Paul Melley

This thoughtful and sincere recording by new GIA artist Paul Melley contains poignant and relevant texts, many straight from the Lectionary for Mass. With solid Catholic theology and a contemporary Christian style, Humbled will truly inspire both your worship and your private meditation.

Contemplative songs like “Out of the Depths,” “You Will Know,” and “I Am” feel like a warm embrace of peace and comfort while “Our Help Is from the Lord,” “Faith, Hope, and Love,” and “The Lord Has Done Great Things for Us” will stir your spirit and move you to sing and dance for joy. You can’t help but become involved in this music.

This disciple of Christ sings his faith from the heart, and the songs on this recording go beyond mere hearing, beyond mere singing, beyond mere understanding to a place that resonates deep within the soul. Melley is a contemporary mouthpiece for God, and Humbled is his testament.

Listen to Tracks :
Humbled Take, Lord, Receive Our Help Is from the Lord - Psalm 121 You Will Know Faith, Hope, and Love I Am Let Us See Your Kindness - Psalm 85 Deny Yourself Out of the Depths - Psalm 130 The Lord Has Done Great Things - Psalm 126 His Cross is Every Tree Let There Be Light

Edition # Title
CD-707 Humbled - CD