Music By Date for Baptism of the Lord

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Title Composer Edition # pdf/mp3 Price Qty  
Advent Herald, The
This music is a perfect match for Brian Wren’s unconventional text about John the Baptist;
Rory Cooney G-4972    $1.20
Baptism of Jesus, The
Peter R. Hallock G-2331 $1.80
Baptism of Jesus, The
Text by Fred Pratt Green.
Austin C. Lovelace G-5313    $2.00
Baptism of Jesus, The
Text by Fred Pratt Green.
Sue Mitchell-Wallace G-3382 $2.00
Baptized in Living Waters
Carl F. Schalk G-6053    $1.75
Child of Mercy
Uses “Gloria” refrain from “Angels We Have Heard” as descant.
David Haas G-3658 $2.00
Children of God
Good for Holy Family 2.
Rory Cooney G-6124    $1.40
Christ, When You Came to Jordan
Hal H. Hopson G-5774    $1.40
Christmastime Alleluia
James Chepponis G-4453    $2.00
Crashing Waters at Creation
Regarded by most as one of Sylvia Dunstan’s greatest hymns.
Randall K. Sensmeier G-5354    $1.30
Down Galiliee's Slow Roadways
Text By Sylvia Dunstan.
Bob Moore G-5502    $2.00
For This Thy Glad Epiphany
Harold Owen G-6606    $1.50
God's Beloved One
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-5911    $2.15
Lectionary Psalms for Advent and Christmas
Columba Kelly G-5256 $9.00
Lectionary Psalms for Advent and Christmas - Spiral Bound
Columba Kelly G-5256S $10.00
Let All Together Praise Our God
Johann Hermann Schein G-3055 $0.80
O Radiant Christ, Incarnate Word
Text by Ruth Duck.
David Cherwien G-3882 $1.00
O Star of Beauty
Rob Glover G-4585    $2.15
O’er the River Jordan
David Haas G-4689    $2.00
Sweet Refreshment
Use this jazzy call-and-response setting for Eastertide rite of sprinkling.
Bob Moore G-4937    $2.00
Take Me to the Water
G-4238 $2.00
The Advent Herald
Sue Mitchell-Wallace G-3393 $2.15
The Baptism: Jesus and John
Fountain Square Fools G-3236 $6.95
The Word Is Born - Collection
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-5907 $18.95
This Is My Son, My Beloved
Kathy Powell G-3527 $2.00
Water of Life
David Haas G-3496 $2.00
Waters of Creation
Text by Sylvia Dunstan.
Austin C. Lovelace G-5642    $2.00
When Jesus Came to Jordan
Text by Fred Pratt Green.
Fritz Mehrtens G-5266    $2.00
When Jesus Went to Jordan's Stream
David Herman G-3421 $1.60
You Are My Friends
David Haas G-7734    $2.00
You Shall Go Out in Joy
A festive anthem on Psalm 55, in four brief sections.
Carmen Scialla G-5422    $1.30
You Will Draw Water Joyfully
Niamh O'Kelly G-6014    $1.50
You Will Draw Water—Isaiah 12
Robert J. Batastini G-2443 $3.50
I Am the Voice of God
David Haas G-3701 $2.00
Psalm 29: O Give the Lord, You Children of God
James Chepponis G-3400 $4.50
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