Music By Date for Christmas Vigil

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Title Composer Edition # pdf/mp3 Price Qty  
'Twas In the Moon of Wintertime - Handbells
G-8420    $4.95
A Child Is Born in Bethlehem
Kevin Keil G-7372    $2.15
A Child Is Born in Bethlehem - Full Score and Parts
Kevin Keil G-7372INST $43.00
A Christmas Fantasy
G-6613 $10.00
A Christmastide Gigue - Handbells
G-8897 $4.95
A la Nanita Nana
G-7437    $2.00
A Sign of Love
Paul J. Rausch G-6249    $1.30
A Virgin Pure
Derek Healey G-7479    $2.15
A Wreath of Carols for Christmastide
G-7278    $16.00
Adam Lay Ybounden
Charles Snider G-8398    $1.80
Adoration of the Wise Men - Handbells
G-7624    $4.95
Alegría - Guitar edition
G-7614G $3.50
All Poor Folk and Humble
John W. Becker G-8414    $2.00
All Praise to Thee, Eternal Lord
An arrangement of the popular 15th-century carol puer nobis.
G-6743    $1.75
All through the Night - Guitar edition
G-7619G $3.50
Ancient Peoples Searched the Sky
Sally Ann Morris G-8476    $2.00
And the Angel Said unto Them
John Siler G-8437    $2.00
Angels We Have Heard on High
Adventurous piano accompaniment.
G-6795    $1.50
Angels We Have Heard on High
An all-time favorite Christmas Carol arranged by Richard Proulx.
G-6462    $1.60
Angels We Have Heard on High
G-7603    $1.80
Angels We Have Heard on High
G-8108    $2.35
Angels We Have Heard on High
G-8523 $2.15
Angels We Have Heard on High - Guitar edition
G-7613G $5.50
Around the Manger - Handbells
James R. Murray G-7082    $3.95
Away in a Manger
James R. Murray G-6238    $2.00
Away in a Manger
Blake R. Henson G-7765 $2.00
Away in a Manger
William J. Kirkpatrick G-8555    $2.00
Away in a Manger
Gerald Custer G-8745 $2.00
From the Evoking Sound: Music from Westminster series, Joe Miller, Editor.
Gerald Custer G-7190 $1.80
Beautiful the Story
Gregg S. Sewell G-8740 $2.00
Behold a Virgin Bearing Him
Text by Michael V. Gannon.
Ronan McDonagh G-6029    $1.80
Behold the Lamb of God
John Horman G-7715    $2.00
Bethlehem Sky
Liam Lawton G-8562    $2.25
Bethlehem Sky - Guitar edition
Liam Lawton G-8562G $7.50
Born Is the King of Israel - Handbells
G-7089    $4.95
Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella - Handbells
G-8735 $5.50
By Star and Candlelight
Daniel Kean G-8087    $2.00
By Star and Candlelight - Instrument edition
Daniel Kean G-8087INST $15.00
Byzantine Christmas - Handbells
Leonello Capodaglio G-9208 $4.25
Carol of the Stable
Malcolm Archer G-8344 $2.35
Carol of Wonder
Ian Callanan G-9098 $2.00
Carol of Wonder - Guitar edition
Ian Callanan G-9098G $4.50
Carol of Wonder - Guitar edition | Download Edition
Ian Callanan D-9098G $4.50
Carol of Wonder - Handbell edition
Ian Callanan G-9098HB $10.00
Carol of Wonder - Handbell edition | Download Edition
Ian Callanan D-9098HB $10.00
Carol of Wonder - Instrument edition
Ian Callanan G-9098INST $10.00
Carol of Wonder - Instrument edition | Download Edition
Ian Callanan D-9098INST $10.00
Carols to Christ Be Sung
Jeffrey Honoré G-6419 $1.75
Carols to Christ be Sung - Full Score and Parts
Jeffrey Honoré G-6419INST $28.00
Carols to Christ be Sung - Handbell edition
Jeffrey Honoré G-6419HB $40.00
Chesterton's Carol
Gerald Custer G-8456    $2.00
Child of God's Compassion
Lori True G-6068    $1.50
Child of Grace
Carol Browning G-8029    $2.00
Child of Grace - Guitar edition
Carol Browning G-8029G $5.50
Child of Grace - Instrument edition
Carol Browning G-8029INSTB $4.50
Child of Grace - String edition
Carol Browning G-8029INSTA $8.00
Child of Light
Daniel Kantor G-7615    $2.00
Child of Light - Guitar edition
Daniel Kantor G-7615G $5.50
Child of Light - Instrument edition
Daniel Kantor G-7615INST $16.00
Child of Mary
Jeffrey Honoré G-9339 $2.15
Chorale from "Christmas Oratorio"
Camille Saint-Saëns G-6516 $21.00
Christ Is Come
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-8275    $2.15
Christ Is Come - Guitar edition
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-8275G $6.50
Christ Is Come - Instrument edition
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-8275INST $7.50
Christ's Lullaby
Text by Mary Louis Bringle.
