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Roman Catholic Hymnals

Cross Generation
The church is forever creating new sounds and new songs! New composers are developing a new repertoire in a fresh contemporary style, and GIA is proud to contribute to this creative energy and effort with the publication of Cross Generation. We gathered distinguished pastoral musicians who combed the popular resources available today and chose the very best songs currently in use in contemporary worship settings. But Cross Generation is more than just a collection of terrific music: it is a truly effective tool to assist worshipers and seekers alike in the ongoing process of catechesis. View Index of Titles & Composers for Cross Generation.
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RitualSong Hymnal
RitualSong combines the best of Worship and Gather as well as material from additional sources into one glorious hymnal! Unlike Gather Comprehensive. The music styles are also more balanced with approximately 50% contemporary-style music and 50% classical-style music.

Gather Comprehensive
contains all of Gather--Second Edition plus 250 classical (i.e., organ-based or traditional) hymns added. The mix is about 70% contemporary and 30% traditional. RitualSong contains much, but not all, of Gather and more (including more contemporary) organ-based music. The mix is about 50:50. Learn More



Gather Comprehensive
Inside Gather Comprehensive are the entire contents of Gather—Second Edition plus 230 hymns, psalms, and service music selections designed to be accompanied on the organ. The organ-based material was chosen from the more familiar works written in that musical style, resulting in a hymnal that is ideal for parishes who tend to use more contemporary music, but still enjoy some traditional hymnody. This hymnal contains approximately 70% contemporary-style music and 30% classical-style music. Learn More




Gather Comprehensive - Second Edition
Keeping with our mission to provide you with the finest hymnals possible, GIA surveyed people currently using Gather Comprehensive. These people told us what music they did and did not use and offered a wide range of valuable comments. We are extremely grateful to these individuals for their practical insight and experience! While the original Gather Comprehensive is more of a songbook with some ritual music, this Second Edition is a complete hymnal and service book in the fullest sense of the term. It is truly a “comprehensive” hymnal offering the songs, hymns, psalmody, and service music so well loved in today’s parishes, along with the very best in new liturgical music! Learn More



Gather Comprehensive - Second Edition, Softbound
While many of our customers are currently purchasing hardbound hymnals, some are hesitant because they simply do not know when the changes to the Order of Mass will take effect. GIA understands your needs. Some parishes have hymnals that require immediate replacing. Still other parishes think that a hardbound hymnal is too costly but would love the convenience, stability, economic value, and most importantly the quality music selections that a permanent resource provides. Learn More






Worship Third Edition
• Nearly 500 Scripture-based hymns, psalms, canticles, carols, and songs
• The most complete service book available
• Complete rites of the Church
• Updated hymn texts (all but certain classics are modern)
• Available with or without Sunday readings

The GIA hymnal containing music in a classical style. Consisting of time-honored favorites and contemporary organ-based tunes and texts, this book will satisfy any parish’s need for traditional repertoire. Learn More


Gather - Second Edition
Treat your congregation to the best collection of contemporary church music ever assembled!

• Nearly twice as many selections as the original Gather
• Music by the most widely-sung contemporary composers of our day
• Music from the world church
• Eight convenient indexes for careful liturgy planning

The perfect companion for Worship—Third Edition, Gather—Second Edition contains music written in a “folk” or contemporary style that is intended to be accompanied on the piano or guitar. Learn More


Catholic Community
While this hymnal is smaller, containing just over 400 total selections, Catholic Community Hymnal is very complete. The contents were chosen with great care, resulting in a book filled with the mostly widely sung selections in today’s parishes. In the GIA tradition, the music of other publishers is happily represented alongside GIA favorites. Not only is it compact; this hymnal is also less expensive. If your parish has never owned a hardbound worship aid, this book is for you! Save your parish thousands of dollars for years to come! Learn More




Lead Me, Guide Me
Produced under the auspices of the National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus, prepared by an outstanding committee of African-American liturgists and musicians headed by the late Most Reverend James P. Lyke, OFM, PhD, and dedicated to Father Clarence Joseph Rivers, Lead Me, Guide Me is a complete hymnal and service book designed to give African-American Catholics a worship aid that draws from the music of the African-American religious tradition as well as past and contemporary music familiar to Catholics. Learn More




Singing Our Faith
A complete hymnal/songbook for school liturgies and catechetical settings, containing titles children love to sing from the GIA repertoire as well as the works of other publishers and composers. Designed for children ages 7-12, this hymnal contains timeless music that children will remember and treasure for a lifetime. The hymns are organized according to the church year, and then follow the themes suggested by the National Catechetical Committee - namely, creation, God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, the Church, Christian morality, the sacraments, and salvation history. Additional sections for the Blessed Virgin Mary and angels and saints are also included. Learn More




Sunday's Word
Sunday’s Word contains all the readings for Sundays and major feasts, entrance antiphons and communion antiphons for Sundays, and six approved eucharistic prayers, as well as the approved Guimont responsorial psalms and a special section of prayers. The weekday section includes the entrance antiphon, response, gospel verse, and communion antiphon for all feasts, memorials, and weekdays of the year. Attractive and durable, printed on clean white paper (no newsprint), this annual book features an easy-to-read 6 1/4” x 9 1/4” format. All this in an expanded 250 page book—with the same low price!
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Hymnal for Catholic Students
In response to the question, What should every Catholic child learn as part of their developing worship experience? the publishers set out to create a liturgy program for children that will ultimately prepare them to become adult members of the faith community. Used with the leader's guide published by Liturgy Training Publications, Hymnal for Catholic Students will help parishes graduate young adults who are well prepared to step into the adult worshiping community. Learn More


Hymnal for the Hours
This hymnal, for communities that celebrate the daily office, is a collection of 316 hymns prepared by a committee of poets, liturgists, and musicians from various religious communities of women and men under the chairmanship of Andrew D. Ciferni, O. Praem. This is a collection of carefully edited hymns for morning, evening, and general use throughout the entire church year. One hardcover edition contains all harmonies and accompaniments. Learn More


Gather - First Edition
First published in 1988, this first edition of our "contemporary" music hymnal set new standards for quality and diversity of musical styles and composers. Learn More



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