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Inscape: Choral Music of Gerald Custer (GIA ChoralWorks)

by Gerald Custer


Featuring the voices of Anam Cara with James Jordan conducting

With this recording, Gerald Custer firmly establishes himself as a major talent in choral composition. Gloriously performed by the voices of Anam Cara, conducted by James Jordan, this CD is simply breathtaking.

As beautiful as this music is, most is readily accessible to high school and college choirs, and is published as part of GIA’s Evoking Sound Choral Series. This project is a culmination of a remarkable friendship and true synergy between Custer and Anam Cara.

Writes Jordan: “I hope this recording will serve to introduce you to this honest, fresh, and gifted compositional voice. Gerald Custer is an amazing combination of composer, poet, and scholar, which produces choral music of not only great beauty but also profound message…As choral musicians, we all know that great choral music takes us on such profound inner journeys.”

This recording certainly achieves its ambitious goals.

Gerald Custer is an award-winning composer known for his deeply lyrical and melodic choral compositions. He is presently Director of Music at the First Presbyterian Church of Farmington in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

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Track Time Price
1. Custer: I Am Soft Sift - MP3 Gerald Custer 04:22 1.29
2. Custer: O Magnum Mysterium - MP3 Gerald Custer 04:56 1.29
3. Custer: Richard Crashaw's Carol - MP3 Gerald Custer 03:24 1.29
4. Custer: Winter's Cold - MP3 Gerald Custer 03:42 1.29
5. Custer: Balulalow - MP3 Gerald Custer 02:27 1.29
6. Custer: A Yeats Triptych - Farewell - MP3 Gerald Custer 03:46 1.29
7. Custer: A Yeats Triptych - The Fiddler Of Dooney - MP3 Gerald Custer 02:46 1.29
8. Custer: 3 Elizabethan Lyrics - Orpheus With His Lute - MP3 Gerald Custer 01:46 1.29
9. Custer: 3 Elizabethan Lyrics - The Silver Swan - MP3 Gerald Custer 02:11 1.29
10. Custer: 3 Elizabethan Lyrics - O Mistress Mine - MP3 Gerald Custer 01:29 1.29
11. Custer: How Can I Keep From Singing? - MP3 Gerald Custer 04:42 1.29
12. Custer: When Jesus Wept - MP3 Gerald Custer 03:40 1.29
13. Custer: Come Down, O Love Divine - MP3 Gerald Custer 02:47 1.29
14. Custer: Jerusalem, My Happy Home - MP3 Gerald Custer 02:22 1.29
15. Custer: Hineh Mah Tov - MP3 Gerald Custer 02:12 1.29
16. Custer: Deep River - MP3 Gerald Custer 03:48 1.29
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G-6990 Three Elizabethan Lyrics
Orpheus with His Lute / The Silver Swan / O Mistress Mine
1. SATB; 2. SSATB; 3. SATB
Gerald Custer
G-7003 The Fiddler of Dooney
SATB divisi
Gerald Custer
G-7004 Farewell
SATB divisi
Gerald Custer
G-7024 Winter's Cold
SATB; Soprano Solo
Excellent choral writing.
Gerald Custer Evoking Sound   
G-7024INST Winter's Cold-Instrumental Part (Handchimes)
Gerald Custer Instrument Part
G-7030 Hineh Mah Tov
An adaptation of Psalm 133. A fine piece for interfaith worship!

Arr. Gerald Custer
Evoking Sound
G-7031 Jerusalem, My Happy Home
An appealing treatment of a classic early American hymn.

Arr. Gerald Custer
Evoking Sound
G-7032 Come Down, O Love Divine
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Arr. Gerald Custer
Evoking Sound
G-7033 When Jesus Wept
Delicately arranged with an unobtrusive accompaniment.
William Billings Evoking Sound
G-7093 O magnum mysterium
A mostly quiet and reflective setting with rich harmonic texture.
Gerald Custer Evoking Sound   
G-7190 Balulalow
From the Evoking Sound: Music from Westminster series, Joe Miller, Editor.
Gerald Custer
G-7227 How Can I Keep from Singing?
SATB divisi
An interpretation that is straightforward and chorale-like.
Robert Lowry
Arr. Gerald Custer
G-7231 Richard Crashaw's Carol
SATB divisi
Creatively utilizes the SATB divisi resources in varying combinations to paint the text.
Gerald Custer
G-7233 Deep River
SSAATBB; Tenor Solo
H. T. Burleigh
Arr. Gerald Custer
G-7319 I Am Soft Sift
Gerald Custer Evoking Sound
G-7527 Inscape: Choral Music of Gerald Custer - Music Collection
Gerald Custer

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