Sally Ann Morris G-6144    $1.85
Christmas Gloria
G-8783 $2.15
Christmas Gloria - Guitar edition
G-8783G $5.50
Christmas Gloria - Instrument edition
G-8783INST $15.00
Christmas Lullaby
H. Leslie Adams G-7474    $2.00
Christmas Medleys at the Piano
G-7265 $18.00
Come to Bethlehem Manger
G-6639    $1.50
Come to Bethlehem Manger - Instrument edition
G-6639INST $3.50
Come, All Ye Shepherds - Handbells
G-6595    $3.95
Come, As Shepherds to the Stable Came - Guitar edition
Kathy Powell G-6836G $5.50
Come, Thou Redeemer of the Earth
Colin Britt G-8190    $2.20
Coventry Carol - Handbells
G-6461    $3.95
Creator of the Stars of Night
Hal H. Hopson G-8200    $2.00
Creator of the Stars of Night
G-9159 $2.00
Do You Hear What I Hear - 3 oct. edition - Handbells
Noel Regney / Gloria Shayne Baker G-7985    $5.50
Do You Hear What I Hear - 4, 5, 6, or 7 oct. edition - Handbells
Noel Regney / Gloria Shayne Baker G-7827    $5.50
Do You Hear What I Hear - Instrument edition
Noel Regney / Gloria Shayne Baker G-7827INST $7.00
Donkey Plod and Mary Ride
David W. Music G-7510    $2.15
Donkey Plod and Mary Ride - Instrument edition
David W. Music G-7510INST $11.00
Dormi Jesu
Bernard Sexton G-8032    $2.00
Dream a Dream
Includes canon "Dona nobis pacem."
Lori True G-6653    $2.15
Ecce virgo concipiet
G-7318    $2.15
Eight Christmas Carols for Flute and Keyboard or Harp
G-7945    $20.00
Every Nation
Ian Callanan G-7221    $2.00
Every Nation - Guitar edition
Ian Callanan G-7221G $4.50
Every Nation - Instrument edition
Ian Callanan G-7221INST $5.00
Fanfare-Toccata on MENDELSSOHN
G-6352 $20.95
Festival First Nowell
G-8720    $2.35
Festival First Nowell - Full Score and Orchestral Parts
G-8720ORCH $160.00
Festival First Nowell - Full Score and Parts
G-8720INST $30.00
For unto Us a Child Is Born
John Atteberry G-7340    $2.15
For unto Us a Child Is Born - Keyboard edition
G. F. Handel G-6464KYBD $7.00
From the Cradle to the Cross
Tony Alonso G-7622    $2.15
From the Cradle to the Cross - Guitar edition
Tony Alonso G-7622G $5.50
G-9467 $1.80
G-9499 $2.00
Gaudete! - Instrument edition
G-9499INST $9.00
Gentle Mary Laid Her Child
G-6515 $2.00
Gloria de Noël
Thomas Niel G-6742    $2.15
Glory, Hallelujah to the Newborn King
Isaac Williams G-7350 $2.35
Go Tell It on the Mountain
G-6638 $1.50
Go Tell It on the Mountain
G-8106 $2.35
Good King Wenceslas - Handbells
G-8222    $4.95
Gregorian Preludes for the Liturgical Year
Kenneth Lowenberg G-8362    $25.00
G. F. Handel G-8618    $2.35
Hallelujah, Hallelu!
