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When Love is Found

Jeanne Cotter and David Haas

Includes: When Love Is Found • We Will Serve the Lord • In Love We Choose to Live (G-4080) • Bridegroom and Bride • Love One Another • God Beyond Glory • We Have Been Told (G-2662) • God the All Holy • Where There Is Love • Seek First the Kingdom (G-3955) • The Servant Song (G-4995) • Faith, Hope, and Love (G-3702) • Come and Journey with Me (G-4082) • There Is One Body • Love Is the Sunlight • Blest Are They (G-2958) • Psalm 33: The Earth Is Full of Beauty • Psalm 34: The Goodness of God (G-3456) • Psalm 103: The Lord Is Kind and Merciful (G-4081/1.30) • Psalm 112: God's Command • Psalm 128: Happy Are They Who Honor the Lord • Psalm 145: Our God Is Compassion • Psalm 148: Let All Praise the Name of the Lord • Psalm 33: Blessed Are We • Instrumental Procession: Love Is the Sunlight • Rite of Marriage I: No Longer Two o Rite of Marriage II: Mighty Spirit • Nuptial Blessing: May You Be Filled • Wedding Blessing I: O God, Send Your Blessing • Wedding Blessing II: Mighty Spirit • Wedding Blessing III: God Be with You.

Edition # Title
G-3745 When Love Is Found
Edition # Title
G-3745A When Love Is Found - Organ Edition
Edition # Title
G-3745C When Love Is Found-Choir Edition
Edition # Title
G-3745P When Love Is Found - Presider Edition
Edition # Title
G-3745W When Love Is Found - Workbook
Edition # Title
G-3745K When Love Is Found - Kit
Edition # Title
G-3745CD When Love Is Found - CD
Edition # Title
G-3745CS When Love Is Found - Double Cassette


Pachelbel's Canon in D and Gathered in the Love of Christ

Marty Haugen

Marty Haugen's Instrumental version of popular canon for oboe, flute, cello, keyboard, guitar, followed by original hymn text and tune based on canon for cantor(s), assembly, and above instruments. Use together or independently.

"Gathered in the Love of Christ"

Edition # Title
G-4858 Pachelbel's Canon in D and Gathered in the Love of Christ
D-4858 Pachelbel's Canon in D and Gathered in the Love of Christ | Download Edition


Vocal Solos for Weddings

Alleluia and Verses forChristmas, Easter, Ordinary Time, Last Weeks in Ordinary Time, and Weddings - VERDI C/C/S, Lectionary Nos. 15, 164-1, 303-8,509-2, 777-2&4. Acc. G-2065 2.00

Ave Maria (Lat.) SCHUBERT (arr. PROULX) High solo voice, key of B-flat, Piano (5-E) G-5687 4.00

Ave Maria (Lat.) SCHUBERT (arr. PROULX) Medium solo voice, key of A-flat, Piano (5-E) G-5688 4.00

Behold, Thus Is the Man Blessed FERRIS Solo High Voice, Acc. (4-M) G-1475 1.75

Bless, O Lord, These Rings Joseph Roff Solo or 2 Voices, Acc. (3-E) G-1609 3.00

Blest Be the Tie That Binds (boylston) Lowell Mason, arr. Lynn L. Petersen Low to medium, Piano (5-E) G-5368 4.00

Build We a House HAAN Vocal Solo, Acc. (3-E) G-4102 3.50

By My Side Thomas Porter Acc, Opt.Guitar (3-E/M) G-3357 4.00

I Hear My Beloved K. POWELL Solo, Flute, Guitar, Acc. (2-E) G-4487 4.00

I Will Greatly Rejoice in theLord HILLER C/C/S, Acc, Opt.Flute G-2954 3.00

Instrumental Part G-2954-INST 2.00

Lord, May Their Lives Robert J. Carroll Medium Voice,Acc. (2-E) G-1601 3.00

Lord's Prayer, The Richard Proulx MediumVoice, Acc. (2-E) G-1705 2.00

Love in Christ Is Strong and Living (dorothy) R. C. Schultz, arr. Lynn L. Petersen Medium Voice, Piano (3-E) G-5367 3.50

May Your Faithful Love Be uponUs (Psalm 33) PORTER C/C/S, Acc, Opt. Flute, Guitar G-3356 2.50

O Perfect Love Robert E. Kreutz Vocal Solo or Duet, Medium Voice, Acc. or Guitar (2-E) G-2444 3.00

One in Heart and One in Mind Johann Sebastian Bach, arr. Joseph Roff Medium Voice, Acc. (6-M) G-1970 3.50

Our Love Is Precious Jeremy Young High Voice, Acc. (4-E) G-3080 3.00

Psalm 32(33) - "The Earth IsFull" KREUTZ C/C/S, Lectionary No.776-1, Acc. G-2490 3.00

