Music By Date for Passion (Palm) Sunday - Sixth Sunday in Lent

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= Highly Suggested

Title Composer Edition # pdf/mp3 Price Qty  
A Sower Came from Ancient Hills
G-5074    $1.50
Adoramus Te
J. Michael Joncas G-4884    $2.15
Adoramus te Christe
Jacob Clemens non Papa G-5127    $1.80
Adoramus te Christe
From Les sept paroles du Christ.
Theodore Dubois G-5432    $1.80
Adoramus te Christe
Quirino Gasparini G-3761 $1.50
Adoramus Te Christe
Richard Robert Rossi G-4728    $1.50
Ave Verum Corpus
Should become a staple in the repertoire of any advanced choir.
J. William Greene / Ernest Chausson G-5938    $1.60
Ave verum Corpus
Josquin Desprez G-4042 $2.00
Ave verum Corpus
Gabriel Fauré G-4563    $2.15
Christ Became Obedient Even Unto Death
Felice Anerio G-1967 $1.40
Dear Lord, Who Bore Our Weight of Woe
Ian Kellam G-4474    $1.30
Ecce Panis Angelorum
G-5620    $1.30
Fanfare for Palm Sunday: Hosanna to the Son of David
Richard Proulx G-2829 $1.80
Father, I Stretch My Hands to Thee
Hugh Wilson G-5837    $1.60
Festival Hymns for Organ, Brass and Timpani - Volume 7, General | Download Edition
azmon - st. george's windsor - st. theodulph
Carl Glaser / George J. Elvey / Melchior Teschner D-6207 $30.00
Forgive Them, Forgive Us
G-5835    $2.00
Glory in the Cross
Steven Janco G-4213    $2.00
Glory in the Cross | Download Edition
Steven Janco D-4213    $2.00
Go to Dark Gethsemane
Austin C. Lovelace G-5886    $2.00
Good Friday: Father, I Put My Life in Your Hands—Psalm 30(31)
Lectionary Nos. 41, 893, 899-2,
Br. Howard L. Hughes SM G-2330 $2.50
Gospel Acclamation Verses—Holy Week
Lectionary Nos. 38-42
John Schiavone G-2161 $2.50
Guide Me, Savior, through Your Passion
Good for children.
Henry V. Gerike G-2767 $1.50
He Has Borne Our Woes
Godfrey Schroth G-1520 $0.25
He Nevuh Said A Mumbalin' Word
G-5834    $1.50
Holy God
Marty Haugen G-5762    $1.40
Scott Soper G-4619    $1.80
Hosanna to the Son of David
Harold Owen G-5779    $1.40
Hosanna to the Son of David
Richard Proulx G-4386    $4.00
Paul French G-5686    $2.00
Hosanna! Palm Sunday Processional
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-5455 $2.00
Hosanna! Palm Sunday Processional | Download Edition
Francis Patrick O'Brien D-5455 $2.00
Hosanna: An Introit for Palm Sunday
Glenn Rudolph G-3980    $2.00
How Excellent Is Your Name
V. Michael McKay / Joseph Joubert G-5848    $1.40
In nomine Jesu
Jacob Handl G-1860 $2.00
In the Cross of Christ
Marty Haugen G-4838    $2.00
Is It Nothing unto You
From Brocke's Passion
Handel, G. F. G-4444    $1.30
It Is Well with My Soul
Philip Bliss G-5868    $2.45
Jerusalem, My Destiny
Rory Cooney G-3413 $2.15
Jesus Christ Is Lord
G-2865 $5.25
Jesus Christ Is the Lord
A wonderful setting of the Philippians canticle. Consider using a quartet on the chanted verses.
G-4981    $1.80
Lectionary Psalms for Lent and Easter - Spiral edition
Columba Kelly G-6056S $11.00
Lift High the Cross
A best-seller!
Sydney Hugo Nicholson G-2630 $2.00
Lord Jesus Christ Humbled Himself
Guilliemus Messaus G-3791 $1.80
Love Is the Name He Bears
Text by Fred Pratt Green
James Holloway G-5854    $1.50
Man of Sorrows
The text from Isaiah 53, as well as the character of the music, makes this piece particularly appropriate for Lent and Holy Week.
