adventures in music

Historical Music Series

Starting Early

a boy and his bugle in america
during wwii

Dale and his friends waited for this moment, and now it was here: they were finally old enough to play an instrument. Little did Dale know that his decision to play the cornet would take him on an adventure of a lifetime.... This first book in The Adventures with Music Series begins in the U.S. during World War II. Paul and Ann Kimpton bring to life this unforgettable story about best friends, their dog Scout, bike rides, forts, foot races, and heroism–capturing the spirit of a remarkable time and thesheer joy of making music

Historical Music Series

Dog Tags

a young boy and his faithful dog
face a big decision.

In Dog Tags, book two in the Adventures with Music series, Dale faces a big decision: World War II is in full swing, and he wants to do his patriotic duty. But Dale is only twelve years old. How can he help America? His dog, Scout, provides the answer when his master hears about the U.S. Army's Dogs for Defense program. Dale loves his pet, but he knows Scout would do his country proud by serving as an animal courier for American troops at war. Should he enroll Scout in the program?