Psalm (102)103 - For Weddings:"He Crowns You with Love" CONLEY C/C/S,Acc. G-2527 3.00

Psalm (111) 112:49 "A Light Rises in the Darkness" PROULX C/C/S, Acc. G-3461 3.50

Psalm (127)128 - "Happy AreThose Who Fear the Lord" - "May the Lord Bless Us" - "Happy Are Those Who Fearthe Lord" - "See How the Lord Blesses Those Who Fear Him" CHEPPONIS C/C/S, All Lectionary uses, Acc, Opt. Guitar, Flute or Oboe G-2858 4.00

Psalm (135)136 - "O Give Thanksto the Lord" ISELE C/C/S, Acc. G-3001 3.00

Psalm (144)145: The Lord IsCompassionate J. SMITH C/C/S, Lectionary No. 776, Acc. G-3493 3.00

Sacred Trust Robert E. Kreutz Medium Voice, Acc. (3-E/M) G-1870 3.00

The Lord Bless You and Keep You BUTLER-MOORE Vocal Solo, Acc. (3-E) G-3822 3.00

This Love, O Christ Randall Sensmeier Acc, Opt. Flute (3-E) G-4164 3.50

Unity Candle Song, The Raymond Haan Low/Medium Voice, Acc. (2-E) G-2230 3.50

Unseen God, Your Hand Has Guided Randall Sensmeier Oboe, Organ (5-E) G-5533 4.00

Wedding at Cana, The Robert E. Kreutz Vocal Soloor Duet, 2 Mixed Voices (3-E) G-2394 3.00

Wedding Psalm: Happy Are Those LAGINYA C/C/S, Acc. (E/M-3) G-4712 3.50

Wedding Song Ralph C. Verdi Medium Voice, Acc. (3-M) G-2945 2.95; High Voice G-1809 3.00

Wedding Song, A J.Robert Carroll Medium Voice, Acc. (2-E) G-1917 3.00


Choral Highlights for Weddings


At the Table of Christ Jesus HAUGEN 2 Mixed Voices, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar,Acc. (4-E) G-4846 1.30

Ave Maria BACH/GOUNOD (ed.PROULX) SATB, Harp or Keyboard, Opt.String Quintet and Organ G-5416 1.30

Full Score and Parts G-5416-INST 20.00

Full Score G-5416-FS 8.00

Ave Maria (Lat.) SCHUBERT (arr. PROULX) SATB, Soprano Solo, Piano or Harp, Opt. Organ (8-E/M) G-5573 1.40

Benediction CarolBrowning SATB, Asmbly, Guitar, C Inst, Acc. (5-E) G-4809 1.30

Bless the Lord, O My Soul HANDEL (arr.MATARANGLO) SAB, Acc. (5-E) G-3796 1.00

Blessed Are You GUIMONT SATB, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. C Instr. (5-E) G-3690 1.00

Blessing Prayer HAAS SATB, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. 2 CInstr. (5-E) G-3699 1.30

Blest Are They HAAS One of the very biggest hits in the GIA catalog! Unison or SAB, Asmbly, Acc, 2 C Inst, Guitar (9-E) G-2958 1.40

Set of Instrumental Parts G-2958-INST 4.00

Blest Are Those Who Love You Marty Haugen SAB or Unison, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar,Acc. (3-E) G-3336 1.30

Blest Be the Tie That Binds NORRIS SAB, Acc. (4-E) G-2621 .60

Call, The John Leavitt 2 Voices, Acc. (3-E) G-3081 .80

Come and Eat This Living Bread (adoro te devote) GLOVER Fresh, vibrant setting of an old favorite. SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Acc, Opt. Guitar, Bb Instr, Oboe, Violin, Cello, 8-9 Handbells, Orff Instrs. (4-E) G-4586 1.40

Set of Bb and Bass Instrumental Parts G-4586-INST 4.00

Come and Journey with Me HAAS Unison or Solo, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc. (4-E) G-4082 1.30

Come Down, O Love Divine SANTANGELO SATB, Acc. (8-E) G-32 .90

Come to the Table TonyAlonso SAT(B), Asmbly, Guitar,Piano (5-E) G-5606 1.30

Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life Don Muro SATB, Acc. (5-E) G-3277 1.20 Covenant Hymn (Wherever You Go) Gary Daigle Unison, Asmbly,Guitar, Acc, Opt. C Instr, Cello (14-E) G-3977 1.40

?ATB, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. Flute, Oboe,2 Violins, Cello (11-E) G-4017 1.50

Deep Down in My Soul HAAS SATB or Unison, Descant, Cantor, Asmbly,Guitar, Acc. (9-E) G-3953 1.40

Every Morning in Your Eyes: Psalm for Weddings Rory Cooney SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar, Flute, Acc, Opt. String Quartet (4-E) G-4112 1.20

