African American Church Music Series
This series celebrates the music of the African American Church, featuring today's leading African American composers. Dr. James Abbington, Executive Editor.

Ars Antiqua Choralis Series
Music of the older masters, composed before 1800, presented in modern editions and suitable for today's choirs and liturgy.

  Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Music Series
GIA has partnered with The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, directed by John Witvliet, to bring you a very distinguished series of fine choral anthems, edited by Pearl Shangkuan. The center's unique inspiration consists of a focus for liturgical renewal within the Reformed tradition and beyond.

Cantor/Congregation Series
An extended series of sheet music intended for use by cantor and assembly. Reprint boxes for the assembly are included in each edition.

  Celebration Series
This series contains some of the music most widely sung in the Church today, featuring piano and guitar accompaniment. Included in this series are the popular Psalms for the Church Year collections.

  GIA Choral Classics
A series that breathes new life into the hidden treasures in our catalog! These editions are re-edited, re-engraved, and reprinted for discovery by a whole new generation of pastoral musicians.


GIA Choral Series
Our largest series, the source of high quality choral music in a wide variety of styles for churches of all Christian denominations.


Evoking Sound Choral Series
The Evoking Sound Choral Series presents high quality editions for accomplished choirs and includes both sacred and secular choral music. The series represents new editions of standard repertoire as well as newly composed pieces. Each piece is edited by Dr. Jordan with singers in mind and includes performance practice suggestions. It is our goal that the Evoking Sound Choral Series will not only provide excellent choral literature for church and performance use, but also provide accessible literature to choirs that will help to enhance their vocal technique.

Ritual Prayer Series
This series includes settings of service music texts, as well as settings intended to accompany various rites.


  Royal School of Church Music
GIA proudly serves as the American publisher for the Royal School of Church Music from the United Kingdom. Here you'll find newer titles reprinted in American editions, and older titles available in their European editions.

This series features the music of both established GIA composers as well as new artists, music that is sure to lighten, enliven, and certainly inspire your worship!

  Christmas Series