chronicle of life, in all its triumph, disappointment, and drama, in the kind of community in which most of America lives. It is an especially timely portrait, capturing as it does the spirit of the heartland at a time of profound change.

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GIA Composer's Collection Series

North Texas Wind Symphony, Eugen Migliaro Corporon, Conductor


The GIA Composer's Collection brings together into one place recordings of the master works by some of the most respected wind symphony composers of all time. The series also includes extensive liner notes about each composer and his contribution to the wind band.

Jack Stamp - Learn More NEW!
Gordon Jacob - Learn More
Cindy McTee - Learn More
Frank Ticheli - Learn More
Donald Grantham - Learn More
Gustav Holst - Learn More
Percy Aldridge Grainger - Learn More
Ralph Vaughan Williams - Learn More
Paul Hindemith - Learn More
Vincent Persichetti - Learn More
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Grading for Musical Excellence
by Paul Kimpton / Ann Kimpton

Grading for Musical Excellence, complete with workbook exercises and reflective questions, encourages music educators to "forget the baggage" and work as a team to assess the current grading system and move to the next level, incorporating the latest research about grading.

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Improvisation Games for Classical Muscians
Jeff Agrell

Improvisation Games for Classical Musicians by Jeffrey Agrell is an amazing contribution to both the education and enjoyment of all who are interested in musical performances of any kind.

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Master Conductors DVD: Col. Arnald D. Gabriel
Arnald Gabriel / Tim Lautzenheiser

A musical goodwill ambassador, Gabriel was largely responsible for the popularization of wind band music in the post-WW II era through his accomplished work as the commander and conductor of the U.S. Air Force Band for 21 years.

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Master Conductors DVD:
The Art of the March

Fennell, Hindsley, and Revelli

Rare and historic footage of legendary conductors Frederick Fennell, Mark Hindsley, and William Revelli shows them working with ensembles in the rehearsal room and providing perspectives on interpretation, style, and performance practice.

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Composers on Composing for Band, Vol 2

by Mark Camphouse

Composers on Composing for Band, Volume Two, picks up where volume one left off, opening the door to the creative genius of ten more composers at the top of their field.

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Choral Reading Program
James O. Froseth and Richard F. Grunow

GIA's score reading program teaches the vital skills of conducting: the ability to analyze scores and then detect errors in performance. Ideal for undergraduate and graduate students, and even experienced conductors, this is a challenging, sequential program that really teaches. Learn More


Percy Grainger
Robert Simon

In this pictorial biography, Simon includes a well balanced written biography and a current discography based on his research of Grainger in the United States, England, and Australia.

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Play and Teach Percussion

Steve Houghton, Linda Petersen

Finally! A comprehensive percussion method book for college music education majors! This fantastic new resource includes 2 CDs demonstrating the proper way to practice rudiments, play-along tracks, accompaniment tracks, extended world percussion examples, and much more.

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Developing Musicianship through Improvisation

Christopher Azzara / Richard Grunow

Using this accessible book and CD method, anyone can learn to improvise to familiar tunes! Developing Musicianship through Improvisation offers an approach to learning music that is similar to the process for learning a language.

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GIA Windworks Series

North Texas Wind Symphony, Eugen Migliaro Corporon, Conductor

WindWorks represents a relationship between the North Texas Wind Symphony and GIA Publications. Thanks to GIA's generous support and commitment to wind music, it has been possible for the ensemble to continue to produce recordings of the highest quality.

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