Faith, Hope, and Love Daniel Meyer SSA, Piano (6-E/M) G-5175 1.30

Faith, Hope, and Love Francis O'Brien SA(T)B, Descant,Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. Flute G-5447 1.30

Faith, Hope, and Love HAAS SATB, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. C Instr. (3-E) G-3702 1.30

Faithful God David Haas Unison, Descant, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. C Inst. (4-E) 4 1.30

Gather the Faithful and Lord of All Hopefulness (slane) Arr. J. YOUNG SATB, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. Violin, Percussion (9-E) G-4435 1.40

Set of Percussion Parts (Finger Cymbal, Tambourine) G-4435-INST 6.00

Gathered in the Love of Christ HAUGEN 2 Voices, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. Flute,Oboe, Cello (4-E) G-5066 1.30

God Has Put the Angels in Charge of You JANCO Unison, Descant, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. 2 C Inst. (8-E) G-4215 1.20

God Is Love HAAS SATB or Unison, Cantor, Asmbly, Acc, Guitar,Opt. 2 C Inst. (4-E) G-3209 .80

God Is Love: Canticle of Christian Unity (mandatum) Richard Proulx Unison, Sopr. Descant, Acc, Opt. Cong. (3-E) G-3010 1.00

God Is Love: Communion Processional (mandatum) PROULX Communion refrain rescored for cantor or cantor/choir and assembly. SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Oboe, Acc. (6-E) G-4853 1.30

Instrumental Part G-4853-INST 3.00

I Am for You Rory Cooney Unison, Solo, Asmbly,Guitar, Acc. (10-E) G-3967 1.50

I Will Praise Your Name COTTER Unison, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc. (3-E) G-4634 1.00

In Love We Choose to Live COTTER 2 Voices, Guitar, Acc, Opt. Asmbly. (5-E) G-4080 1.30

It Is My Prayer HOW 2 or 3 Treble Voices, Acc. (2-E) G-4313 1.20

Let Us Go Rejoicing from The Mass of St. Augustine ROBERTS SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc. (12-M) G-4606 1.30

Lord, It Is Good HAAS 2 Voices, Descant, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar,Acc, Opt. C Instr. (4-E) G-4800 1.30

Love Is Patient Timothy Valentine SATB, Cantor,Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Optional String Quartet (7-E) G-4816 1.30

Love Is Patient and Kind CLUTTERHAM SATB, Acc, Chimes or Handbells (7-E) G-2064 1.00

Love Never Fails David Haas SATB, Cantor, Asmbly,Guitar, Acc, Opt. 7 Handbells (5-E) G-5661 1.30

Love One Another (ewalry) John Bell SAB (3-E) G-5158 1.10

Love One Another James Chepponis Unison Choir with Descant, Asmbly, Acc, Guitar (8-E) G-2615 1.40

Love Poured Down from Heaven ALONSO SATB, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. Flute,Cello (6-E) G-5605 1.30

Set of Instrumental Parts G-5605-INST 4.00

Many Waters Cannot Quench Love John Bell SATB (4-E) G-3848 1.30

May God Bless Us P. GIBSON SATB (4-E) G-3358 .80

May the Light of Christ: A Marriage Blessing James Chepponis Unison, Guitar, Acc, Opt. Asmbly, Descant, CInstr. (6-E) G-3751 1.00

My Song Will Be for You Forever HAAS SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. CInst, Horn in F, Cello (or Bassoon), 23 Handbells (11-E) G-4336 1.50

Set of Instrumental Parts G-4336-INST 6.00

Set of Handbell Parts G-4336-HB 10.00

No Greater Love Michael Joncas SATB or Unison, Asmbly, Piano, Guitar, Opt. Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, 2 Bb Trumpets, 2 Horns in F, 2 Trombones, Tuba, 5 Strings, Harp, 3 Timpani (11-M) G-3141 1.50

No Greater Love Than This GUIMONT SATB (or Solo), Solo, Asmbly, Acc. (10-E) G-3687 1.10

Not for Tongues of Heaven's Angels Michael Joncas SAB or Unison, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. 2 C Instr. (8-E) G-3158 1.40

Nothing Can Keep Us from God's Love David Haas 3 Equal or Mixed Voices, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. C Inst. (4-E) G-5816 1.30

Nuptial Blessing, A Michael Joncas SATB, Presider orCantor(s), Asmbly, Organ, Opt. Bb Trumpet (10-E) G-3272 1.20

O God, Whose Loving Hand Adrian Self 2 Mixed Voices,Acc. (3-E) G-4197 1.10

O Taste and See HAUGEN SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc. G-3962 1.40

Onward to the Kingdom (marie's wedding) Arr. HAAS Unison or 2 Voice,Asmbly, Guitar, Acc. (2-E) G-3954 1.00