Advent song and gospel acclamation with Canticle of Zachary.
Michael Mahler G-6045    $2.15
Hark! The Hearld Angels Sing - Full Score and Parts
G-9281INST $18.00
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
G-9281 $2.00
He Sleeps
A wonderful piece.
Charles Garner G-7047    $1.70
Here among Us
Marty Haugen G-9011 $2.15
Here among Us - Guitar edition
Marty Haugen G-9011G $5.50
Here among Us - Handbell edition
Marty Haugen G-9011HB $13.00
Here among Us - Instrument edition
Marty Haugen G-9011INST $3.00
Here among Us - String edition
Marty Haugen G-9011STR $10.00
Hodie Christus Natus Est
Douglas J. Kingsley G-7631    $2.00
How Far Is It to Bethlehem?
Paul Ritchie G-7399    $1.80
I Know a Flower
Paul Ritchie G-8556    $2.00
I Wonder As I Wander - Handbells
G-7938    $4.95
In a Stable
G-7740    $2.00
In Nightly Stillness
Ryan R. Brechmacher G-8391    $2.35
In Nightly Stillness - Instrument edition
Ryan R. Brechmacher G-8391INST $3.50
In Silent Slumber, Angels Come
A hymn about Joseph, husband of Mary.
Alan Hommerding G-5415    $1.60
In the Bleak Midwinter
Nathan Jones G-7793    $2.20
In the Bleak Midwinter
Gustav Holst G-8749 $2.15
In the Bleak Midwinter - Guitar edition
Gustav Holst G-8749G $5.50
In the Bleak Midwinter - Instrument edition
Gustav Holst G-8749INST $12.00
In the Holy Nativity of Our Lord
Matthew Emery G-8413    $2.15
In the Night / En la Noche
G-6252    $1.50
Instrumental Praise - Volume 1: Christmas Hymns and Songs
G-8512 $45.00
Jesus, Hope of Every Nation
G-6890 $1.40
Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine
G-8554 $2.15
Joseph's Lullaby - Handbells
Kevin Keil G-9214 $4.95
Joy to the World
G. F. Handel G-9190 $2.25
Joy to the World - Full Score and Parts
G. F. Handel G-9190INST $25.00
Glenn Wonacott G-7393    $2.15
Joyful Angels Song - Handbells
G-7929    $4.95
Joyful Is the Dark
Bob Moore G-3845 $1.10
Just One Gift
Diane Radke G-6747    $1.50
Late One Night Mary Had a Baby
In the style of a spiritual.
Charles Garner G-7048    $2.20
Lectionary Psalms for Advent and Christmas
Columba Kelly G-5256 $9.00
Lectionary Psalms for Advent and Christmas - Spiral Bound
Columba Kelly G-5256S $10.00
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
G-9456 $2.20
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence - Guitar edition
G-9456G $4.50
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence - Instrument edition
G-9456INST $7.00
Little Lamb
Blake R. Henson G-7353 $2.35
Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming
Michael Praetorius G-6609    $1.50
Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming - 4, 5, or 6 oct. edition - Handbells
G-6410    $3.95
Long Ago on Christmas
Daniel C. Meyer G-6766    $2.00
Look toward Christmas
Carlton R. Young G-9043 $2.35
Look toward Christmas - Instrument edition
Carlton R. Young G-9043INST $25.00
Lowly, Lowly
Darrell Crawford G-7595 $2.00
Uses NRSV text.
