Music By Date for Easter Vigil

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= Highly Suggested

Title Composer Edition # pdf/mp3 Price Qty  
Alleluia, Amen
A serious piece worth all the effort it takes to master it.
Alessandro Scarlatti G-6582    $1.50
An Easter Fanfare
A joyous fanfare based on the hymntune easter hymn.
Carla J. Giomo G-5351 $25.00
An Easter Fanfare | Download Edition
A joyous fanfare based on the hymntune easter hymn.
Carla J. Giomo D-5351 $25.00
An Easter Fantasy | Download Edition
Harold Owen D-6195    $10.00
Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna! / I Am the Resurrection
For third scrutiny. Also includes Christ is Risen! Shout Hosanna!"
David Haas G-4870 $2.00
Come to the Feast
Marty Haugen G-3543 $2.15
Cry Out with Joy and Gladness
Leon C. Roberts G-4602    $1.50
Ecce Panis Angelorum
G-5620    $1.30
Exodus Canticle
Richard Proulx G-4767    $2.00
ICEL text transcribed from the Vatican Edition.
Robert J. Batastini G-2351 $5.25
Faith, While Trees Are Still in Blossom
Kathy Powell G-4441    $1.30
Festival Hymns for Organ, Brass, and Timpani—Set 2
easter hymn; hymn to joy; gelobt sei gott
John Ferguson G-3748 $30.00
Festival Hymns for Organ, Brass, and Timpani—Set 2 | Download Edition
easter hymn; hymn to joy; gelobt sei gott
John Ferguson D-3748 $30.00
Genesis Reading for the Great Vigil | Download Edition
A musical setting of the Genesis I reading at the Great Vigil for Cantor with Congregational refrain. A separate choral harmony edition of the refrain is available in G-5018C. A Flute part is available with G-5018INST.
Rory Cooney / The Dameans D-5018    $5.75
He Is Not Here
Derek Wayne Campbell G-5187    $2.15
In the Beginning, God
Frank E. Williams G-5849    $1.40
Joyful Is the Dark
Bob Moore G-3845 $1.10
Keep Me Safe, O God
G-3936 $2.35
Lectionary Psalms: Michel Guimont (descants)
Michel Guimont G-4986A $3.00
Like the Deer
Andrew J. Witchger G-3484 $2.15
Liturgy of the Hours for Easter Triduum
Robert J. Batastini G-5442 $9.95
Liturgy of the Hours for the Easter Triduum, Accompaniment
Robert J. Batastini G-5442A $14.95
Mystery Sonatas for Violin and Clavier, Volume 3
G-3865 $30.00
O God, beneath Your Hand
Clark Kimberling G-5540    $1.30
One Lord / You Alone Are the Word
David Haas G-4867 $2.00
Our Risen Lord
Another welcome addition by this composer to the Easter repertoire for ensembles.
Bob Moore G-5348    $2.00
O’er the River Jordan
David Haas G-4689    $2.00
Psalm 104: God, Send Out Your Spirit
G-3932 $2.15
Psalm and Gospel Acclamation for Lent
Includes two responses for psalm, and the gospel verses throughout Lent.
Stephen Pishner G-4707    $2.15
Song of the Risen One
David Haas G-3337 $2.00
The Story of God
David Haas G-4748    $1.20
This Is the Day
Marty Haugen G-3558 $2.15
Three Festival Hymns
Richard Proulx G-4009 $25.00
Three Motets
Craig Penfield G-4719    $1.30
Triduum Hymn
Marty Haugen G-3544 $2.25
Waiting to Go
James Abbington / Linda H. Hollies G-5861 $20.95
Water of Life
David Haas G-3496 $2.00
We Behold the Risen Lord
G-5177    $2.15
We Who Once Were Dead
David Haas G-3504 $1.80
With Joy You Shall Draw Water
Marty Haugen G-3291 $2.00
You Shall Draw Water
Glenn Rudolph G-3691 $2.15
You Shall Go Out in Joy
A festive anthem on Psalm 55, in four brief sections.
Carmen Scialla G-5422    $1.30
Among You Is the Holy One
Paul Lisicky G-3680 $1.00
As The Deer
J. Michael Joncas G-4883    $1.50
Be Merciful, O Lord
Marty Haugen G-5461 $1.30
Blest Are the People
J. Michael Joncas G-4269    $1.50
Confession: Psalm 51
from Mass for the World Church, Traditional Argentine melody
John W. Worst G-5476    $1.30
Everlasting Grace Is Yours
David Haas G-4346    $1.10
Give Thanks and Praise
Sue Furlong G-3918 $4.00
I Thirst for You
David Haas G-4688    $2.00
I Thirst for You | Download Edition
David Haas D-4688    $2.00
I Will Praise You, Lord
Tony Alonso G-5603 $1.30
I Will Praise You, Lord (Psalm 30)
Gary Daigle / Rory Cooney G-3409 $2.00
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit
Steven Janco G-3606 $1.60
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit
Paul Gibson G-3878 $3.00
Lord, to Whom Shall We Go
J. Michael Joncas G-3244 $2.15
Lord, You Have the Words
David Haas G-2702 $1.80
My Inheritance
Felix Goebel-Komala G-4411    $2.00
My Soul Is Thirsting for You
John Karl Hirten G-3317 $0.70
O Give Thanks to the Lord
John L. Bell G-5162    $1.40
Psalm 19
Includes all lectionary refrains.
James Chepponis G-4130    $1.20
Psalm 42
Daniel Kean G-4895    $1.40
Psalm 42: As a Doe
Mike Fitzgerald / Mimi Armstrong G-2032 $1.00
Psalm for Easter Day
“This is the day” set to the beloved Easter tune o filii et filiae .
Richard Proulx G-5383    $2.00
Send Forth Your Spirit
J. Michael Joncas G-3436 $2.15
Send Forth Your Spirit
Michel Guimont G-3684 $1.00
Send Forth Your Spirit
Liam Lawton / John McCann G-5295    $2.00
Send Out Your Spirit, O Lord
Stephen Pishner G-5615    $1.30
So Longs My Soul
Liam Lawton / John Drummond G-5982    $2.00
Song of the Exile
Beautiful arrangement of an old favorite.
Marty Haugen G-5096    $1.30
Te Ensalzare Senor / I Will Praise You, O Lord
John L. Bell G-5156    $2.15
This Is the Day
The Easter psalm set entirely to the tune o filii et filiae
Rory Cooney G-5401 $1.30
This Is the Day the Lord Has Made
Charles Renick G-4804    $1.30
Three Songs for Triduum
from Taizé - Ubi caritas Deus ibi est - Crucem tuam - Psallite Deo
Jacques Berthier G-5575    $1.75
When Israel Came Out of Egypt’s Land
John L. Bell G-4674    $1.00
You Lift Up My Life
Scott Soper G-4627    $1.30
Your Love Is Never Ending
Marty Haugen G-3479 $1.80
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