Georg Goltermann G-6857    $1.40
My Song is Love Unknown
Malcolm Archer G-4646 $2.00
Name of All Majesty
David W. Music G-4791    $2.00
No Weight of Gold or Silver
Bob Moore G-3852 $1.00
O for a Faith
/ Nathan Carter G-5924 $2.20
O Jerusalem
David Haas G-4733    $2.00
Palm Sunday Meditation
Based on “Adoramus te, Christe” and “Simple Gifts.”
Jeremy Young G-4358    $1.40
Palm Sunday Processional
G. Alan Smith G-2461 $2.45
Palm Sunday Processional
Rory Cooney G-5012 $1.80
Palm Sunday Processional - Brass Quartet
Rory Cooney G-5012BR $8.00
Ride On, Jesus, Ride
Marty Haugen G-3541 $2.15
Ride On, King Jesus
G-4959    $1.80
Shadows Gather, Deep and Cold
Wonderful setting for tenebrae anthem. Text By Sylvia Dunstan.
Kathy Powell G-5141    $2.00
Soon I Will Be Done
G-5836    $1.50
Surely He Has Borne Our Griefs
Edward W. Klammer / Antonio Lotti G-2807 $2.00
The Cross of Jesus
Appropriate gathering song for the Sundays of Lent.
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-4517    $2.15
The Road Leads On Again
This ballad-like text traces the journey of Jesus and his followers.
Bob Moore G-5346    $2.00
The Royal Banners Forward Go
Johann Eccard / Bartholomaeus Gesius G-3047 $0.80
The Royal Banners of Our King
Russell Schulz-Widmar G-4366    $1.30
This Dark Hour
Beautifully reinforces the Passion reading.
Douglas E. Wagner G-2284 $2.00
Thou Man of Griefs
Walter Ehret G-2119 $0.80
Three Motets
Craig Penfield G-4719    $1.30
To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King
Noël Goemanne G-1901 $1.80
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
Erik Routley G-2318 $0.70
Tree of Life
Marty Haugen G-2944 $2.25
Tryin’ to Get Home / Thy Will Be Done
G-5832    $1.50
Two Simple Songs for Lent | Download Edition
These memorable refrains (unison/SATB) are alternated with verses for cantor or unison choir.
Marty Haugen D-6934    $1.60
Two Spirituals
Steal Away - Were You There?
G-4508    $2.20
Upon the Cross Extended
Isaac, Heinrich G-2798 $0.60
Vexilla Regis
A majestically triumphal paean to Christ the King.
Michael M. Birkley G-5392    $2.15
Were You There?
Carla J. Giomo G-5754 $10.95
Were You There?
G-5831    $1.80
Were You There?
G-4625    $1.80
Were You There? | Download Edition
D-5831    $1.80
What Wondrous Love Is This
Robert Hunt G-2868 $1.30
What Wondrous Love Is This
G-5717    $1.20
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
Melchior Franck G-2823 $0.70
Worthy Is the Lamb
Lamont Lenox G-5807    $2.20
Worthy Is the Lamb | Download Edition
Lamont Lenox D-5807    $2.20
Be Not Far
Also makes a lovely duet.
Michael M. Birkley G-5107    $1.80
I Put My Life in Your Hands
David Haas G-3949 $2.00
In manus tuas, Domine
Pujol, Juan G-4443 $2.00
My God, My God
Liam Lawton / John McCann G-5299    $2.00
My God, My God, Why Have You Abandoned Me
Jeremy Young G-3078 $2.15
My God, My God: Psalm for Palm Sunday
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-5448 $1.30
Passion Sunday
Leonard Bobrowski G-4142    $3.50
Psalm 31: I Place My Life
Rory Cooney G-3613 $2.15
Psalm of Hope
Felix Goebel-Komala G-4403    $2.15
Three Songs for Triduum
from Taizé - Ubi caritas Deus ibi est - Crucem tuam - Psallite Deo
Jacques Berthier G-5575    $1.75
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