John Ferguson G-6667    $2.35
Magnificat - Instrument edition
John Ferguson G-6667INST $3.50
Mary the Dawn
Brian McLinden G-7505 $1.80
Mary's Story: As Told by St. Luke
This provocative story of the Virgin Mary's encounter with an angel and the journey to visit her relative Elizabeth is set for reader, solo trumpet or flugelhorn, and organ. It is intended that this piece be followed by Ferguson's Magnificat (G-6667).
John Ferguson G-6668    $5.00
Mary's Story: As Told by St. Luke - Instrument edition
John Ferguson G-6668INST $3.50
Nature Holds Its Breath
William Rowan G-7774    $2.15
Newborn Child Now Sleeping
Marc Stockert G-8920 $2.15
Newborn Child Now Sleeping - Guitar edition
Marc Stockert G-8920G $5.50
Newborn Child Now Sleeping - Instrument edition
Marc Stockert G-8920INST $10.00
Night of Silence - 3 oct. edition - Handbells
Daniel Kantor / Franz Gruber G-6303    $4.95
Night of Silence - 4, 5, or 6 oct. edition - Handbells
Daniel Kantor G-6020    $4.95
Night of Silence - Handbells Solo
Daniel Kantor G-6273    $6.00
Night of Silence - Home edition
Daniel Kantor / Franz Gruber G-9514 $5.75
Now Bless the God of Israel
Text by Ruth Duck.
Marty Haugen G-4134 $1.10
Now the Heavens Start to Whisper
G-6835 $2.00
Nowell Sing We
Macaronic text of English and Latin.
G-6367    $2.00
O Come, All Ye Faithful
John F. Wade G-6370    $1.75
O Come, All Ye Faithful
John F. Wade G-9194 $2.15
O Come, All Ye Faithful - Full Score and Parts
John F. Wade G-9194INST $11.50
O Come, All Ye Faithful - Handbells
John F. Wade G-9207 $5.50
O Come, All Ye Faithful / Venid, Fieles Todos
John F. Wade G-7462 $2.15
O Come, Divine Messiah!
G-9338 $2.15
O Come, Redeemer of the Earth
For use throughout Christmastide.
G-7273    $2.00
O Holy Night
Adolphe Adam G-6184    $2.25
O Holy Night - Handbells
Adolphe Adam G-6775    $4.95
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Albert Dempsey G-6033    $1.50
O Love, How Deep
Jane L. Lindner G-6253    $1.50
O Magnum Mysterium
Daniel Elder G-8645    $2.55
O Magnum Mysterium | Download Edition
Daniel Elder D-8645    $2.55
O My Child
Luke Mayernik G-7195    $1.80
O Prince of Peace
David W. Music G-6878 $1.60
O Queen of Heaven
Sheila Bristow G-8242    $1.80
Of the Father's Love Begotten - Handbells
G-8715 $4.95
Oh, Po' Little Jesus
Brandon Waddles G-8304    $2.20
On the Hills of Bethlehem
A joyful piece suitable for children.
