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Hymnal Design and Layout

Each hymnal begins with the Liturgy of the Hours. In this section, you will find complete settings for sung Morning Prayer/Lauds, Evening Prayer/Vespers, and Night Prayer/Compline.

The Psalter that follows has been carefully designed to provide a responsorial setting for every Sunday in the entire three-year cycle, as well as for major feasts and the Triduum. Many of the Psalms may be used as entrance or communion processionals.

The sections that follow address themselves to the Rites of the Church. A complete Order of Worship is outlined for Christian Initiation of Adults, Baptism, Anointing of the Sick, Funeral Mass, and Reconciliation.

The Order of the Mass is laid out complete with musical settings both classical and contemporary (Sprinkling, Kyrie, Gloria, Gospel Acclamation, Intercessions, Eucharistic Prayer Acclamations, The Lord's Prayer, Lamb of God, and Dismissal) along with explanations at every section so that even the occasional church-goer may fully participate. This section is followed by numerous complete sung settings of the Mass, along with another section of service music drawn from various sources providing ample selections for each part of the Mass.

This brings us to the most complete collection of hymns and songs available. This section has been carefully laid out to reflect how we pray and celebrate our faith, beginning with the church year. The editors worked diligently to include the best material that can be found to help communities sing the themes, focus and messages of the liturgical seasons, from Advent to Pentecost. All seasons and feasts, including the important days of the Pascal Triduum are well represented. Further background on the organization of hymns can be found on another sheet in this section.

All GIA hymnals conclude with numerous indexes explained fully in the next section below.

Extensive Scholarly Indexes

GIA hymnals are highly respected for their scholarly indexes. The Scripture Passages Related to Hymns, Liturgical and Topical indexes form the heart of this portion of every book. Here you will find indispensable tools that will assist you in developing a parish community that does not just sing at liturgy, but sings the liturgy. Hymns and songs containing scripture references are at your fingertips, along with items suitable for every season, feast, rite, and topic related to the church year. Refer to these indexes after studying the scriptures of the day and you will be sure to find suitable songs for every occasion. The indexes were compiled by Rev. Robert Oldershaw, presbyter of the Archdiocese of Chicago. It is, not doubt, his experience as a parish priest and pastoral musician and his commitment to and love of the Church's liturgy that make him uniquely qualified to assemble these pages.

The remaining indexes will also assist you in your work as a parish musician. The Acknowledgement Index lists the copyright owners for all the material found in the hymnals. When you desire to reproduce anything from the hymnal, it is important that you contact the individual owners of each item. The GIA Reprint License covers only those items controlled by GIA Publications, Inc.. Items not listed in the Acknowledgment Index are considered "public domain" items and may be reproduced without permission. The Hymns and Psalms for the Church Year Index is a listing of the approved translations or adapted texts of the psalms for use at liturgy that are appropriate for the Sunday or feast in question. The Index of Composers, Authors and Sources stands as a tribute to the talented people whose creative work will be found in the hymnal, a "Who's Who" of artists from around the world who give the Church music to praise God.

The Metrical Index of Tunes affords the user the option of singing a text that is suitable for a particular day to a familiar tune when the printed tune is unfamiliar. Each metrical designation contains a list of tune names. In most cases, each tune listed is compatible for singing with all the texts of the same metrical designation. For example the CM COMMON METER - 8 6 8 6 designation lists, among others, the tunes SHANTI and CHRISTIAN LOVE. Both texts "We Walk by Faith" and "Where Charity and Love Prevail" may be sung with either of these tunes, as well as the other common meter tunes. Meter designations can be found at the bottom of each song in the tune line of the ascriptions. It should be noted that texts with identical meters might have stresses that are not compatible with tunes of the same meter.

Every item of service music in the hymnal is available at a glance for handy reference in the Index of Service Music.

The Index of First Lines and Common Titles was placed at the back of the book for convenience in locating any hymn or song within the hymnal. Many items can be located by various means: actual title, first line, or other common title. For example, Michael Joncas's "On Eagle's Wings" is listed as "You Who Dwell," "On Eagle's Wings," and also "Eagle's Wings". You'll find the psalms listed under both psalm reference as well as text. The placement and care given to the compilation of this index should make it easy to quickly locate any song or hymn in the book.

Auxiliary Planning Tools

In addition to the indexes of the hymnal, GIA also offers two other services to assist those charged with the preparation of liturgy in their community. The GIA Quarterly journal highlights particular hymns in its pages devoted to upcoming Sundays and major feasts. Precentor offers the pastoral musician and liturgist a convenient database software program that provides search capabilities for the hymns, songs, psalmody and related information from this and other hymnals.

Lectionary and Psalter

GIA Hymnals are available with or without readings. Gather, Second Edition is not available with readings as this book was published as a supplement to Worship. Editions with readings contain musical selections of the Responsorial Psalm. The selections in Worship, Third Edition incorporate the settings from the Gelineau Psalter, while the settings in Gather Comprehensive, RitualSong and Catholic Community Hymnal include Lectionary Psalms by Michel Guilmont Remember that each book has yet another complete section of psalms in responsorial form at your disposal!

If your community desires to have copies of the Sunday readings in the pews, another option to consider is Sunday's Word. In addition to the readings for Sundays and major feasts, this small, durable, and affordable book contains the entrance antiphons, responsorial psalms found in Lectionary Psalms by Michel Guimont, along with communion antiphons, and all nine eucharistic prayers. Published annually, Sunday's Word begins with the First Sunday of Advent and ends with the feast of Christ the King. Further information is available in the enclosed full-color Diverse Music for a Diverse Church brochure.

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