Music By Date for Third Sunday in Ordinary Time - Third Sunday after the Epiphany

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Title Composer Edition # pdf/mp3 Price Qty  
Called by Christ
This features a Ruth Duck text, which is especially wonderful for confirmation or adult initiation.
Kate Cuddy G-7168    $2.15
Called by Christ - Guitar edition
Kate Cuddy G-7168G    $5.50
Come and Follow Me
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-4514    $2.00
Come Follow Me
You’ll find many uses for this easy anthem.
John Leavitt G-3028 $2.00
Come Follow Me Forever
Some wonderful 18th-century Haydn arranged into a hymn of praise and discipleship.
Patrick Liebergen / Johann Michael Haydn G-5387    $2.00
Gathered for God
John L. Bell G-8509    $2.00
Gathered for God - Guitar edition
John L. Bell G-8509G $5.50
Gathered for God - Instrument edition
John L. Bell G-8509INST $11.00
I Want to Follow Jesus
Text b y Kathleen Thomerson.
Douglas Starr G-3904 $1.10
I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light
Kathleen Thomerson G-2786 $2.00
I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light
Kathleen Thomerson G-8758    $2.25
Look to Christ
Gentle and prayerful song of discipleship
David Haas G-7166    $2.00
Look to Christ - Guitar edition
David Haas G-7166G    $4.00
Rory Cooney G-3974 $1.80
O Love, How Deep
Jane L. Lindner G-6253    $1.50
Remember Your Mercies, Lord
M. Roger Holland, II G-8638 $2.45
Sail the High Sea!
Ian Callanan G-8169    $2.00
Sail the High Sea! - Guitar edition
Ian Callanan G-8169G $5.50
Sail the High Sea! - Instrument edition
Ian Callanan G-8169INST $3.00
The Call
Two popular texts set to a tune everyone leaves humming.
G-5326    $1.80
The Peace of God
Russell Schulz-Widmar G-7395    $2.15
The Summons
Daigle has arranged this popular John Bell discipleship hymn for two voices.
John L. Bell / Gary Daigle G-5410    $2.00
The Summons
G-7111    $2.15
The Summons - Handbells
G-8717 $5.50
The Summons - Instrument edition
G-7111INST $2.50
The Time of Fulfillment: A Lenten Gathering Rite
A GIA classic! Highly successful and popular
James Chepponis G-3906    $2.00
Then Jesus Said . . . - Handbells
Bob Burroughs G-6398    $5.95
To Be Fishers of Women and Men
Kathy Powell G-4486    $2.15
Turn Around
Rory Cooney G-8755 $2.00
Turn Around - Guitar edition
Rory Cooney G-8755G $5.50
Turn Around - Guitar edition | Download Edition
Rory Cooney D-8755G $5.50
Turn Around - Instrument edition
Rory Cooney G-8755INST $3.50
Turn Around - Instrument edition | Download Edition
Rory Cooney D-8755INST $3.50
When Moses Tended Jethro’s Sheep
Karl E. Moyer G-5567    $1.30
Will You Come and Follow Me (The Summons)
Probably John Bell’s most popular hymn.
John L. Bell G-4384    $2.00
Call to Remembrance
based on Psalm 25.
Richard Farrant G-3051 $0.80
Glory of the Lord, The / To You, I Lift My Soul
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-5460 $1.50
I Lift My Soul
Lori True G-6556    $2.00
Lead Me, Lord
Robert J. Powell G-7046    $2.00
Levanto Mi Alma
Donna Peña G-3353 $1.00
Psalm 25: Teach Me Your Ways / Your Ways, O Lord
Paul A. Tate G-6297    $2.00
Psalm 25: Teach Me Your Ways / Your Ways, O Lord - Guitar edition
Paul A. Tate G-6297G $5.50
To You, O God
Robert Lowry / Marty Haugen G-5237    $1.30
To You, O Lord
We can’t imagine Advent without this psalm setting.
Marty Haugen G-2653 $2.15
To You, O Lord, I Lift My Soul
Sam Batt Owens G-3040 $0.90
To You, Yahweh—Psalm 24(25)
Thomas Savoy G-2547 $2.50
Your Ways Are Love and Truth
Carl Johengen G-3996 $3.50
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