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Common Core
by Paul Kimpton / Ann Kimpton

Authors outline how to use the Common Core State Standards to help students develop a higher level of understanding of musical skills and content, to help students engage with music more deeply and with more meaning. Intended for K–16 music educators, administrators, and pre-service educators, this book is an excellent resource that can have a profound impact on the music classroom.
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Curriculum Guide for Dog Tags
by Paul Kimpton / Ann Kimpton

This Curriculum Guide is designed to help teachers get the most out of the book Dog Tags: A Young Musician's Ultimate Sacrifice During WWII, the second in the Adventures with Music series
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Starting Early
by Paul Kimpton / Ann Kimpton

A new adventure series where the heroes are young musicians!
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Toward Center
James Jordan and Nova Thomas

In this book, conductor and educator James Jordan details how the power of Center grounds performance, teaching, and learning, bringing the reader full circle to the ideas first introduced in his best-selling book The Musician's Soul. Nova Thomas, an acclaimed singer and master teacher, relates how she employs Centering in her work preparing actors and vocalists for their life on the stage.
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NEW! Curriculum Writing 101
Denese Odegaard

This important book takes you through the steps needed to create an effective music education curriculum for you, your school, and your district. Learn More

Leadership Survival Guide DVD
and CD-ROM
Scott Lang

This hands-on package is essential for any educator looking to improve student performance in the classroom, on the stage, and beyond. It's a complete curriculum in a box! Learn More


What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body
Barbara Conable

This book is a primer for any musician to reliably base a lifetime of playing. These principles will protect a musician from injury, promote the physical freedom and sensitivity for technical mastery, and secure the embodied intelligence that grounds musical power and subtlety. Learn More

The Finale Projects
Tom Carruth

The Finale Projects simplifies the learning process by introducing a unique and intuitive approach to mastering the program.
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Assessment in Music Education
Timothy S. Brophy

Integrating Curriculum, Theory, and Practice... Proceedings of the 2007 Symposium on Assessment in Music Education

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Shaping Sound Musicians
Patricia O'Toole

Revised and updated
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Dog Tags
Paul Kimpton & Ann Kaczkowski Kimpton

A young boy and his faithful dog face a big decision. The second adventure in the series where the heroes are young musicians! Learn More


Summer of Firsts
by Paul Kimpton / Ann Kimpton

World War II enters a new phase, summer is in full swing, and Dale Kingston, the boy who saved the Conn Musical Instrument factory from burning to the ground in Starting Early (Volume One in the Adventures with Music series) faces his biggest adventure so far: Junior High School. Learn More

Scale Your Way to Music Assessment Paul Kimpton / Delwyn Harnisch

Scale Your Way to Music Assessment is a hands-on, step-by-step action plan for using assessment to improve your teaching and your students' performances. Learn More


The School Choral Program: Student Motivation DVD
Tim Lautzenheiser / James Jordan

In this brilliant DVD, master clinician Tim Lautzenheiser speaks to the students of the Central Bucks West High School choir and band about how to bring leadership thinking into their everyday lives and music making.
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The Conductor as Leader
Ramona M. Wis

Principles of Leadership Applied to Life on the Podium.

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Practicing Successfully:
A Masterclass in the Musical Art

Elizabeth A. H. Green

Her long-awaited final book.

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Joseph Alsobrook

A guide for energizing and enriching band, orchestra and choral programs.

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Leadership: Vision, Commitment, Action
Tim Lautzenheiser


A compelling resource to turn to again and again for wise counsel from an expert with decades of experience inspiring future leaders.
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The Musician's Walk: An Ethical Labyrith
James Jordan

Thoughts on the ethical questions all musicians face.

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Curriculum Guide for Starting Early
by Paul Kimpton / Ann Kimpton

This Curriculum Guide is designed to help teachers get the most out of the book Starting Early: A Boy and His Bugle in America During WWII, the first in the Adventures with Music series...a series where the heroes are young musicians
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Grading for Musical Excellence
by Paul Kimpton / Ann Kimpton

Grading for Musical Excellence, complete with workbook exercises and reflective questions, encourages music educators to "forget the baggage" and work as a team to assess the current grading system and move to the next level, incorporating the latest research about grading.
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Bringing Music to Life
Barry Green

Three distinct sections delve deeply into the methodolgy, techniques, and inspiration required to energize and enliven music making for amateurs and professionals alike.
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Case Studies in Music Education
(Second Edition)
Frank Abrahams / Paul Head

Case Studies in Music Education— Second Edition is about making the journey as a music teacher, about the critical real-world problems and conflicts music teachers face that rarely seem to get any notice in college or graduate school music courses. Learn More

Music Teacher Self-Assessment
James O. Froseth, Molly A. Weaver

After a three-year research program at the University of Michigan, researchers James Froseth and Molly Weaver found that regular viewing and analysis of your own teaching can bring dramatic improvements.
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Handbook for the Beginning Music Teacher
Colleen Conway / Thomas Hodgman

This practical and essential resource guides preservice and beginning music teachers through the most difficult years of music teaching.

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Improvisational Games for
Classical Musicians
Jeffrey Agrell

500+ Non-jazz Games for Performers, Educators,
and Everyone Else.

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The Anatomy of Melody:
Exploring the Single Line of Song
Alice Parker

imageJourney back to the very basis of song ...

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Developing Musicianship through Improvisation - C Instruments
Christopher Azzara and Richard Grunow

imageLearn to improvise with this state-of -the-art book and CD set.

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