Music By Date for Body and Blood of Christ

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= Highly Suggested

Title Composer Edition # pdf/mp3 Price Qty  
Adoro Te
Johann Michael Haydn G-4058    $2.00
Ave Verum
Richard Robert Rossi G-5718    $1.20
Ave Verum Corpus
A superb edition of this classic.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart G-5417    $2.35
Ave Verum Corpus
Should become a staple in the repertoire of any advanced choir.
J. William Greene / Ernest Chausson G-5938    $1.60
Ave Verum Corpus
William Byrd G-2046 $2.15
Ave verum Corpus
Josquin Desprez G-4042 $2.00
Ave verum Corpus
Gabriel Fauré G-4563    $2.15
Bread of Life from Heaven/Pan de Vida Eterna
Original text, "Santo, " in G-3649, Based on Argentine folk melody.
Marty Haugen / Susan R. Briehl G-5652 $2.00
Come to the Table
Verses for Advent, Lent, weddings, and general use.
Tony Alonso G-5606 $2.00
Come, Let Us Bring
Includes separate verses for preparation of gifts and Communion.
Billema Kwillia G-5225    $1.40
Coming Together for Wine and for Bread / This Is My Body, Holy and Good
G-8598 $2.00
Do This in Memory of Me
David Haas G-5659    $2.00
Ecce Panis Angelorum
G-5620    $1.30
Godhead Here in Hiding
John Ogasapian G-2554 $0.60
How Holy This Feast
Bob Moore G-4941    $1.40
I Will Take the Cup
Steven Janco G-3196 $1.40
In Memory of You
From An American Liturgy
C. Alexander Peloquin G-5722    $2.00
Jesus, Good Shepherd
Niamh O'Kelly G-3256 $0.80
Lectionary Psalms: Michel Guimont (descants)
Michel Guimont G-4986A $3.00
Let Us Be One
Eugene Englert G-5249    $1.20
Litany of the Chosen One
Felix Goebel-Komala G-4413 $1.10
Love Is His Word
Ronald Krisman G-5253    $1.50
Many Colors Paint the Rainbow
Text by Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr.
Roy Hopp G-5465    $2.45
Name of God, The
David Haas G-3498 $2.00
Not by Bread Alone
Donald J. Reagan G-2648 $2.15
O Esca Viatorum
Johann Sebastian Bach G-5429    $1.20
O esca viatorum
G-2297 $1.80
O esca viatorum
Henrich Isaac / Leonard Lechner G-4983    $1.80
O sacrum convivium
Giovanni Croce G-4574    $2.00
Our Blessing-Cup - Guitar edition
Ian Callanan G-7223G $4.50
Our Blessing-Cup - Instrument edition
Ian Callanan G-7223INST $4.00
Panis Angelicus
César Franck G-5243 $4.00
Panis Angelicus
César Franck G-5244 $4.00
Panis Angelicus
César Franck G-5245    $4.00
Panis angelicus
César Franck G-5572    $2.00
Solemnities of the Lord during the Seasons of the Year—Alleluia and Verses (Gospel Acclamation)
John Schiavone G-2499 $2.50
Take and Eat This Bread
Verses for General, Advent, Christmas.
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-3768 $1.50
The Living Bread of God
Text by David Haas.
Kate Cuddy G-3697 $2.00
This Is the Bread
M. D. Ridge G-3029 $0.80
Very Bread
Sing this one on Holy Thursday and again on the Body and Blood of Christ.
Randolph N. Currie G-2422 $1.80
We Feel Your Presence, Lord
Jeremy Young G-3106 $2.15
We Gather in Worship
In a gospel style. Text By Sylvia Dunstan.
Bob Moore G-3861 $1.00
We Remember You
This piece defies the assumption that two-part mixed settings are less than complete.
Lowell Everson / Gene Grier G-5373    $1.50
How Can I Repay the Lord
James Chepponis G-3383 $2.00
How Holy This Feast
Michael H. Hay G-4905    $1.30
How Shall I Repay the Lord?
Eugene Englert G-5202    $1.30
I Will Walk in the Presence of God (Psalm 116)
Gary Daigle / Rory Cooney G-3410 $2.15
Our Blessing-Cup
Ian Callanan G-7223    $2.00
Seed That Died for Us, The
Lynn M. Trapp G-5233    $2.15
The Hand of the Lord
Latin text from sequence for Corpus Christi; English text from Psalm 145.
Randolph N. Currie G-2755 $1.40
What Return Can I Make to the Lord—Psalm 115(116)
Charles E. Conley G-2528 $3.50
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