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In a time when Celtic music has come to prominence, the name of Liam Lawton is becoming well known in liturgical music circles. From Ireland, Liam has been composing music in the Celtic idiom for the past five years. Two of his collections have been used for two major television broadcasts shown throughout Europe. He writes both in the native Gaelic language and also in English in the traditional style. In his work Liam has given life to the great and beautiful history of Ireland, using the ancient prayers and traditions as the main source of his texts.

In his liturgical music there is a sense of great joy, with melodic tunes suitable for all assemblies, mixing both contemporary and traditional instruments. Working in the field of Celtic music ensures some instrumental music also, and some of Fr. Lawton's compositions have been adapted for dance.

Fr. Lawton is a priest of the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin, and is currently on the staff of Saint Patrick's College, Carlow. His most recent collection from GIA is titled Ancient Ways, Future Days.


The Celtic Story
Using some ancient texts and music, this workshop traces the roots of Celtic spirituality. How are we to adapt this spirituality to the needs of today? Drawing from his own compositions and some of the earlier Irish tunes, Liam will help participants journey to a deeper understanding of the gifts of the Celtic community.

Celtic Liturgy
Using the Celtic idiom, this workshop explores new musical settings for the liturgy, with particular emphasis on congregational participation. The history of Celtic spirituality provides the appropriate background in helping the participants to understand and enjoy their work.

The Cantor at Liturgy
This workshop explores the role of the cantor as animator of the gathered assembly. It examines various vocal techniques and uses various musical examples to examine multicultural techniques in singing.

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