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Bobby Fisher is a liturgical musician, composer, author, actor, and clinician. He is currently director of music ministries at St. Agnes Parish in Fort Wright, Kentucky. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his wife, Tarri, and two children, Zachary and Serenity. In college he majored in classical guitar and music theory at The College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. Bobby performed for eight years with The Fountain Square Fools, a portable Christian theater company, which traveled throughout the United States and Canada. Since 1988 he has served as program coordinator for the national NPM Guitar Schools. He travels extensively as a presenter of liturgical music workshops, musician retreats, and concerts. Bobby has recorded six collections for GIA Publications, which include four instrumental collections, Play before God, Season of Peace, Waiting for the Light, and Catholic Classics, Vol. III; a children's collection entitled Hymns and Hers for Happy Hearts; and a general liturgical collection entitled One Breath. Bobby has also composed and recorded music for several meditation collections in collaboration with Michael Sparough and Betsey Beckman, published by St. Anthony Messenger Press. Among these are The Body at Prayer Vols. I and II, Gesture and Posture, Senses and Symbols, Full Body Blessing, and Treasures from the Heart. Additionally for St. Anthony Messenger he has composed, arranged, and produced music for a number of "Catholic Update" videos. He is the author of The Pastoral Guitarist, a book and tape designed specifically for liturgical guitarists, published by GIA Publications, and he also has a series of instructional videos for liturgical guitarists entitled The Liturgical Guitarist. The other side of Bobby's professional life involves his work as a studio musician and music producer.


Liturgical Ensemble Workshop
A hands-on session for liturgical musicians including instrumentalists, singers, and cantors. This session will focus on the development of listening skills and blending techniques, as well as exploring ways in which we can become more effective music ministers. Participants are encouraged to bring instruments and music.

Liturgical Guitarist Workshop
A hands-on session for liturgical guitarists. Explore ways to become a more effective music minister. Participants are encouraged to bring guitars and music.

Liturgy/Music Workshops and Repertoire Sessions
This session is designed to give participants a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Liturgy and offer a clearer explanation as to why we pick certain music for the various parts of the Mass. Participants are given the opportunity to sing through new music as well as older, more familiar music with explanations given for liturgical and seasonal applications, as well as applications for special celebrations. This workshop is usually divided into two sessions.

Repertoire Sessions for Specific Purposes
These repertoire sessions are tailored to specific topics-i.e., music for the sacraments (weddings, baptism, funerals, etc.), and music for the seasons (Advent-Christmas, Lent-Easter, etc.)

Children's Liturgy through Prayer and Gesture
This session is designed for anyone who ministers to children. Through the use of music, movement, and drama, this session explores the question, How do children celebrate, and how do we celebrate with them?

Music, Liturgy and Youth
These are repertoire sessions that focus on music that is both engaging to adolescents yet appropriate for use in liturgy. This workshop is usually broken down into two sessions.

Music for the Rites of Christian Initiation
This session explores the role of music in the various rites of Christian initiation, from the Rite of Acceptance through the Easter Vigil.

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