G-7324    $1.80
On This Day Earth Shall Ring
William A. Payn G-8196    $2.20
Once Again My Heart Rejoices
Johann G. Ebeling G-9048 $2.00
Once in Royal David's City
Henry J. Gauntlett G-6604    $1.75
Once in Royal David's City
Henry J. Gauntlett G-7791    $2.00
Once in Royal David's City - Handbell edition
Henry J. Gauntlett G-7791HB $5.00
Once in Royal David's City - Instrument edition
Henry J. Gauntlett G-7791INST $23.00
Open the World
R. Douglas Helvering G-9562 $2.35
Ososo: Come Now, O Prince of Peace
Geonyong Lee G-7907    $2.35
Ososo: Come Now, O Prince of Peace - Instrument edition
Geonyong Lee G-7907INST $3.00
Pastorella: Offertory for Christmas
Franz Schneider G-7177    $1.85
Pastorella: Offertory for Christmas - Full Score and Parts
G-7177INST $40.00
Pat-A-Pan - Handbells
G-7209    $4.95
Tony Alonso G-8670    $2.15
Posada - Full Score and Parts
Tony Alonso G-8670INST $19.00
Posada - Guitar edition
Tony Alonso G-8670G $5.50
Psalm 88 (89): Forever I Will Sing
Robert Twynham G-2022 $2.00
Psalm 89
Michel Guimont G-7978    $2.00
Radiant Light
Ken Macek / Paul A. Tate G-7994    $7.00
Radiant Light - Guitar edition
Ken Macek / Paul A. Tate G-7994G $11.50
Radiant Light - Handbell edition
Ken Macek / Paul A. Tate G-7994HB $10.00
Rejoice, Jerusalem!
Thomas Gouin G-6385    $1.80
Ring a Bell
Jeremy Young G-9115 $2.35
Rise Up, Shepherd
G-6088    $1.40
Run, Shepherds, Run
William M. Schoenfeld G-8487 $2.25
Run, Shepherds, Run - Instrument edition
William M. Schoenfeld G-8487INST $6.00
Seasonal Intercessions
Tony Alonso G-6644    $2.15
Seven Carols for Christmas
James Chepponis G-8501    $2.00
Seven Christmas Hymn Settings for Organ
G-6170 $12.00
Shepherds and Angels
Dan Damon G-6921 $2.00
Shepherds Heard a Lullaby
Kathy Powell G-8422 $2.15
Shepherds Heard a Lullaby - Guitar edition
Kathy Powell G-8422G $5.50
Shepherds! Shake Off Your Drowsy Sleep
G-7327    $2.15
Shepherds! Shake Off Your Drowsy Sleep - Instrument edition
G-7327INST $3.50
Silent Night
Franz Gruber G-9282 $2.00
Silent Night - Full Score and Parts
Franz Gruber G-9282INST $18.00
Silent Night - Guitar edition
Franz Gruber G-7623G $3.50
Six Carols of Christmas
G-8394    $15.00
Six Hymntune Sketches for Organ
Anne Roberts G-6054 $15.00
Sleep, Holy Child
James Ludwig G-8505 $2.00
Star Child / Niño Es Astro - Guitar edition
Ronald Krisman G-6378G $5.50
Star Child / Niño: Es Astro
Ronald Krisman G-6378    $2.25
Star of Wonder, Christmas Star
Gene Grier / David Bryant G-6958 $2.00
Starry Night - Guitar edition
Ian Callanan G-9097G $5.50
Starry Night - Guitar edition | Download Edition
Ian Callanan D-9097G $5.50
Stars of Glory
G-7072 $1.60
Michael Mahler / Tyler Flannigan Harris G-6042    $1.50
Still, Still, Still
G-7276    $2.00
Still, Still, Still - Handbells
G-8949 $4.95
Still, Still, Still - Instrument edition
G-7276INST $9.00
Stille Nacht
Franz Gruber G-6146    $1.40
Stille, stille, stille - Handbells
G-6593    $2.95
Summer Sun or Winter Skies
David Haas G-7726    $1.80
Summer Sun or Winter Skies - Instrument edition
David Haas G-7726INST $5.00
Sussex Carol - Handbells
G-8743 $5.50
Ten Carols for the Christmas Season
G-9388 $25.00
That Holy Night
Chris de Silva G-8310    $2.25
That Holy Night - Guitar edition
Chris de Silva G-8310G $7.50
That Holy Night - Handbell edition
G-8310HB $17.00
That Holy Night - Instrument edition
Chris de Silva G-8310INST $19.00
The Baby in Bethlehem
Raymond S. Beights G-6017    $1.40
The Carol Book Supplement
G-8434S $38.00
The Carol Book with CD
G-8434 $135.00
The Carol of Abram
Paul Ritchie G-7554    $1.80
The Cherry Tree Carol - Handbells
G-8174    $4.95
The Christ Child's Lullaby - Handbells
G-7430    $5.00
The Coventry Carol
An English melody.
