Handbells with Voices

Newest Releases

All the Ends of the Earth Fran O'Brien SATB, Cantor, Descant, Asmbly, Acc, Opt. Flute, Bb Tpt, 10 Handbells (7-E) G-5908 1.40

Credo from Mass of the Creator Spirit Ed Nowak SATB, Solo, Asmbly, Piano with Organ, Opt. Insts, 10 or 15 Handbells (25-E/M) G-5755 10.00

Hodie Christus natus est Fran O'Brien Ostinato refrain in Latin, verses in English. SATB, Solo, Opt. Descant, 7 Handbells, Flute, Guitar (2-E) G-5913 1.10

Jubilate Deo Gordon King 2 Mixed or Equal Voices, Acc, Opt. 14 Handbells (6-E) G-5679 1.30

Spirit of God, Dwelling in All (LAMBILLOTTE; VENI CREATOR SPIRITUS) Lynn Trapp Text by Delores Dufner. SATB, Asmbly, Organ, 24 Handbells, Tpt in Bb or C (11-E/M) G-5793 1.50

The Travelers from Nazareth (JOURNEY) Kathleen Wissinger Text by Tamara Raetz; reprint box for SATB hymn. SATB, 27-42 Handbells, Opt. 16 Handchimes (level 3) (1-E; 3-HB3) G-6015 3.95

Why Has God Forsaken Me? Taihei Sato, arr. Jane Marshall Text by W. L. Wallace. Beautiful setting of an Asian tune. SATB, 13 Handbells (6-E/M) G-5178 1.30

Selected Favorites

All Glory, Laud and Honor Arr. Richard Proulx Rhythmic reconstruction from 10th-century manuscript by Schola Antiqua Inc. Unison, Opt. Acc. or 10 Handbells, Percussion (2-E) G-2915 .90

At the Dawn of Creation: Blessing of Water and Baptismal Acclamation Marty Haugen Presider, Cantor, Asmbly,Acc, Opt. SATB, Percussion, 3 Handbells (10-E) G-4844 1.40

Blessed Be God, Who Chose You in Christ James Chepponis Expanded version. SATB, Cantor, Acc, Opt. Asmbly, Brass Quartet, Flute/Oboe, 13 Handbells, Timpani (17-E) G-3294 1.60

Called as God's Holy People (Lord, You Give the Great Commission) James Chepponis SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Acc, Opt. 2 Tpts, 2 Tbns, Timp, Susp. Cymbal, 19 Handbells. (14-E) G-3618 1.30

Carillon Mass Richard Proulx SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Handbells, Tamb, Triangle, (19-E / M) G-2067 2.25

Christmas Day (quotes "I Saw Three Ships") Arr. David Haas Unison, Solo, Guitar, Acc, Opt. 2 C Inst, Handbells (6-E) G-5207 1.30

Christmastime Alleluia (based on ADESTE FIDELES) James Chepponis You may never sing another Alleluia at Christmastime once you've done this one. Cantor, Asmbly, Acc, Opt. SATB, Guitar, Bb or C Instr, 18 Handbells (4-E) G-4453 1.30

Come to the Stable Carol Browning, SATB, Guitar, Acc, Opt. 9 Handbells, Flute, Oboe, Cello (10-E) G-5421 1.40

Ding Dong Merrily on High Arr. David Haas SATB, Solo, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. 2 C Inst, 22 Handbells (10-E) G-5214 1.40

Eastertime Psalm: Psalms for Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost James Chepponis Cantor, Asmbly, Acc, Opt. SATB, 2 Tpts, 23 Handbells (9-E) G-3907 1.40

Festive Litany of the Saints Robert Hutmacher C/C/S, 4 Cantors, 13 Handbells G-3090 4.00

For the Music of Creation (TANYARD LANE) Sally Ann Morris SATB, Asmbly, Tpt (Bb or C), Acc, Opt. 15 Handbells (7-E) G-4896 1.40

Gathering Rite: Gather Us In Marty Haugen SATB, Presider, Cantor, Acc, Opt. Guitar, 2 Woodwinds in C, 5 Handbells (10-E) G-4641 1.40

Great Joy David Haas SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. 20 Handbells, 2 C Inst. (5-E) G-5210 1.30

Hodie Christus (Latin & Eng.) Michael M. Birkley 2 Equal or Mixed Voices, Acc. or 22 Handbells (6-E) G-5391 1.30

Hodie Christus natus est Arr. Marty Haugen A Renaissance hymn authentically arranged. Unison or Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, 6 Handbells or Glockenspiel, Woodwind in C, Opt. SATB, Finger Cymbals, Hand Drum, Tambourine, Triangle (5-E) G-3682 1.30

Holy God, We Praise Thy Name (GROSSER GOTT) Arr. Brian Zuar A bright, fresh arrangement of an old favorite. SATB, Asmbly, Brass Quartet, Timpani, 6 Handbells (or Orch. Chimes), Organ (10-E) G-5328 1.40

Lenten Proclamation James Chepponis A bestseller! 3 Voice Choir, 11 Handbells (4-E) G-2761 1.20

