Habits of a Successful Musician
A Comprehensive Curriculum for use
during Fundamentals Time

star 200 sight reading —MUSICAL—
For High School and Middle School Bands

From master teachers Scott Rush and Rich Moon. Edited by Marguerite Wilder

  • Habits of a Successful Musician is a complete full-band method that includes both physical and mental warm-ups. The foundation-building method begins with stretching and breathing exercises that continues with long tones, whole and diatonic scales, and articulation technique patterns.
  • For just $9.95, each and every student in your band program can own a sight-reading book that contains more than 200 examples.
  • Habits can also be used as an assessment tool to individually track student progress.
  • Private teachers are always looking for sight-reading books, and this method serves as wonderful supplemental material.

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Chorale tunes include Nimrod, Sussex Mummer's Christmas Carol, In the Bleak Midwinter, Coventry Carol, Bach's Fantasia in G, and Holst's Chorale from Jupiter.


One of the very best teaching tools in this method book is the format of the rhythm charts. Each has a companion melodic etude with the rhythmic exercise immediately followed by the same exercise stated in pitches.


Section V of the Sight-Reading Exercises stress timing.


Section VI is the culmination of the rhythmic and melodic work presented thus far. It is designed to incorporate dynamic indicators, articulations, tempo markings, and a sequential expanded range written in the part.


Habits of A Successful Musician gives the music teacher a resource that combines pedagogy, technique building, fundamental development, and sight-reading into a single book. I love being able to cover everything without having to juggle multiple method books in the student folders.

—Gary Gribble, Director of Bands,
    Pope High School, Marietta, GA

Habits of A Successful Musician is a great resource for band directors looking for that warm-up book that offers everything: Breathing and technical exercises, lip slurs, etc. Something is in here for every student in every band in our program, from the most advanced to the most remedial. I found the sight reading section to be particularly helpful, special and unique. Our books were well used at the end of the school year.... What a great teaching tool!!

—Scott Casagrande, Director of Bands,
    John Hersey High School, Arlington Heights, Illinois