Rosa Martha Zarate Macias

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Musicians are not strangers to the cause for civil rights. Rosa Martha Zárate Macias is a heroic example. This singer and composer first migrated to the United States from Mexico in 1968. It is in the United States that she has successfully combined her rich musical talent with courageous leadership in championing the rights of the Mexican and Latino community in this country. She has concertized in countries in Central and South America as well as in Portugal and the United States. In 1985 she was the cofounder of Libreria del Pueblo, Inc., and from 1990 – 1993 she acted as cofounder of Calpulli, both organizations that promote and develop programs to help the Hispanic poor.

In 1992 her collection Profetiza was published by GIA and has become an important asset to the Hispanic division of the catalog. Her musical style provides highly attractive melodies that are easily accessed by most musical performing groups. Her moving "Cánticos de Mujer" is especially well crafted. The melody sings by itself.

With such a strong commitment to building a new world order, she stands as the artistic spokesperson for the Hispanic people. She states, "I believe that Poplar Organization is one of the essential elements needed by the Pueblo in order to exercise its own power of decision making and thus become agents of our own history and our own destiny." Her words are truly an anthem for all Christians who sing of liberation and work for it. ¡Viva Rosa!

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