Music By Date for All Souls

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Title Composer Edition # pdf/mp3 Price Qty  
And Jesus Said
Gentle folklike tune is scored for any combination of two voices.
Tony Alonso G-7075    $2.00
And Jesus Said - Guitar edition
Tony Alonso G-7075G    $5.50
And Jesus Said - Instrument edition
Tony Alonso G-7075INST $3.50
As We Gather at Your Table
Tony Alonso G-7584    $2.00
Carry Us in Your Arms
J. Keith Zavelli / Steven Janco G-3609 $2.00
Choral Reflection on "Amazing Grace" - SSAA edition
A serious choral work for women’s chorus.
G-7198    $2.45
Choral Reflection on "Amazing Grace" - TTBB edition
G-8542    $2.45
Clouds' Veil, The
Soon to be a classic!
Liam Lawton G-4664    $2.00
Come, Brothers and Sisters
If you've got a good choir, take a look at this one.
Daniel C. Meyer G-4440    $1.40
Eternal Light
Jane Marshall G-7970    $2.00
For All the Saints Who’ve Shown Your Love
John L. Bell G-4540    $2.00
Give Rest, O Christ
Russell Schulz-Widmar G-3819 $2.00
Go Now in Peace
G-6073    $1.40
Go, Silent Friend
John L. Bell G-4537    $1.20
God of the Ages
The perfect hymn for festive celebrations. Text by Ruth Duck.
Carl Johengen G-4361    $1.30
Guardian's Farewell, The
Text by John Henry Newman.
David Haas G-5658 $2.00
How Bright Is the Day
G-8918 $1.80
How Bright Is the Day - Instrument edition
G-8918INST $3.00
How Bright These Glorious Spirits
A lovely piece, easily learned in one rehearsal.
Richard Slater G-2852 $1.50
I Want to Live with God
Salone T. Clary G-6244    $1.60
If Christ Had Not Been Raised from Death
Dietrich Buxtehude G-8212    $2.20
Paul Nicholson G-7830    $1.80
Life Is Changed, Not Ended
Paul A. Tate G-8951 $2.00
Life Is Changed, Not Ended - Guitar edition
Paul A. Tate G-8951G $4.50
Lux aeterna
Thomas LaVoy G-8797 $2.35
May the Work I've Done Speak for Me
Sullivan Pugh G-6417    $2.20
Mi Alma Está Sedienta / My Soul Is Thirsting - Guitar edition
Tony Alonso G-7246G    $6.00
Mi Alma Está Sedienta / My Soul Is Thirsting - Instrument edition
Tony Alonso G-7246INST $7.50
My Thoughts That Often Mount the Skies
G-5078    $1.30
New Jerusalem
Refreshingly instant music for the assembly, especially useful for the last Sundays of the year.
G-7122    $1.50
New Jerusalem - Instrument edition
G-7122INST $2.50
New Jerusalem | Download Edition
Refreshingly instant music for the assembly, especially useful for the last Sundays of the year.
D-7122    $1.50
On That Day
With expanded coda. A joyful, gospel sound.
Kate Cuddy / Gary Daigle G-5614    $1.70
On That Day
Kate Cuddy G-4691    $1.60
One Church, One Faith, One Lord
James Chepponis G-6897    $2.15
One Church, One Faith, One Lord - Full Score and Parts
James Chepponis G-6897INST    $21.00
Peace Be with Those
Carol Browning G-6922    $2.00
Peace Be with Those - Guitar edition
Carol Browning G-6922G $5.50
Peace Be with Those - Instrument edition
Carol Browning G-6922INST $2.50
Pie Jesu
A classic, skillfully arranged by Craig Penfield.
Gabriel Fauré G-4769 $2.00
Saints Bound for Heaven
G-6610    $1.50
Saints, Are You Ready to Go?
Jason Max Ferdinand / Keith Kirk G-8570    $2.45
Season by Season
G-8571 $100.00
Seasons Turn
Thomas Keesecker G-9183 $2.00
Seasons Turn - Guitar edition
Thomas Keesecker G-9183G $5.50
See, I Make All Things New
Includes verses for entrance, communion, and song of farewell.
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-5459 $1.50
Since We Are Summoned
John L. Bell G-4536    $1.20
Still, in Remembrance
Jackson Hill G-8576    $2.85
The Love Which Heals: A Service of Grieving and Gratitude for Those Who Have Been Recently Bereft
John L. Bell / Graham Maule G-6138 $8.50
There Is a Land of Pure Delight
Grayston Ives G-6551    $2.35
There Is a Place
Liam Lawton / Various G-5980    $2.00
There Is a Place | Download Edition
Liam Lawton / Various D-5980    $2.00
Three Short Anthems
Richard Shephard G-6001 $2.35
Three Songs from the Gospels
Amen, Amen, It Shall Be So - I Am the Vine - Don’t Be Afraid 1, 2) SATB; 3) SAB
John L. Bell G-6203 $1.80
We Remember
Carol Browning / Kathy McGrath G-7332    $2.00
We Remember - Guitar edition
Carol Browning / Kathy McGrath G-7332G $5.50
We Remember - Instrument edition
Carol Browning / Kathy McGrath G-7332INST $5.00
Who Is There to Understand?
John L. Bell G-4528    $1.40
A Mountain Psalm
Alice Parker G-6267    $1.60
God Will Wipe the Tears
Stephen Pishner G-6838    $2.15
Mi Alma Está Sedienta / My Soul Is Thirsting
Tony Alonso G-7246    $1.75
O God of Life
Lynn M. Trapp G-5780    $1.40
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