NEW! The Conductor's Gesture
by James Jordan

The culmination of almost thirty years of research, writing, and teaching, this important book by James Jordan presents a vision of conducting gesture and technique as a movement language. In this comprehensive resource, Jordan applies the theories of movement education icon Rudolf Laban, as inspired by the pedagogical insights of Jordan's mentor and teacher Gail B. Poch.
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NEW! The Conductor's Legacy: Conductors on Conducting for Wind Band
Compiled and Edited by Paula A. Crider

Paula A. Crider, a seasoned and distinguished band director in her own right, shares the wealth of knowledge gleaned from her interviews of the extraordinary personalities who have changed the landscape of the wind band world in this remarkable book.
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NEW! Wisdom, Wit and Will
Compiled and Edited by Joan Conlon

This groundbreaking volume is a celebration and affirmation of this critical role, both through history and looking into the future, written by thirteen of the most significant voices in the choral profession.

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NEW! The Choral Challenge

Michael Kemp

The Choral Challenge is a book of solutions. Michael Kemp brings a lifetime of experience living and working in the choral world to create a truly remarkable and practical book.

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Master Conductors DVD: Dr. Harry Begian

Harry Begian / Tim Lautzenheiser

This one-on-one conversation between legendary conductor Harry Begian and Tim Lautzenheiser is an insightful portrait into the experiences and life of one of the most important wind band conductors of the 20th century.

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Conducting from the Inside Out DVD 1: Gesture and Movement

Allan McMurray

This DVD is the perfect resource for anyone learning to conduct or as a refresher course for directors at the middle school, high school, or college/university levels.

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Conducting from the Inside Out DVD 2: Conductor and Composer (with Frank Ticheli)
Allan McMurray

Celebrated band composer Frank Ticheli shares compositional insights in reference to his piece An American Elegy with conductor Allan McMurray. Learn More


Conducting from the Inside Out DVD 3: Kindred Spirits (90 minutes)

Allan McMurray / Various

Using this new resource, directors at all levels can learn from the best! An unforgetable teaming of the top conductors in the U.S.

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NEW! Leader of the Band by Scott Lang
with Tim Lautzenheiser

Leader of the Band is filled with valuable tips and keen insights about what distinguishes an amazing classroom and the qualities it takes to create one. This book promises to challenge your beliefs, engage your mind, and fill your heart with joy. Learn More

NEW! Master Conductors DVD: H. Robert Reynolds: "Some Things I Believe"
with Tim Lautzenheiser

In this one-on-one conversation with Tim Lautzenheiser, Prof. Reynolds provides practical insights that will help any band conductor. In addition, the conversation reveals Prof. Reynolds' personal quest for knowledge, his drive to engage the legends of the music world, and how his teachers and mentors have helped him to pursue excellence. Learn More

NEW! Evoking Sound (Second Edition with DVD)
James Jordan

Now significantly revised and expanded, James Jordan's groundbreaking book incorporates more than ten years of new conducting insights, pedagogy, and philosophy to create a resource that is not only informative but transformative.

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NEW! The Complete Conductor's Guide to Laban Movement Theory

Lisa Billingham

This concise book is a thoughtful and practical introduction to Laban's life and theories, perfect for conductors seeking to better connect their understanding of a musical score to their actions on the podium.

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Master Conductors: History of the School Band Movement DVD

Dennis Fisher

This is the third DVD in the series featuring master conductors and teachers Frederick Fennell, Mark Hindsley, and William Revelli. This DVD is a must for anyone who cherishes what these three unique and inspirational individuals gave to our profession.

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Master Conductors DVD: Dr. Harry Begian

Featuring Fennell, Hindsley, and Revelli

This DVD is the perfect window to the minds of three of the greatest wind conductors of all time: Frederick Fennell, Mark Hindsley, and William Revelli, compiled from archive footage from the University of North Texas.

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Methods and Materials for Conducting

Douglas Stotter

Ideal for a beginning conducting or instrumental conducting class, Methods and Materials for Conducting is a classroom text and excerpt book all in one.

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NEW! Three Icons (3-DVD set)
Featuring Battisti, Reynolds, and Hunsberger

This DVD set features more than six hours of rehearsal, interview, and performance footage that will captivate professional and amateur musicians alike

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The Anatomy of Conducting

James Jordan / Eugene Corporon

For the first time, two of America's most respected conductors—instrumental and choral—enter into a collaboration, using cutting-edge technology to illustrate their teaching principles for learning the basics of conducting technique.

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Master Conductors DVD:
The Art of the March

Fennell, Hindsley, and Revelli

Rare and historic footage of legendary conductors Frederick Fennell, Mark Hindsley, and William Revelli shows them working with ensembles in the rehearsal room and providing perspectives on interpretation, style, and performance practice.

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The Conductor as Leader: Principles of Leadership Applied to Life on the Podium

Ramona Wis

The Conductor as Leader will inspire you to go beyond teaching notes and rhythms to learning how to build connections between people that enhance their quality of life—and their musical performance.

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Master Conductors DVD: Col. Arnald D. Gabriel
Arnald Gabriel / Tim Lautzenheiser

A musical goodwill ambassador, Gabriel was largely responsible for the popularization of wind band music in the post-WW II era through his accomplished work as the commander and conductor of the U.S. Air Force Band for 21 years.

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Conducting Nuances: Little Things
Mean Alot

Anthony Maiello

This invaluable book focuses on those awkward and cumbersome moments of particular challenge to conductors. These challenges give conductors the means to grow, creating opportunities to refine and improve technique.

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