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Hymnals is a remarkable app that brings all the elements of your favorite hymnal–and more–right to your iPad. The app is free – through it you can purchase the following best-selling Roman Catholic hymnals from GIA Publications, Inc. using an in-app purchase.

  • Gather - Third Edition for Pew, Choir, Guitar, Keyboard, C Instrument, and B flat Instrument
  • Worship - Fourth Edition for Pew, Choir, Guitar, Keyboard, C Instrument, and B flat Instrument
  • Gather Comprehensive - Second Edition both Pew and Choir
  • Lead Me, Guide Me - Second Edition Pew
  • Oramos Cantando - We Pray In Song Pew and Guitar
  • Guimont Lectionary Psalms
  • More to come

Hymnals offers the complete contents of your hymnal in a compact, lightweight form–no more dragging around multiple hymnals and service binders! The app is perfect for choir members or churchgoers. Swipe or tap to easily page through hymns, or create and manage your own Service Lists! The music and words are crystal clear. With Hymnals, you can:

  • The free app includes three sample hymns
  • Download your hymnal via in-app purchase (requires an Internet connection)
  • Quickly search for hymns by title or hymn number
  • Import your own supplemental music PDF files from your Dropbox account
  • Create your own service lists
  • Arrange your service list and display it in song order
  • Share your service list with other Hymnal App users
  • Listen to audio samples if available (requires an Internet connection)
  • Easily purchase full track records from the iTunes Store if available (requires an Internet connection)
  • Zoom in or out without blurring
  • View hymns in both portrait or the wider landscape mode
  • Easily toggle to full-screen mode to see the entire hymn page
  • Type, Write or Draw on each hymn in annotation mode
  • Turn pages with AirTurn and PageFlip Bluetooth pedals

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