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I Wanna Be a Dinosaur

Dino Songs by Marty Haugen

by Marty Haugen


This gleefully entertaining collection of dinosaur songs was written for some of Marty’s biggest fans—his grandchildren!

Each track highlights the distinct characteristics of a different species of dinosaur. The wide variety of fun musical styles, kooky character voices, amusing rhyming words, and enchanting children’s choir all work together to paint vivid and imaginative pictures of each dinosaur, bringing them to life—despite the fact that they’ve been extinct for millions of years.

From the fearsome king of the dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus rex) to the thundering Triceratops, this recording will engage and delight children of all ages from beginning to end and will perhaps inspire them to investigate these fascinating creatures further.

Now the inspiration for an engaging new children's book! Be sure to check out I Wanna Be A Dinosaur by Matt Haugen and illustrated by Stephanie Mirocha.

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Track Time Price
1. I Wanna Be a Dinosaur (Dimetrodon) - MP3 Marty Haugen 2:51 1.29
2. I'm the King! (Tyrannosaurus Rex) - MP3 Marty Haugen 4:10 1.29
3. Diplodocus - MP3 Marty Haugen 3:16 1.29
4. Through the Warm and Shallow Waters of Jurassic Seas (Plesiosaurus) - MP3 Marty Haugen 3:22 1.29
5. I'm Allosaurus! - MP3 Marty Haugen 2:49 1.29
6. I'm the Hale and Hearty Stegosaurus - MP3 Marty Haugen 2:24 1.29
7. You Should See Me Soar (Pterodactly) - MP3 Marty Haugen 4:10 1.29
8. Raptor! (Velociraptor) - MP3 Marty Haugen 3:27 1.29
9. Triceratops - MP3 Marty Haugen 2:03 1.29
10. I'm Spinosaurus! - MP3 Marty Haugen 3:25 1.29
11. You'll Hear Me Crashing (Ankylosautus) - MP3 Marty Haugen 2:47 1.29
12. Bronto Lullaby - MP3 Marty Haugen 3:24 1.29
Status: Available
Item #: CD-904
Price : $16.95

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