Music By Date for Mary Mother of God - Holy Name of Jesus

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Title Composer Edition # pdf/mp3 Price Qty  
A Blessing
Carla J. Giomo G-5673    $1.40
Advent Lullaby
Here the virgin sings to the child in her womb.
John L. Bell G-5427 $1.80
David Haas G-3455 $1.30
Christmastime Alleluia
James Chepponis G-4453    $2.00
Come, Soft Slumber
Solfège edition: Phrygian, Lydian modes.
Joel Phillips G-6368    $1.85
Como Estrella en Claro Cielo / As a Star on Cloudless Evenings
Skinner Chavez-Melo G-6405    $2.00
Flower Garland of the Ocean
Celtic prayer translated by Alexander Carmichael.
G-5596    $4.00
I Sing of a Maiden
Patrick Hadley G-4194 $2.00
Lectionary Psalms for Advent and Christmas
Columba Kelly G-5256 $9.00
Lectionary Psalms for Advent and Christmas - Spiral Bound
Columba Kelly G-5256S $10.00
Mary's Lullaby
G-3757 $2.00
Of Woman Born
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-5916    $1.50
Pues si vivimos
Marty Haugen G-4280    $2.15
Shall We Not Love Thee, Mother Dear?
Simon Lole G-4208 $1.00
Sing of Mary
G-6225    $2.15
Sing of Mary
Robert J. Powell G-5343    $1.30
That Night in Bethlehem
Mark Albrecht G-4832    $2.00
The Joys of Mary
An English carol, text based on 14th-century Rosary text.
G-6227    $2.15
The Lord Bless You and Keep You
Nylea L. Butler-Moore G-3822 $3.00
There Is No Rose
Shirley W. McRae G-3127 $0.80
Two Neo-Gothic Carols
To Us This Morn a Child Is Born - Ave Mary
Russell Schulz-Widmar G-4741    $1.30
Virgin-born, We Bow before You
James Chepponis G-3296 $1.40
Visitation Carol
A delightful setting of a Patricia Blaze Clark text.
Russell Schulz-Widmar G-4740    $2.00
What Child Is This
G-2446 $1.60
What Child Is This
G-3547 $0.90
What Shall We Bring?
G-4502    $1.20
Young Mary Lived in Nazareth
Bob Moore G-5586    $1.50
Let All the Peoples Praise You
Carl Johengen G-3997    $1.10
Let Nations Sing Your Praise
James Chepponis G-4226    $1.30
May God Bless Us
Paul Gibson G-3358 $0.80
May God Show Us Kindness
James Chepponis G-2994 $0.70
You Are the Heart’s True Resting Place
Marty Haugen G-5444 $1.10
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