Music By Date for Second Sunday of Easter

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Title Composer Edition # pdf/mp3 Price Qty  
A Choir Book for Easter
G-4126 $11.50
Along This Holy Way
Chris de Silva G-8672    $2.25
Along This Holy Way - Guitar edition
Chris de Silva G-8672G $7.50
Along This Holy Way - Instrument edition
Chris de Silva G-8672INST $13.00
Be My Hands and Feet
Tony Alonso G-8901 $2.35
Be My Hands and Feet - Guitar edition
Tony Alonso G-8901G $7.50
Be My Hands and Feet - Guitar edition | Download Edition
Tony Alonso D-8901G $7.50
Be My Hands and Feet - Instrument edition
Tony Alonso G-8901INST $7.00
Be My Hands and Feet - Instrument edition | Download Edition
Tony Alonso D-8901INST $7.00
Children of God
Good for Holy Family 2.
Rory Cooney G-6124    $1.40
Come Sing
Inspired by the various psalms that call upon us to “sing to the Lord.”
Doug Denisen G-6185    $1.60
Deo Gloria Alleluia
Carol Browning G-6402    $2.00
Deo Gloria Alleluia - Guitar edition
Carol Browning G-6402G $5.50
Deo Gloria Alleluia - Instrument edition
Carol Browning G-6402INST $5.00
Gospel Alleluia
Stephen Pishner G-5569    $2.00
Happy Are They Who Believe
David Haas G-3500 $0.80
Holy Spirit Alleluia
/ Rob Glover G-8699 $2.45
Holy Spirit Alleluia - Handbell edition
/ Rob Glover G-8699HB $30.00
Holy Spirit Alleluia - Instrument edition
/ Rob Glover G-8699INST $8.00
I Know the Lord
G-4229    $1.75
I Saw Water Flowing / Alleluia
James Biery G-8469 $2.00
Jesus, Stand among Us
John Madden / Gareth Green G-4202 $1.40
O Sons and Daughters
G-5269    $1.20
O Sons and Daughters
Many uses for Easter Day and throughout the entire season.
G-4547    $2.15
O Sons and Daughters, Let Us Sing! - Handbells
Jean Tisserand G-6150    $4.95
One Heart, One Mind
David Haas G-8851 $2.00
One Heart, One Mind - Guitar edition
David Haas G-8851G $4.50
One Heart, One Mind - Instrument edition
David Haas G-8851INST $5.00
Peace Be to You
G-4285    $1.80
Peace I Leave with You
Giacomo Antonio Perti G-4388    $2.00
Peace to Soothe Our Bitter Woes
Gentle lullaby with imitative line
David Cherwien G-4854    $1.10
Processional: O Sons and Daughters
G-7352    $2.00
Processional: O Sons and Daughters - Instrument edition
G-7352INST $6.00
Put Peace into Each Other's Hands
Great tune, great text, easy learn.
David W. Music G-6580    $1.50
Rest Now in Me
Paul A. Tate G-6293    $2.00
Rest Now in Me - Guitar edition
Paul A. Tate G-6293G $5.50
That Easter Day
What a truly great setting!
Burton Bumgarner G-4433    $2.00
The Lord Is My Savior
Many appellations of God.
G-5118    $2.00
There Came Jesus
Jacob Handl G-2460 $2.25
This Is the Day
Steven Van Wye G-8399    $2.00
Two Sublime Chants
G-4552    $2.00
We Behold the Risen Lord
G-5177    $2.15
We Walk by Faith
Samuel McFarland G-6012    $1.50
We Walk by Faith
Marty Haugen G-2841 $2.15
G-4240 $2.15
Acts of God
Rory Cooney G-8756 $2.15
Acts of God - Guitar edition
Rory Cooney G-8756G $6.50
Acts of God - Guitar edition | Download Edition
Rory Cooney D-8756G $6.50
Give Thanks and Praise
Sue Furlong G-3918 $4.00
Give Thanks to the Lord
Carol Browning G-5325    $1.40
I Have Risen
Ken Macek / Paul A. Tate G-7656    $2.80
I Have Risen - Guitar edition
Ken Macek / Paul A. Tate G-7656G $9.00
I Have Risen - Instrument edition
Ken Macek / Paul A. Tate G-7656INST $11.00
Psalm 118: Today
Rory Cooney G-6543    $1.75
Psalm for Easter Day
“This is the day” set to the beloved Easter tune o filii et filiae .
Richard Proulx G-5383    $2.00
This Is the Day
Martin Barry G-6395 $2.15
This Is the Day - Guitar edition
Martin Barry G-6395G $5.50
This Is the Day - Instrument edition
Martin Barry G-6395INST $12.00
When We Are Tempted to Deny Your Son
G-4610    $1.30
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