Lord, You Give the Great Commission (ABBOT'S LEIGH) Cyril Taylor, arr. Marty Haugen SATB, Asmbly, Descant, Acc, 2 Tpts, 2 Tbns, Timp, 20 Handbells (19-M) G-3200 1.60

Maranatha, Come Francis O'Brien Try this one, you'll love it! SAB, Asmbly, Cantor, Acc, Opt. Flute, 7 Handbells (5-E) G-4526 1.30

O God, beneath Your Hand Clark Kimberling Text by Herman Stuempfle. SATB, 4 Handbells (7-E) G-5540 1.30

O God, Who at the Dawn of Time Clark Kimberling Text by Herman Stuempfle. SATB, 7 Handbells (6-M) G-5541 1.30

On the Feast of Stephen (TEMPUS ADEST FLORIDUM) Arr. Michael Pavone SATB, 6 Handbells (5-E) G-3713 1.20

Ostinato Alleluia James Chepponis SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Acc, Opt. 2 Tpts, 2 Tbns, 13 Handbells, Tamb. (8-E) G-2859 .80

Praise the Lord, You Children Richard Proulx 1 or 2 Treble Voices, 4 Handbells (2-E) G-5435 1.10

Processional Psalm for a Festive Occasion, A Peter Hallock SATB, 14 Handbells, Percussion (8-E) G-2459 .90

Sanctus from A Community Mass Richard Proulx SATB, or SAB, or TTB, or SSA Voices, Acc, Opt. 4 Handbells (7-E) G-2922 1.40

Sing a Round of Praise Hal Hopson Canon in 3 parts. Acc, Opt. 15 Handbells (8-E) G-2486 1.40

Sing and Rejoice Sam Batt Owens Good for children. Unison, 7 Handbells, Organ (3-E) G-5529 1.10

Six Alleluia Canons for Christmas or General Use David Hurd SATB, Acc, Opt. Handbells (5-E) G-3149 .90

Song of the Church Robert Hutmacher Cantor, 2 Voice Choir, Asmbly, Acc, 14 Handbells (14-E) G-2622 .80

Star-Child David Haas SATB, Solo, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. 18 Handbells (14-E) G-5230 1.50

Strike Up the Instruments: Canticle of Judith James Chepponis Unison, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. Descant, Bb or C Inst, 18 Handbells, Percussion (6-E) G-4330 1.20

Sussex Carol Pamela M. Kane 2 Equal Voices, 12 Handbells, Orff Inst (Bass Xylophone, Sopr. Glockenspiel), C Inst. (7-E) G-5546 1.30

Thanksgiving Peter Stapleton SAB, Acc, Flute, 15 Handbells (13-E) G-2672 .90

The God Who Sends Us Forth John Foley SATB, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. Bass, Handbells (9-E) G-3933 1.10

The Hills Are Hushed This Night of Nights Clark Kimberling Text by Herman Stuempfle. SATB, 4 Handbells (5-E) G-5542 1.30

The Light of Christ Marty Haugen Unison, Cantor, Asmbly, Acc, Opt. 2 Tpts, 2 Tbns, 15 Handbells (10-E) G-2661 1.40

This Dark Hour Douglas Wagner Beautifully reinforces the Passion reading. SATB, Narrator, 18 Handbells (5-E) G-2284 1.30

Three Processionals for Four Bells and Voices Processional Psalm - Christmas Processional - Pentecost Processional Richard Proulx Dramatic results with minimal effort. 2 Mixed or Equal Voices, Asmbly, 4 Handbells (6-E) G-4982 1.40

Two Antiphons for Funerals Kevin Keil "Song of Commendation": SA(T)B, Acc, Opt. Asmbly, Flute, 14 Handbells; "I Shall See My God": SATB, Asmbly, Cantor, Acc. (6-E) G-3794 1.40

Two Neo-Gothic Carols To Us This Morn a Child Is Born - Ave Mary Russell Schulz-Widmar 2 Equal or Mixed Voices, 6 Handbells. (7-E) G-4741 1.30

Two Pieces for Children's Choir The Spirit of the Lord - Let Your Face Shine Richard Wienhorst Unison, Acc, or 14/10 Handbells (8-E) G-3364 .90

Two Plainsong Gloria Settings with Handbells Antiphonal Gloria (John Lee) - Responsorial Gloria (Mass VIII) Arr. Richard Proulx 2 Mixed Voices or Unison, Asmbly, 7/7 Handbells (4-E) G-3638 1.30

We Are God's People: Gathering and Sprinkling Rite David Haas SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Presider, Guitar, Acc, Opt. 2 C Inst, 15 Handbells. (7-E) G-4992 1.30

With Songs of Jubilation James Chepponis SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Acc, Opt. Brass Quartet, Percussion, 24 Handbells (6-E) G-4223 1.30

Wonder and Joy Douglas Wagner 2 Voice Choir, 14 Handbells (3-E) G-2425 .80

You Are My Shepherd (Psalm 23) David Haas SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. C Inst, Cello, 20 Handbells. (9-E) G-4994 1.40

Note: Some titles require handbell parts to be ordered separately.