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Jeanne Cotter is a very talented and active singer-songwriter and prominent liturgical composer. Jeanne has performed throughout the United States and Canada for the last thirteen years and continues to delight and amaze audiences as she performs her original piano works, sings her inspirational songs, and tells her heartwarming and often humorous stories of growing up in an Irish Catholic family in southern Minnesota. Jeanne has numerous recordings and music collections published by GIA Publications, Inc., and her own company, Mythic Rain Productions. In addition to composing and performing, Jeanne also conducts retreats for keyboardists, singers, vocalists, and composers. She is the author of Keyboard Improvisation for the Liturgical Musician (GIA).


The Empowered Singer Workshop
This workshop can take several different directions. For choir members, directors, and cantors, for adults and children, Jeanne addresses issues of good vocal production. From vocal techniques and health to personal and choral warm-up exercises, Jeanne helps unlock the true voice of each participant. This workshop offers instruction in achieving choral tone and blend, and effective microphone technique, as well as recruitment, motivation, and volunteer commitment to a parish music ministry.

The Empowered Singer can also focus on the skills and ministry of the cantor. Here, Jeanne provides hands-on instruction in gesture and vocal technique for cantors. With an emphasis on the ministry of "presence," Jeanne explores the elements of an effective cantor ministry. This workshop also breaks open the rich spirituality of the Psalms.

Creative Keyboard Improvisation Workshop
As author of the highly acclaimed Keyboard Improvisation for the Liturgical Musician (GIA), Jeanne offers this workshop for beginner to advanced keyboardists. With an emphasis on improvisation, this session is for those players interested in:

  • providing strong accompaniments to encourage assembly singing
  • gaining a complete understanding of chords and improvisation
  • enhancing published accompaniments
  • the study of various musical styles (gospel, Latin, folk, rock, pop, and hymnody)

Music and Liturgy Planning Workshop
This workshop walks through the liturgy examining sound liturgical principles, as well as the use of liturgical adaptations and alternatives. This session is not only helpful for music directors and liturgists, but offers volunteer musicians an understanding of their ministry. This workshop may also address specific liturgical issues including:

  • celebrating the Liturgy of the Word with children
  • seasonal music planning
  • music planning for the Rites of Christian Initiation (for adults and children)
  • liturgical and musical planning for weddings

Workshop for the Ensemble
For guitarists, keyboard players, instrumentalists, and vocalists, Jeanne will highlight skills involved in ensemble playing, improvisation, blending, arranging, and leadership. Correct microphone use and appropriate sound balance will be discussed. This workshop will enhance the ensemble experience for the musicians as well as the assembly. Come ready to sing, play, learn, and have fun!

In addition to her workshop offerings, Jeanne also conducts weekend and week-long retreats for keyboardists, vocalists, composers, women, and those interested in developing their own creativity and spirituality.
For information on booking Jeanne for a concert, workshop or retreat, please contact:

Mythic Rain
PO Box 11840
St. Paul, MN 55111
(888) 698-7362 (toll free)
[email protected]

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