GIA Choral Performance Literature Series

Distinctive Music for Choral Ensembles

evoking sound

The Evoking Sound Choral Series

James Jordan, Editor

The Evoking Sound Choral Series presents high quality editions for accomplished choirs and includes both sacred and secular choral music. The series represents new editions of standard repertoire as well as newly composed pieces. Each piece is edited by Dr. Jordan with singers in mind and includes performance practice suggestions. It is our goal that the Evoking Sound Choral Series will not only provide excellent choral literature for church and performance use, but also provide accessible literature to choirs that will help to enhance their vocal technique.

music from westminster

The Music from Westminster Choral Series

Joe Miller, Editor

The Music from Westminster Choral Series is a collection of choral literature commissioned by or selected for performance by the choirs at Westminster Choir College of Rider University in Princeton, one of the nation's foremost centers for the study and performance of choral music. Editions selected for this series will contain music for choirs at all levels and all voicings with the hope of introducing or reviving innovative compositions into the choral literature. The series will also publish materials in a wide variety of compositional genres.

Music from westminster

Music For Young Voices

James Jordan, Executive Editor

Tom Shelton - Series Editor

In response to the many requests for quality choral music for children's choirs in the age range of 10 to 15 years old, GIA Publications' Evoking Sound Choral Series proudly introduces its new Music for Young Voices Series. Initial publications feature arrangements by recognized composer Neil Ginsberg0 and a new authority on composing for the middle school voice, Peter Frost. These editions take into account the challenges of teaching and working with adolescent voices, especially the male changing voice.


Historical Music Series

GIA Historical Music Series

Dennis Shrock, Editor

The GIA Historical Music Series, edited by Dennis Shrock, presents repertoire suitable for performance by public school, college and university, church, and community ensembles, with the purpose of making available to today's conductors lesser-known and previously difficult-to-procure historical masterpieces. The music, drawn from the Renaissance through the Romantic eras, is in performance editions based on the most current and rigorous scholarly research. The musical scores reflect original intent of notation, with all editorial markings and emendations clearly identified as such. In addition, preface material accompanying the music contains literal translations of foreign language texts and information regarding the lives of the composers, genres, and relevant performance practices.