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Amara (SATB divisi) John Rommereim

Armistice 1918 - TTBB (TTBB) Craig Carnahan

Ave Generosa (SSAA) Ola Gjeilo

Ave Maris Stella - SSAATTBB (SSAATTBB) Blake Wilson

Be for me the earth (SATB divisi) Nathan Jones

Beatitudes (SATB) Patrick Hawes

Cantate Domino - SSAATTB (SSAATTB) Hyun Kook

Circa Mea (SATB with percussion) Mark Burrows

Cum Sancto Spiritu - SATB divisi (SATB divisi) Hyo-Won Woo

Dirshu Adonai (SATB divisi with Solo Quartet) Kenneth Lampl

Each Morning She Walks (SATB divisi) Charles Anthony Silvestri

Gaur Akelarre (SATB divisi) Josu Elberdin

Gloria - SATB divisi (SATB divisi) Hyo-Won Woo

Haec Est Dies (SATB Double Choir) Jacob Handlarr. Philip Brown

Hallelujah - SSAATTBB (SATB Double Choir) Patrick Hawes

Illuminations of Julian of Norwich (SSA) Daniel J. Hall

Jubilate Deo (SSATBB with SATB solos) (SSATBB with SATB solos or small ensemble) Ivo Antognini

Kaisa-isa Niyan (SATB divisi) Nilo Alcala

Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning (SATB divisi) Jerrell R. Gray

Kodutee (SATB divisi) Pärt Uusberg

Lacrimosa (SATB) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Le Colibri (SSA) Ernest Chaussonarr. Mari Esabel Valverde

Les elephants savent (SA) Ivo Antognini

Les Papillons (SSA) Ernest Chaussonarr. Mari Esabel Valverde

Let All the World in Every Corner Sing (SATB) Ryan Murphy

My God Is a Rock (SATB divisi with two treble trios) arr. Stacey Gibbs

Noel nouvelet (SATB) (SATB divisi) arr. Sofia Söderberg

Noel nouvelet (TTBB) (TTBB) arr. Sofia Söderberg

O Antiqui Sancti (SSAA) Michael Engelhardt

O Notte (SATB) Z. Randall Stroope

Odysseus and the Sirens (SATB divisi) Z. Randall Stroope

Pardon, j'ai pas bien compris (SA) Ivo Antognini

Regarde si c'est vrai (SA) Ivo Antognini

Remembering (SATB) Joan Szymko

Revelation (SATB divisi) Patrick Hawes

Roulez jeunes gens roulez (SSAA) arr. Joseph Gregorio

Since You've Been Gone (SATBB) Anders Edenroth

Singing (SA with Four-Hand Piano) Paul Busselberg

Song of the Universal (SATB - Vocal Score) (SATB divisi with Piano and String Orchestra) Ola Gjeilo

Spotless Rose (SATB divisi) Ola Gjeilo

Sunrise (SATB) Michael Hennagin

The Maid of Culmore (SATB) arr. Joseph Gregorio

The Pure in Heart (SATB with piano) Patrick Hawes

The Runner (SATB) Joshua Rist

The Swing (SA with Four-Hand Piano) Paul Busselberg

The Valley of Delight (SATB) Paul Crabtree

The Wisdom of the Moon (SATB divisi) Susan LaBarr

The World for Christmas (SSAA) (SSAA) Anders Edenroth

The World for Christmas (Two-part) (Two-part) Anders Edenroth

Those Who Mourn (SATB divisi) Patrick Hawes

Trois Chansons (SATB divisi) Daniel Knaggs

Ubi caritas et amor (SATB divisi) (SATB divisi) Josu Elberdin

Where Go the Boats? (SA with Four-Hand Piano) Paul Busselberg

Worthy Is the Lamb (SATB divisi) Patrick Hawes

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O Notte

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Composer: Z. Randall Stroope

Voicing: SATB

Richly melodic and flowing, O Notte brings the poetry of Michelangelo and Rückert to life. "O night…you are longing and what stills it." The text makes this a good choice for a concert closer, and the accessible ranges, supportive accompaniment, and artistry of the vocal writing lend this work to high school, university, and community choirs.

Recording Choir: Oklahoma State University Chorale; Z. Randall Stroope, conductor

Language: Italian; English
Walton Number: WW1596

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