Dissonance in Space Audiation

by Edwin E. Gordon

Edwin E. Gordon is widely considered one of the most influential music educators of the past 100 years. He devoted his life to studying how we learn when we learn music, as well as how we should sequence instruction, immerse young children in music from birth, and define facets of music aptitude. The implications of "audiation" (a word coined by Gordon)-our ability to give meaning to music for which the sound isn't physically present-continues to reverberate throughout the music education community.

Our community experienced an enormous loss when Dr. Gordon passed away in 2015 at the age of 89. He left behind writings that we will continue to unpack for decades to come. GIA Publications, Inc., has been honored to publish Dr. Gordon's work since the 1970s.

Dissonance in Space Audiation is Edwin Gordon's last published monograph. This book shares with the reader the final "layer" of the audiation of rhythm as how one perceives oneself moving through space. Dr. Gordon discusses how the audiation of how we move to music and kinesthetically "feel" and perceive that movement is one of our most important audiational skills. The states that rhythm perception is not necessarily the audiation of rhythm patterns per se, but rather the audiation of how sound moves forward, which is the foundation of musical phrasing. Included in this monograph are 18 short tunes Dr. Gordon composed to illustrate the types of dissonance.

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