Psalm 145 James Chepponis Alternaterefrains and versification make this a very versatile setting. SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. Flute or Oboe (7-E) G-5646 1.40

Psalm 34: Drink in the Richnessof God JONCAS SATB, Asmbly, Cantor, 21 Handbells, Organ. (9-E) G-4915 1.40

Set of Instrumental Parts G-4915-INST 15.00

Put on Love Kathy Powell SAB, Cantor, Asmbly,Guitar, Acc, Opt. C Instr. (8-E) G-4078 1.30

Quiet Strength COONEY Also great for graduations. Unison,Guitar, Acc, Opt. Flute (7-E) G-5011 1.30

Seek First the Kingdom HAAS Unison or 2 Voice, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt.2 Woodwinds (6-E) G-3955 1.00

Instrumental Parts G-3955-INST 4.00

Servant Song, The Richard Gilliard, arr. Francis O'Brien SAB (3-E) G-5451 1.10

Shelter LISICKY SAB, Cantors, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt.Flute (4-E) G-4426 1.20

Show Me the Path HAAS SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc. (4-E) G-3927 1.30

Song of St. Patrick HAUGEN Unison, Guitar, Acc. (5-E) G-3593 1.10

Taste and See CONLEY SAB, Cantor, Asmbly, Acc, Opt. Flute (5-E) G-4065 1.10

Taste and See (Psalm 34) CHEPPONIS SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Acc, 2 Treble Inst (Cor Bb) (3-E) G-5232 1.30

That We May Be One James Moore SATB, Acc. (3-E) G-3311 .90

That You Might Have Life HAAS 2 Voice, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc. (4-E) G-3449 1.30

The Father's Love Simon Lole 2 Treble Voices, Acc. (4-E) G-4179 1.40

The Fire of Love Timothy Valentine SATB, 1 or 2Soloists, Guitar, Acc, Opt. String Quartet, Asmbly. (12-E) G-4817 1.40

The Goodness of God HAAS 2 or 4 Mixed Voices, Cantors, Asmbly, Guitar,Acc, Opt. 2 C Instr. (3-E) G-345 1.30

The Lord Is Kind and Merciful COTTER A lush setting; Jeanne's bestseller! SATB,Guitar, Acc, Opt. Asmbly, C Instr, String Quartet (5-E) G-4081 1.30

Set of String Parts G-4081-INST 8.00

The Love God Has for Us CURRIE SATB (3-M) G-2963 1.00

The Love of Christ the Lord (Nothing in This World) Timothy Valentine SATB, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. C Inst. (8-E) G-4814 1.40

The Love of the Lord Michael Joncas SAB, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. 2 C Instr. (4-E) G-3220 1.30

The Spirit's Gift of Love LOVELACE SATB, Acc. (3-E) G-3754 .80

This Very Morning COONEY Contemporary hymn for Easter. Unison,Descant, Guitar, Tpt. (Bb or C), Acc. (6-E) G-5022 1.30

Instrumental Part G-5022-INST 3.00

Throughout All Time HAAS Unison, Descant, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. C Instr, Tpt (Bb or C), and 12 Handbells (4-E) G-4690 1.30

Instrumental Part (Trumpet) G-4690-INST 2.00

Ubi caritas (Live in Charity) from Taizé BERTHIER 2 or 3 Equal or Mixed Voices or SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Opt. Acc, Guitar,Bass, Flute, Oboe, Bb Tpt. (8-E) G-2586 1.40

Universal Praise LOVELACE Festive setting of Psalms 148 and 150 with ostinato and chanted sections. SATB, Solo, Opt. Acc. (12-E) G-5344 1.50

We Give You Thanks HAAS This is probably the ultimate ThanksgivingDay anthem. SATB, Guitar, Acc, Opt. C Inst, Cello, 18 Handbells. (4-E) G-4973 1.30

Set of Cello and Handbell Parts G-4973-INST 15.00

Wedding Song from Colossians PROULX Solo Voice, Acc. (3-E) G-3784 3.00

Wherever You Go HAAS 2 Voices, Guitar, Acc (Piano or Harp), Opt.Asmbly, C Instr. (5-E) G-4079 1.10

Who Calls You by Name and You Are God's Work of Art HAAS Unison, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc. (5-E) G-4865 1.30

Within the Wings of God's Embrace WARNER SATB, Asmbly, Guitar,Acc. (2-E) G-3992 .80

You Are All We Have O'BRIEN SATB, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc, Opt. 2 C Instr. (5-E) G-3663 1.30

Your Goodness, O God GUIMONT SATB, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc. (4-E) G-3683 1.00

Your Wonderful Name HAAS Unison, Descant, Cantor, Asmbly, Guitar, Acc,

Opt. C Instr. (6-E) G-4340 1.10

Instrumental Part G-4340-INST 2.00