G-6102    $2.20
The Lamb
Philip Orem G-8536 $2.00
The Lyric Psalter, Solemnities, Feasts, and Other Occasions - Instrument edition
Tony Alonso / Marty Haugen G-8350INST $16.00
The Silent Stars Shine Down on Us
Text by Herman Stuempfle.
Randall K. Sensmeier G-6174    $1.50
The Travelers from Nazareth - Handbells
Text by Tamara Raetz.
Kathleen L. Wissinger G-6015    $4.95
The Virgin's Slumber Song - Instrument edition
Max Reger G-6467INST $2.50
The Word of God Became Flesh - Instrument edition
Normand J. Gouin G-7991INST $6.00
There Is No Rose
Stephen J. Rohde G-6030    $1.80
There Is No Rose of Such Virtue
Michael Bedford G-6141    $1.60
This Day
Employs effective tone painting.
William A. Payn G-7458    $2.35
This Is the Truth Sent from Above
G-6140    $1.50
Three Christmas Carols for Two Octaves - Handbells
G-8711 $5.50
Three French Carols
G-7654    $27.00
Three French Christmas Carols - Handbells
G-6123    $4.95
Three Scandinavian Christmas Carols - Handbells
G-8347    $5.50
Three Ukrainian Carols - Handbells
G-8348    $5.50
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
G-8340    $2.15
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
John Siler G-8407    $2.15
Too Much Light for Midnight
Alfred V. Fedak G-6382    $1.60
Transeamus usque Bethlehem
Josef Schnabel G-6147    $1.50
Two American Christmas Carols - Handbells
G-8712 $4.95
Two English Carols
G-7653    $25.00
Two German Christmas Carols - Handbells
G-6278    $3.95
Variations on The Coventry Carol
G-6351 $21.00
Verbum caro factum est
An excellent work for Christmas.
Hans Leo Hassler G-7037 $2.35
We Do Not Know
John L. Bell G-7617    $2.00
We Do Not Know - Guitar edition
John L. Bell G-7617G $5.50
Wedderburn's Carol and Kit Smart's Carol
Gerald Custer G-7764 $2.20
Engelbert Humperdinck G-6145    $1.60
What Love and Deep Devotion / Porque de tal Manera
Ronald Krisman G-7262 $2.00
What Star Is This
Steven Van Wye G-8814 $2.15
What ’Cha Gonna Call the Pretty Little Baby
G-6058    $2.00
Where Is This Stupendous Stranger?
Scott Hyslop G-8416    $2.00
Who Would Think That What Was Needed
G-7544    $2.25
Willow Tree Carol
Gerald Custer G-8730 $1.80
Winds through the Olive Trees
Franklin D. Ashdown G-8204    $2.00
Winter's Cold
Excellent choral writing.
Gerald Custer G-7024    $2.20
Winter's Cold - Instrument edition
Gerald Custer G-7024INST $7.00
Worship the Newborn King
M. Roger Holland, II G-8636 $2.35
Every Nation on Earth
Michael Mahler G-6047    $1.40
I Will Sing Forever
Marty Haugen G-5239    $2.00
I Will Sing of Your Goodness
Felix Goebel-Komala G-4408    $1.10
Joy to the World - Guitar edition
G. F. Handel G-7618G $5.50
Sechs Sprüche, Op. 79: Weihnachten
Solfège edition.
G-6484    $1.70
The Word of God Became Flesh
Normand J. Gouin G-7991    $2.15
Throughout All Time
David Haas G-4690    $2.00
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