Music By Date for Third Sunday of Advent

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= Highly Suggested

Title Composer Edition # pdf/mp3 Price Qty  
A Voice in the Desert
Ronald A. Nelson G-5742    $2.00
A Voice in the Desert | Download Edition
Ronald A. Nelson D-5742    $2.00
A Voice in the Wilderness
Francis D. Heins G-5794    $2.00
A Voice Proclaims
John L. Bell G-5499 $2.15
Advent Herald, The
This music is a perfect match for Brian Wren’s unconventional text about John the Baptist;
Rory Cooney G-4972    $1.20
Awake, O Sleeper
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-5458 $1.75
Cry Out with Joy and Gladness
Leon C. Roberts G-4602    $1.50
G-9467 $1.80
In the Holy Temple
Christian Cosas G-8510    $2.35
In the Holy Temple - Guitar edition
Christian Cosas G-8510G $8.50
Know That the Lord Is Near
Beautifully lyrical.
David Haas G-4343    $2.15
Let Our Hearts Be Transformed
Lori True G-7839 $2.00
Look toward Christmas
Carlton R. Young G-9043 $2.35
Look toward Christmas - Instrument edition
Carlton R. Young G-9043INST $25.00
Make Straight in the Desert a Highway
Judy Hunnicutt G-3981    $1.10
Marty Haugen G-5756    $1.60
Maranatha, Lord Messiah
Kathy Powell G-4794    $2.15
On Jordan's Bank
A “groovy” arrangement of winchester new.
G-5376    $1.40
On Jordan's Bank the Baptist's Cry
Claudio Monteverdi G-2834 $2.00
On That Day
With expanded coda. A joyful, gospel sound.
Kate Cuddy / Gary Daigle G-5614    $1.70
Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord
James E. Moore G-2880 $1.80
Rejoice in the Lord Alway
John Redford G-2810 $2.15
Rejoice in the Lord Always
Hal H. Hopson G-3323 $0.80
Rejoice in the Lord Always
Joel Martinson G-4450    $2.00
Rejoice in the Lord Always
A strong, penetrating anthem.
Clayton White G-7126    $1.95
Rejoice! Your Blessing's on the Way
M. Roger Holland, II G-8987 $2.35
Rhythm and Rhyme
Timothy Valentine G-6107    $1.50
Song of Isaiah
Richard Proulx G-3305 $2.00
Song of the Baptist
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-5917    $2.15
Stay Awake, the Day Is Coming
G-9014 $2.00
The Advent Herald
Sue Mitchell-Wallace G-3393 $2.15
The Morning Trumpet
Benjamin Franklin White G-7419    $2.25
The Peace of God
David Haas G-5817    $2.00
The Trumpet in the Morning
Rory Cooney G-4970    $2.15
Walk in Peace / Upon This Path
G-8601 $2.00
We Will Rejoice!
Text by Sylvia Dunstan
Roy Hopp G-6356    $2.55
What Must We Do?
Ian Callanan G-7224    $2.00
What Must We Do? - Guitar edition
Ian Callanan G-7224G $5.50
With Joy You Shall Draw Water
Marty Haugen G-3291 $2.00
You Shall Draw Water
Glenn Rudolph G-3691 $2.15
You Will Draw Water Joyfully
Niamh O'Kelly G-6014    $1.50
You Will Draw Water—Isaiah 12
Robert J. Batastini G-2443 $3.50
Advent Communion Antiphons
Russell J Weismann G-8520    $2.15
Among You Is the Holy One
Paul Lisicky G-3680 $1.00
Rejoice Forever
Martin Barry G-7330    $1.60
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