Music By Date for Immaculate Conception

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Title Composer Edition # pdf/mp3 Price Qty  
Advent Gathering Song
Verses for Advent Sunday and Immaculate Conception.
James Chepponis G-4131    $2.15
Among All
Chris de Silva G-6928 $2.00
Among All - Guitar edition
Chris de Silva G-6928G $5.50
Among All - Instrument edition
Chris de Silva G-6928INST $9.50
Annunciation Carol
Traditional Dutch carol.
G-6226    $1.40
Ave Maria
Franz Schubert G-5573    $2.15
Ave Maria
This classic is scored for SATB voices with harp or piano.
Richard Proulx / Charles Gounod G-5416    $2.00
Ave Maria
Anton Bruckner G-6221    $1.20
Ave Maria
Tomás Luis de Victoria G-6228    $1.50
Ave Maria
Giulio Caccini G-6169    $2.00
Ave Maria
Daniel Kantor G-3958    $2.15
Ave Maria
A new edition of the well-known Arcadelt setting.
Jacques Arcadelt G-4892    $1.80
Ave Maria
Franz Schubert G-5687    $4.00
Ave Maria
Franz Schubert G-5688 $4.00
Ave Maria
Franz Schubert G-5689 $4.00
Ave Maria
Johann Sebastian Bach / Charles Gounod G-6205 $15.00
Ave Maria
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart G-6602 $1.80
Ave Maria
Ronald Krisman G-7537    $2.15
Ave Maria
Blake R. Henson G-7547    $2.05
Ave Maria
G-8303    $2.15
Ave Maria
Franz Liszt G-8741 $2.35
Ave Maria God Is with You
James Chepponis G-3752 $2.00
Ave Maria von Arcadelt - Handbells
Franz Liszt G-8452    $4.95
Ave Maria | Download Edition
Daniel Kantor D-3958    $2.15
Ave Maria | Download Edition
This classic is scored for SATB voices with harp or piano.
Richard Proulx / Charles Gounod D-5416    $2.00
Ave Maria, Ave
Liam Lawton / Julianne Woods G-5988    $1.50
Ave, Maris Stella
Also includes the Gregorian chant and English translation
Tomás Luis de Victoria G-6008    $1.50
Como Estrella en Claro Cielo / As a Star on Cloudless Evenings
Skinner Chavez-Melo G-6405    $2.00
Hail Mary
Robert E. Kreutz G-2231 $0.60
Hail Mary
Excellent writing with good harmonic interest.
Thomas George G-5372    $1.30
Hail Mary, Full of Grace
Carol Browning G-8249    $2.00
Hail Mary: Gentle Woman
Carey Landry G-5727    $2.00
Hail, Holy Mary, Queen of Peace
David Haas G-8331    $2.00
Hail, Holy Mary, Queen of Peace - Instrument edition
David Haas G-8331INST $4.50
He Shall Be Great
Carmen Scialla G-4792    $1.30
I Sing A Maid
G-3139 $2.00
Immaculate Mary
Daniel Laginya G-3179 $1.20
Mary the Dawn
Brian McLinden G-7505 $1.80
Mary's Song
M. Roger Holland, II G-8633 $2.55
Nothing Is Impossible with God
James Chepponis G-4922    $2.00
Nova, Nova
Makes a wonderful contemporary Christmas madrigal.
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-5915    $2.15
O gloriosa Virginum
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina G-6132    $1.80
Radiant Light
Ken Macek / Paul A. Tate G-7994    $7.00
Radiant Light - Guitar edition
Ken Macek / Paul A. Tate G-7994G $11.50
Radiant Light - Handbell edition
Ken Macek / Paul A. Tate G-7994HB $10.00
Radiant Mary
Daniel Kantor G-8524    $1.80
Radiant Mary - Handbell edition
Daniel Kantor G-8524HB $12.00
Radiant Mary - Instrument edition
Daniel Kantor G-8524INST $3.00
Sing to the Lord
G-4717    $2.15
Three Marian Classics
At the Cross Her Station Keeping - Mary Immaculate, Star of the Morning - Salve Regina
G-6229    $1.50
All the Ends of the Earth (Psalm 98)
David Haas G-2703 $2.00
Lord, Make Us Turn to You
Marty Haugen G-2884 $2.00
Psalm 98
Richard Proulx G-8058 $2.15
Psalm 98: Sing to the Lord
John Eggert G-3252 $0.80
Psalm and Gospel Acclamation for Advent
Stephen Pishner G-5259    $2.25
Psalm and Gospel Acclamation for Advent | Download Edition
Stephen Pishner D-5259    $2.25
Sing to the Lord
Driving beat.
Timothy Valentine G-4815    $1.40
Solemnities of the Saints
John Schiavone G-2746 $2.50
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